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  1. A

    Forum suggestion

    Hi All Maybe I didn’t come across well I don’t know but was reaching out for help. There doesn’t seem to be much general chatter on this forum and lots of short threads. Can anyone recommend a more suitable forum please?
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    am i

    like everyone else on the forum? like a person i feel separate from everyone :low:
  3. Northern Girl

    Hi, New to Forum - feeling sad and scared

    Hi everyone,My GP referred me to the CMHT on Dec 20th and yesterday I got a letter from them for an assessment on Jan 16th with "An About Me" form to fill in. Has anyone else had one of these forms? The assessment is with the Initial Response Service (IRS) and is for 2 hours. Can anyone tell...
  4. D

    Hi everyone

    Hello I'm new to this forum, I've been suffering from depression for a long time (25 years), for the most part I have coped with it but this last few months have been the worst I've felt. Thought I was dealing with it ok but it seems to have hit me hard again and it has been a struggle...
  5. midnightphoenix

    Are we safe to post on here?

    Is anyone going to harm us on this forum? :cry:
  6. D

    Just joined

    Hi everyone...omg I actually am having anxiety right now just introducing myself to this forum. I'm in the comfort of my bedroom and nobody's looking at me yet I'm actually feeling nervous.
  7. H

    Hello to everyone

    I am a 41 year old male and have joined the forum to try and find out if what I am feeling is depression. I will write a separate detailed post in the appropriate forum. Hope I can offer advice to someone as well
  8. C

    sending love across the forum!

    Hi! I have been a member here for a while and before that I read the forum without being a member, so i have a few years of following closely the forum and the lives of the posters! I do not have the energy to post much anymore but I do still read and care about my fellow MHF posters. I have...
  9. A


    Hello, I'm (insert name) New to the forum, Hi :)
  10. N

    Hello all

    Just to say hello, im.new here and hope joining this forum will help me and also my hubby. We both suffer depression.. but he more extreme than me has anxuety and depersonalisation as well. He is on a cocktail of drugs and currently is having meds changed which in short is really really hard...
  11. J

    Hullo there

    Hello, I was actually a member of this forum about 5 years ago, but I was quite mad then and can't remember my username or details at all, which is probably just as well as I don't want to read what I might have written, and I left in a fit of paranoia. I wanted to mention that to be honest, I...
  12. J

    hello everyone

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name here is Jonathan, 23 yO. Used to suffer from depression and anxiety, but learned how to live with it and can say that I am currently content. I joint the forum to seek help and advice about my brother who is going through some tough times...
  13. T


    Hello, My name is TwoFarGone as TooFarGone was already taken. Let's see. My forum history is about as bad as my mental health recovery. So here we are.
  14. tragicpink

    introduce yourself (right on!)

    Hi i'm tragicpink and i just joined this forum. I am a sufferer of depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD (all professionally diagnosed) and i thought it would be nice to join a place for people who are similar to me in these ways. I'm 20 years old and i'm in school...
  15. C

    Just a little introduction I guess

    Hey everyone! I just joined the forum, so I’m not quite sure what to say on here yet. I’ve never joined a forum before, so yeah. Im just gonna introduce myself a little bit here now. Well, I'm a 19 year old student living in Germany and I’ve been pretty miserable recently, which is why I...
  16. N


    This is my first time on the forum. Well any forum in the last 20 years to be honest. It’s been since the days of AOL-dating myself I know. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from depression. It seems to come in waves and the last few weeks it has come back as a tsunami. Every day...
  17. R


    Hello, I've just joined the forum. I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts as well as anxiety. I'm joining mostly because my boyfriend wanted me to find a mental health forum or group to get support from :rolleyes:
  18. J

    New to this

    Hello, I'm jeff. I will start in here first and will add another post in a forum to explain my stuff. Look forward to meeting and chatting to you all thanks.
  19. T

    New here, from Brooklyn NY

    Hey there, my name is Kelli and I am 28. I just found this website through some research on some mental health and enviromental issues I am experiencing. Life hasnt been easy these past couple years and I stumbled upon this forum a few weeks ago. I don't know where else to get advice or help. I...
  20. P


    Hi everyone, I'm Grace and I've been diagnosed with depression. I also suffer from social anxiety and OCD. I' m looking forward to taking part in the forum activities. English isn't my first language so please bear that in mind if you see anything off with my posts. See you in the forum!