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  1. Funnyday

    CMHT and my driving license

    I applied for a driving license with DVLA back at the beginning of October. After the CMHT changed the psychiatrist 3 times on me. At last I got to see a Shrink. After asking me a few questions. She turned round and said that she has a long form to fill out. She said that in the end it is down...
  2. Funnyday


    Can anyone else fill in the ESA50 form that I have? It has to be back by Friday and its an uphill struggle to do it. I'm only on page 3 or 4 so far. The beers in my fridge are calling to me. I have no one that I can ask to help me with this poxy form.
  3. N

    Something Very Baffling Occurred via Post today?!!!

    Hi Evening Folks, I hope all are well this evening, I'm very much better considering how i hadn't been the late afternoon/earlier evening. Well, in the post today, and out of the blue, a letter and a benefits application form came in, saying we need to have a look at claim, to ensure that...
  4. Funnyday

    Dreaded white envelope

    It wasn't a brown envelope this time around. I've got to fill in and return the ESA50 form for capability to work. They want it back by the 14th of December. Just in time to ruin my Christmas:curseyou: I've subscribed to the benefits and work website. They have tons of info about what to say in...
  5. B

    3rd work Capability Assessment

    I had my 2nd WCA in December 2017 after filling in and returning my 2nd ESA50 form. The assessment went well and in February 2018 I received a letter from the dwp saying I was in the work related group and I would have an appointment with my advisor soon. I received a letter with an appointment...
  6. L

    Nervous tension around most of the time

    I'm lost. Had anxiety for 3 years then started collecting labels on my road to 'recovery'- yeah right. Now have GAD, PD, PTSD, depression and possible psychosis. I'm struggling with codeine addiction to top it all off. I've taken too many diazepam in the past so now dr will give me 7 per month...
  7. A

    Liquid form medication - confused...

    So, after four tablet medications (with two tweaks), two blocks of counselling, online CBT and face to face CBT drawing a blank, I got a referral to the specialists. The problem I have now is that they think I need to be on medication, but due to how I've reacted on the four meds I've been on...
  8. P

    Freedom Pass

    Hi Everyone, would really appreciate some advice . I’m currently on , quetiapine, sertraline, busiprone and zopiclone, I see a psychotherapist weekly and Dr has given me a letter saying I can’t drive because of mental health ( depression, anxiety, OCD ) and my meds. Was told to inform DVLA and...
  9. embleton

    ESA50 and completing suicide

    Had an ESA50 form come flying through the door about 10 days ago. Had to call social services about completing suicide and psychiatric service about completing as well. Have it planned for 23 May because that is when it needs returning and I haven't got the motivation to even attempt the form...
  10. L

    How do you determine self harm?

    I have anxiety and panic attacks and depression. I’m on medication and also seeing a counsellor. I have started self harming even though it hurts. In a way it calms me! Is this a form of self harming and should I tell my counsellor? X
  11. G

    My past takes over in my dreams.

    I thought PTSD was about our Veterans. I feel I have a form of this due to my own past. Feels emotions, experiences, happy times, as well as struggles that I have come to call survivalmode, have taken over my present tense both while awake as well as when I sleep through my dreams. As a result...
  12. Funnyday

    PIP reassesment

    I've just received a form to fill out for a reassesment for PIP. This is puzzling me as I have it on a seperate form from them that I have been granted PIP upto October 2018. They want the form back by the 22nd of December. Giving me three weeks.
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    does anybody know?

    i qualify foe severe disability premium but don't know how to claim do they automatically send a form or do i have to phone them and ask thanks x
  14. K

    Adjustment disorder in a PD

    I have a diagnosis of unspesified PD. From the description of my diagnosis i understand that the criteria of adjustement disorder are met and anxious mood is also referred. Nothing else wortmentioning. My question is, how severe can the AD be in my case? Can it be of the worst form or in that...
  15. G

    Hello! out there!

    hello to whoever is reading this. :) so ill get down to the point i always end up blabbering about nothing lol i just asked myself on the Internet why i am so unmotivated and why i always never finish a task in life and the first link that popped up was this site and a story of people...
  16. F

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone I been on this form for awhile but forgot to remember my screen name and password and decided to get this name. I have serious issues that I need help with.
  17. S

    What if.. just for fun

    This might cause paranoia so if you're prone to it look away but what if the government or a terror organization implanted microscopic technology, including microphones and speakers in your ears and throat... that would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Alternate theory.. you suffer from a minor form...
  18. D

    The promises of Damian Green and my fourth ESA50 in six years

    I have been suffering from depression/anxiety for 20 years now; I had a brain haemorrhage in 2014 and am also registered carer for an old friend/neighbour of mine who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. I have been on ESA and its predecessor all of this time, and on DLA almost as long. I am...
  19. C

    Esa113 form

    Hi, sent my ESA capability for work assessment form back on the 24th April and just rung up this morning to see what is happening regarding my claim and been told that they have sent a 113 form to my GP for more information, has this happened to anyone else? I have schizophrenia by the way.
  20. R_Sxo

    Self-Help Advice

    Hi all, I was advised to use a free online self-help course on depression, called MoodGym. It takes you through a series of exercises and information that is designed to act as a form of CBT. I've found it really helpful in my recovery process, so I thought I would share it with you all. Much...