1. F

    Who contributed you as a child? Here is my story, what is yours?

    I have been told by my counsellor that as I have been controlled as a child, I attract control freaks. This isn't going to be an easy one for me to talk about, but here goes. My mother controlled me as a child. When I left home she went very off with me and the relationship broke down. She...
  2. J

    Brain sapping

    I've heard about this but, it freaks me out. Has anyone had this done, or does anybody know anything about it? Electro shock to the brain scares the crap out of me!
  3. C

    Murderous Thoughts help ?

    So last july I watched a documentary about teen murderers and they said they didnt really have a reason why they killed this girl they just did it. This freaked me out and I had a panic attack, Since then I've had a thoughts at least everyday that I might kill my parents when I'm home over the...
  4. P

    Some asshole in my tree at night.

    No shit. Some asshole is back there just standing there in the night. Freaks my dog out.
  5. burt tomato

    Paranormal activity.

    The hallucinations just seem paranormal. Sometimes it totally freaks me out. Anyone else can relate?
  6. tritton

    Why am i so angry?

    For some reason i am getting really angry over anything... the littlest things make me so annoyed , i will be just playing a game on my computer then i will get frustrated and smash my mouse and keyboard... i also keep having this nightmare/bad dream , i have had it for years and it comes and...
  7. F


    I am seeing lights It's beautiful but freaks me out
  8. ali

    Psychosis !!

    Hi Does anyone else think they can talk and see dead people when they are in mania or is it just me ?????? ( see people in mirrors toooo )) ( freaks me right out !) if you have any other symptoms what are they ? xx
  9. C


    I'm going back to see a different doctor next week (mine's on holiday :scared:) it was meant to be about my not long healed broken foot - but ive been feeling so awful lately ive decided to mention everything - but i dont know what to say, cos ive never seen her about this before?? :unsure: i...