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  1. M

    Brand new here but keep forgetting things

    It's A lot more complicated than that actually. Hard to explain, I keep forgetting big things. I woke up in the night last night and for a few seconds could not place who my fiance was. Now when this happens I know it's happening, like I know I'm forgetting. I know that I must know him. But...
  2. fazza

    Manager just visited me

    Wow. Talk about a reality check. Been avoiding the phone all evening when suddenly my boss appeared at my door. He told me to forget what the doctors told me and do what I am best at which is doing my job. Forget lables. My job is there when I want it. Can't say fairer than that
  3. P


    So I'll try to explain this the best way I can. I really try to see the good in people. However, I've been dealing with very severe auditory hallucinations for 5 years. There is this guy that I'm really uncertain about, and every time I see him I try to forget about it but I'm bombarded by...
  4. D

    I'd really like some help

    Im 28 , I've had OCD as long as I can remember I went into the doctors when I was 8 and said "if I don't do my compulsions it feels like everyone everyone's going to die" Since then ive tried fluxitine and it would just make me forget stuff, dizzy and I'd stare at a wall totally zoned out . I...
  5. J

    My relapse

    It's been 14 years since I last self-harmed I swore to myself things would never get that bad again but life isn't that easy no one knows my mum is the only one who knew the first time and I can't talk to her... I can't talk to anyone I feel alone and it's the only way I know how to feel...
  6. T

    Family found out about my drug use

    So my family found out I did drugs (mdma mosyly) and now I feel like they look at me like some low life that they hate and judge everything I've ever done. They question anything I want to do but they forget to question how I actually feel or why I actually did or enjoy doing drugs. I didn't...
  7. Zardos

    Mental Minefield

    I can't think for more than a couple of minutes without being reminded of something i rather forget.. I'll be thinking along about random stuff.. And then.. BOOM !!! I'll uncover something I'd really rather forget... Everything reminds me of something bad... i think my memory is full ! The only...
  8. S

    I need to forget

    I have just been told I may have bioplor. Now what is eating me at the minute is that during the summer I was meeting blokes off the net. And getting in to sexual activity with a couple of them. Now I have never ever cheated on my partner. He knows about 1 of them but not the others. And to be...
  9. M

    Do you remember what your voices say?

    Are you able to keep them as memories? I mean do they become memories because I've been wondering...we hear noise and sound everyday and forget most of them. But I seem to remember some of the topics that the voices keep mentioning.
  10. BradyLady

    Help me with communication?

    I love my husband. We have a good marriage. If there is one thing that drives me nuts, however, it's difficulty communicating with him sometimes. I don't know how much is on my end, and how much is on his end. When I try to discuss a problem I need solved, he can't seem to look at the big...
  11. L

    Battling depression

    I've been struggling with depression for about 5 years now and kept it hidden from my friends and family even my wife she knows now but it's too late I've pushed her too much with the way I've been treating her thinking she is cheating when she wouldn't do anything like that. I would constantly...
  12. B

    Where does you're voices come from??? Where are they located?

    It goes with the begin i wrote before. I had a job, even with people with mental desorder. But i lost it. I was not abble any more to deal with my fear, my chef mobbing me, and the problems off other sick people. For me, it seamed that during the afternoon i became sick again, another women...
  13. M

    Nabilone cured my PTSD

    When I was in the hospital I had a bout of multiple personality disorder from all of the sick fucks in my head that were in the ward with me. Synthetic weed made me forget the whole two months and I was able to sleep again
  14. H

    Is there something wrong with ME or my FATHER?

    Hi. I've been diagnosed with personality disorder by my psychiatrist. I decided to drop meds like abilify and lexapro because I don't want to rely on them and believe I can get better without being a drugged zombie. Although recently, I've been having serious doubts. My father was mentally...
  15. EtherX

    Attention Difficulties - My Achilles Heel?

    I have had issues with selective attention since I was very young. Paying attention to someone I'm conversing with can be hard. I frequently forget what they're saying but don't ask them to repeat themselves... I forget appointments and other important dates due to being constantly distracted by...
  16. EtherX

    Schizoaffective Atention Issues - Are They Holding Me Back?

    I have had issues with selective attention since I was very young. Paying attention to someone I'm conversing with can be hard. I frequently forget what they're saying but don't ask them to repeat themselves... I forget appointments and other important dates due to being constantly distracted by...
  17. Kerome

    Psychosis contents: is it better to forget or remember?

    I've been going through some psychotic phases the last few weeks - staying with my dad - and a good portion of it was regurgitation of earlier psychosis... things like deals with spiritual entities coming up again and so on. So my question to you all is, is it better to remember or forget this...
  18. blurrypeach

    Memory problems

    Hi all, I've been experiencing memory problems... but I kinda suspect my brain is "blocking out" some memories because they're too painful... is that possible? I can't recall some events that were comnected to some traumatic experience... if that's considered trauma? Like when my mom was on...
  19. L

    Keeping notes? Mood diaries?

    Does anybody else find writing helps? Recently I've taken to a notebook to write my thoughts in, partially to just get them out without burdening an actual person, but also because I get a thought and think "NOTE IT DOWN BEFORE YOU FORGET!", or a quote or a song lyric that I mustn't forget...
  20. V

    Cutting people off. Am i wrong?

    There are some people i love and who i know love me, that cause me so much stress because of the way they treat me. They forget my birthday sometimes, forget to call me back, go and visit my mum and other people that live near me and don't think to come to see me. I decided that i would not send...