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  1. Funnyman_Wholigan

    "Classic" Symtpoms

    Taken from Anxiety and Depression: Telling Them Apart * Feeling sad, and/or hopeless * Lack of interest and enjoyment in activities that used to be fun and interesting * Physical aches and pains without physical cause; lack of energy * Difficulty concentrating, remembering, and/or making...
  2. Diesel1988

    Doing my best to recover and become me again.

    Today, i found that I am putting 100% into everything, i know i probably won't achieve it but I have high hopes for myself and my recovery. I made myself a new routine, and am doing well with it, but i usually struggle with it maybe 6 months to a year later. i also feel i lost my confidence...
  3. U

    Confusion about Time... What on earth is this?

    Hi Everyone, I haven't got a clue where to post this, because it hasn't ever happened to me until very recently. I have no idea what to call it or why it is happening. I'm fine in almost every way. But the other day, my husband was talking about someone getting a bee sting. I was confused and...