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  1. J

    Need some advice

    I have recently been diagnosed with GAD, but I have been suffering for years. Just before my diagnosis I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. I feel I am holding her back from moving forward with her life. I desperately want her back but I feel like that is a selfish choice only helping...
  2. A

    Hello, I'm new here

    I'm not sure where to start. I'm having a lot of health problems I have CPTSD and Bipolar Disorder. I look forward to getting to know you all. Take Care. Angel54
  3. L

    A quick hello 👋

    Hi guys, new to the forums and just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. My goal when joining was to see if anyone else had undergone similar experiences to myself, and to find different ways of helping/coping. Also, if I can help anyone else along the way that would be epic. I look forward...
  4. W


    Why is life so shut? No matter how hard u try to be happy I just don't want to be here. Sometimes it just gets too much, too hard! The o my reason I think I'm still here is due to not wanting my daughter to have to go through losing her mother, but days like this I feel she'd be better off...
  5. J

    New to this

    Hello, I'm jeff. I will start in here first and will add another post in a forum to explain my stuff. Look forward to meeting and chatting to you all thanks.
  6. J

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm Jo, I've just joined the forum and dropping in to say hello. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and hopefully speak to some of you soon.
  7. R


    Hello everyone. Just signed up to this forum and hoping to get some support and knowledge from you guys here. Looking forward to interacting with some of you here.
  8. S

    New here

    Hello.. I'm a Freshman in college who has been struggling with depression, anxiety and self esteem issues since before my diagnoses at age 12. I'm here looking to receive and give out support when needed! I look forward to the days to come in this community :)
  9. H

    Going down hill fast

    I joined this site a few days ago because i wanted to share with others how i felt good and bad. Whilst i have tried to remain positive by replying to other threads i remain so depressed and things are getting worse on a daily basis. I just want to tell others how i feel. I find it hard to...
  10. K


    Yet another newbie:whistle: looking forward to making some friends as i am a bit if a solitary soul
  11. M

    coming out from the shadows

    Hey all! =^_^= Just wanted to say "hi" :) I'm a newbie coming out from the shadows! This site is full of wonderful information that I'm finding helpful. I look forward to posting as it seems like a safe place. Thanks! ~MysticalGypsyPrincess
  12. J

    Hello :)

    Just popping in to say hello to everyone! I've joined the forum today and looking forward to sharing my experiences and supporting others.
  13. micheledillon

    Hello, I'm Michele

    I joined this forum with the intent to get way from the biased opinions of my family and friends. I feel like the help that I need should come from people I do not know who can provide me with unbiased opinions and advice. Receiving those things from someone on the outside will provide me with...
  14. Funnyday


    I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully, the voices leave me alone. Has anyone some advice as to what measures I can take for when I'm away. I'm really looking forward to it but concerned if I have a relapse when abroad in Gran Canaria.
  15. Zardos

    And...... You're Back In The Room

    Suddenly a sense of deceleration.. And I'm thrown forward.. And I can actually feel the straps catch me as they dig into my chest. So this is reality ? it feels cold... Time to put some clothes on... Well I suppose its only 1am.. The 'good' news is I've just had a Pot Noodle.. The Bad news is...
  16. Y

    Hi! New member here

    Hello, I found your website through a friend and joined up to it. I have struggled with Anxiety and Depression for over a decade, and I am currently on medication for it. I am at university, I have just finished my second year and trying to figure out what I am doing after my third, hopefully...
  17. A

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for some time and recently decided to join it. I'm looking forward to finding some good support on here! I've been dealing with schizophrenia for some time so I'll write some posts about this at some point. Looking forward to being part of a great...
  18. Chyna Pearl

    Hey to all!!!!

    Hi--I seemed to forget about this last time I was here---I am Chyna Pearl, my real name is Melanie..I am 43 yrs. old and am bi-polar and I have OCD...I really look forward to making some friends here...and learning some things about my illnesses...Hope everyone has an excellent day today...
  19. soulsearcher

    i cant wait to die...

    hey peeps i seriously cant wait to die, i look forward to it to see the hereafter to see if ve made it to heaven or hell im looking forward to the whole journey only thhing that scares me is if i end up in hell anyone else looking forward to it?
  20. I

    Hey everybody, thanks for having me :]

    Hey! I've never properly talked to anybody else with problems similar to mine, so this could be strange. My friends and family never know what to say and it's not the same talking to professionals so looking forward to meeting everybody. :sorcerer: