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  1. Jbb79

    Hi - - I'm down x xx

    I'm 39 Years old, don't have a family, a job or, a girl-friend x x I Feel as if my life is over, and, It's very tough, Right now . . . I have a 5-year Mandatory Meds Order, bec. I got into trouble, when I Found out Prolactin makes Testicles ( Ovaries, Too), Shrink, Over time x xx I Try to be...
  2. Jbb79

    I Got depressed

    About the Stupid war, Against Iraq x x I Felt so bad, Lying in bed, All day, Not able to move . . I Made some Pictures, About it > > I Found it help-ful to demand Justice, for the Victims, And repenting, Such an evil Act x x
  3. Jbb79

    Guilt from National Crimes x x

    Hi, Five years ago, I Got Very Bad depression + anxiety, Because of Danish involvement, in Guilty wars (Iraq ) x x I Meditated on it, Found these 5 Things, To be worse, After war > > I Also noted People's Eyes, Became smaller, The Black part, in Middle, Of eyes >> Normally, Danish people...
  4. A


    Hi folks I have arrived here after a night of insomnia and a google on mental health forums. I am having a bit of a rough time with intrusive thoughts (going in annoying loops) and insomnia. This is all to do with the breakdown of a relationship last year, but while I had thought I was moving...
  5. D

    Face hallucinations

    Hi just wondering if anyone elese has experienced face hallcinations, and what's the word for it iv looked for years for the correct word for it. Till recently, early this year I was getting other peoples faces, latuda seems to block it mostly... I found this Prosopometamorphopsia - Wikipedia...
  6. qwerty1234

    Emotional eating

    All this writing is doing me a world of good. It is much better for me to write to an audience than to journal in private. I get lonely a lot and want to email people all the time, but they need breaks from me because their lives are more normal and so they have other obligations. But it has...
  7. C

    How I manage my BPD

    Hey I found the most effective way of managing and stabilising my symptoms are as follows, do not self medicate especially alcohol(most days I want to smash a bottle of wine to ease the stress but force myself not to), I exercise every day, run, surf, swim, train, found a sound spiritual base...
  8. A

    New to this

    Hi all I'm Amy. I 30 years old and have suffered all my life with mental health. I am under the care of CMHT . The last few weeks I have struggled more than ever. I came across this site and have found reading through people's chats helpful.
  9. C

    This is me. Faults and all

    So I am a 31 year old women, wife, mother and teacher who has suffered with depression since I was a teenager. I found ways to live with it over the years but it seems to always find a way to Creep back in. One day at a time.
  10. C

    Newbie Here

    Hey All Just thought I'd say hi. I joined these forums as I am going through a very low period of my life and I am really trying my best to hang onto the threads that have come undone. I am finding things difficult but I am trying to take each day as it comes. I have anxiety but I also feel...
  11. S

    What I do when I feel a ‘dark patch’ coming

    Hello all! I just wanted to post and say I think everyone who battles depression is so so strong - imagine what we could accomplish without this cloud that appears! I’m having a dark day - and they are coming more often so I know I am about to go downhill. very few people understand - I have...
  12. E

    Hello, just registered

    I have been struggling with depression all my life. I'm in my middle age now. I found this site when I Googled, "I want to die but I don't want to commit suicide."
  13. B

    Was in crisis period... Now even worse through relationship breakup

    Hello people, I'm Robert. Just found this forum tonight while working nightshift. Suffered anxiety and depression most of my life but has progressively got worse over last few years although I cannot figure out why. Along with this I suffer headaches, neck and back pain and recently found out...
  14. J

    Just want things to be ok

    My anxiety began 6 years ago when I found my neighbour a couple of days after he had died, my children were very young and became obsessed with anything that was negative in my life, I saw a councillor for about 9 weeks but to be honest I didn't feel I was benefiting from it and gradually...
  15. S

    Finally found the courage to create Mental Health vlog!!!

    I've struggled with social anxiety and mental health for many years. Finally found the courage to do something I've wanted to do for a very long time, but fear has prevented me. I made a video on the topic of perfectionism and how to deal with it. I hope I can connect with some of you.
  16. I


    For a while now things have been tough. I left an abusive relationship just over a year ago. And thought that it would help. Unfortunately he still manages to get to me. He has turned one of my best friends against me and makes me feel uncomfortable every day. Regularly laughs at me behind my...
  17. S

    Goodbye mental clinics

    I'm lucky, I'm a researcher At the same time I sample the study. I am not interested in reading previous research related to the subject. Today we will talk about the Red-hot sensory nerves in the front and nose. Where it was found to be the main cause Symptoms of mental illness، Especially...
  18. D

    Infected Pork?!

    Just earlier today, we went by cookout to pick up dinner and when I was eating the bbq, I found 2 tiny black thread-like things in there. Fearing that they could be a parasite, I asked my mom what it was. She sighed and said it was just apart of the meat and could just be a vein. I tried to...
  19. M

    Talk therapy?

    I got very near the end of my rope yesterday and found and contacted an nhs talk therapy service I discovered in my area. I have my first session by phone on Monday. I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Can anyone share their experience of what it's like, especially the first conversation...
  20. V

    Overthinking in my relationship

    Hi I’ve been on Lexapro for about 5-6 weeks now, I decided to seek help for a couple of reasons, mood swings, snapping at coworkers and my kids, I felt terrible and wanted to make a change, me and my partner have been together for 3 years and every now and again I’ve felt the need to pry through...