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  1. Confusedandlabeled

    Hello people

    I have been diagnosed with: antisocial personality disorder , narcissistic personality disorder , paranoid PD , borderline PD and sadistic personality traits . I scored 31 on the PCL-R checklist and these diagnosis were made when I was remanded in a medium secure hospital in York . I was found...
  2. L

    Forensic hospital,need advice,on rights

    Need advice on the rights of a patient and a mother visiting,also the care,it seems a closed book,no matter what I ring about,can't get anywhere.anyone with any experience of a low security forensic hospital and how it should work? Please help
  3. C

    Caring Connections

    Hi folks, I would like to introduce a new service called Caring Connections which is managed by Support in Mind Scotland a national mental health organisation that support all affected by mental ill health including families and friends (carers) of those experiencing mental ill health. Caring...
  4. C

    You can find almost anyone on linkedin.com

    J. S. Detective Sergeant - Forensic Coordinator at WA Police added me... A right brainbox... Lots of interesting people on there... That site has everyone.... Where all the geniuses are... top detectives and everything... You could consider this stalking but I cannot help it, they're...
  5. T

    Need some advice

    I have been referred for a forensic assessment but don't know why as I have not committed any crimes and I am not a risk to others or myself. Why do people get referred? I am confused and not sure what is going to happen and what it will mean to me. Should I agree? I do have borderline...
  6. F

    yow!!! just been released from hospital......

    Just been released from hospital back in the community and currently living in a forensic supported house with other people but one of my conditions is to interact daily with the forensic community mental health team, apparently it is written in my notes that must only be visited daily by two...