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  1. P

    what happens if your sectioned

    hi what happens if your sectioned i have serious issues with being giving pills never been sectioned before but the way my life is right now its a matter of time i think. i would never wanna hurt any nurses but if i was forced medication i would really kick off and i have serious violent...
  2. M

    Lack of Boundaries with mom

    My mom actually lived with me in my college dorm room (a single) all of last year (I'm 21, female by the way). We shared a twin bed and and she even ate from the dining halls and used the showers. She was only planning to stay a couple of nights but she never left. I tried my best to keep her...
  3. G

    Strategy to deal with

    Does anyone have any coping strategies that they can recommend? I was sick of locking myself out of people and forced myself to be alone
  4. crimson

    My life is a total disaster

    Hello, This is harder then I thought it will be..I don't know me, who I am, my life is a horror story, From extremely controlling parents, being sexually assaulted by my brother, to a naccistic abusive husband, who was cruel to me, nursing him until he died 4.5years ago after 40 years of...
  5. 0

    Personality disorder

    I'm a twenty year old female, soon to be twenty-one. I have never been in an intimate relationship before and without any significant desire to do so. Throughout my life, it has come to my acknowledgement that my loneliness is my only trusted companion. I can't recall a time when I genuinely...
  6. Brazenh

    I have problems talking

    Always been in control of my emotions now feel alone and depressed and can't open up to people now. Just seem to cover it up to keep others happy. Have just started seeing a therapist but it feels like it's forced I'd rather talk to people who are where I am or have been there.
  7. A

    Forced To Take Medication Through Dissolvable Tablets Irreversible Brain Damage

    Forced To Take Medication Through Dissolvable Tablets Irreversible Brain Damage So I'm pretty sure with out a court order both dissolvable tablets and injections are out lawed in state(in patient or whatever they are called) mental hospitals. I was forced to take in my parents house growing up...
  8. boudreauj4

    Mental Illness in Music

    I'm listening to one of my favorite songs right now. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is by Pink Floyd. It's a song about Sid Barret, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd who was forced out of the band when he developed schizophrenia. Pink Floyd seems to have a lot of mental illness themes in...
  9. N

    If I went to prison would I still be forced to take Antipsychotic medication.

    If I went to prison would I still be forced to take Antipsychotic medication. I'm on a CTO and I'm forced to take Antipsychotic medication, I don't want to take it anymore. I'm thinking about getting myself arrested and getting remanded to prison. I feel it's my only way out of taking the...
  10. T

    Community Treatment Orders

    Do you find community treatment orders to be a violation of your human and civil rights? I was once forced to take injectable neuroleptics even though I was perfectly healthy and did not need any psychopharmacological intervention, that is, after being discharged from the hospital. I stayed...
  11. J

    Section 3 extended leave.

    Hello, I have been on forced injections and stays in hospital for the last 8 years since the CTO came in. These people who are supposed to help are ruining my life, the medication makes me sleep 17 or 18 hours a day and I have put on a lot of weight, I'm 21.75 stone now. Earlier this year in...
  12. P

    I'm depressed.

    My entire childhood was shit. When i turned 18 i was possessed. I was forced onto drugs. I was homeless twice. Now i'm even showing the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. I looked it up, i have the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. I can't work. I'm fat, stupid, and haunted. Not a day goes by...
  13. P

    Crazy shit that has happened to me.

    This is a list of crazy shit that has happened to me throughout my life: Divorce and broken home before i had memories. Drunk and neglectful father, abusive shit ass brother. Being treated like shit by peers and being ignored. Custody battles throughout childhood. I was even kidnapped once...
  14. V

    forced depot

    Today. I want to smash the place up
  15. V

    fluanxol forced treatment

    They're trying to give me a forced treatment of fluanxol. I'm going to the complaints department to stop them. Any experiences?
  16. V


    I'm so tired. This is my third night awake it's 2:50am now and I think I may be starting to hallucinate a bit. I already was though. But a woman just called my name. I nodded off and she sort of yelled at me. Probably because I'm not allowed to sleep. Because the guy 'working' will poison me...
  17. S

    forced medication

    If I don't take my medication today they will inject it tonight against my will. I don't know what they will inject but I have to take zyprexa and they want to force me to sleep. I have said they are making this absolutely impossible for me. I am at my wits end and horrified shaking panicking...
  18. M

    Forced seclusion leads to madness, hysteria and depression?

    I'm the eldest child of two, college attendee and live with divorced (and extremely overprotective) mother in a country that isn't my native tongue (no choice). I feel the close friends I have are (or have) beginning to desert me. The neighborhood I live in is unwelcoming and very isolated from...

    I feel as if they are trying to 'steal my thoughts'.

    It is very stressful - often I hear voices which begin 'You are thinking of... or 'You seem to think... and so on. As if I am being prodded in my mind to find out what I am thinking, but really it feels as if I am being 'forced' to think in a certain way. It is so horrible and stressful. I do...
  20. B

    Please please help me - ESA

    I suffer from severe anxiety and can't deal with being forced to go on work programmes or courses or anything I don't feel up to. I get impression I can be forced to go on them or lose benefits and NI credits. Please can someone with knowledge let me know for sure