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  1. R

    Trust issues and anxiety

    Need some advice, been with OH for 15 years bumpy sometimes 1 child, over the years things he has done have made me have trust issues but we worked on them and moved on as I thought. About 5 years ago we spilt he just got up and left and a month later I found out he was living and with someone...
  2. W

    How much does this suck?

    My high school has no football team and has pre k - 6th graders seperated on other side of the school and 7th - 12th grade on the other half and im a senior and been here since I was freshman. Also its a pretty small school compared to most high schools. But we do have sports teams just not a...
  3. B

    I require a diagnosis for someone else

    Hi. When i was 18 years old my friend and aye decided we wanted to go out for a drink and to get the money my friend decided he was going to sell his gold watch, so we set about finding someone to sell the gold watch to, and then while walking up to a local pub we knew some guy with red hair...
  4. S

    Here to meet people

    Hi all. Pleased to meet everyone. Many fellow sufferers of a mental health issue I'm sure :) I was diagnosed with an emotionally unstable personality in 2012, which made sense from trauma during middle child years. I am married 5 years to my beautiful wife and we have a lovely 2 year old...
  5. althera

    can't seem to get over what my ex did to me

    We were together for nearly a year, I was beginning to feel him becoming very distant, he wouldn't stay over when he came to visit, he had a busy job but was never making time for us to do stuff together as he was either at the pub or football matches at the weekends. One weekend I decided to...
  6. M

    Feel like im such a bore

    Whenever i meet or talk to people they always seem so enthused and active, like playing sports and doing all these kind of hobbies. My hobbies include reading, Video games and photography. I always feel like i cant talk about them coz they are pretty solitary activities and so not so...
  7. B

    Hello, I'm New

    Looking to help others and myself that struggle with mental health. I live in the United States. I enjoy American Football and Video Games. Wish everyone the best in our quest to make a life worth living! Cheers
  8. C

    Bit of a wake up call

    Did anyone else read about the little boy who had both his eyes removed to prevent him dying from Cancer? I hadn't read it in the papers but he was on This Morning today. His dad told how his son was born with what they thought was just a squint, and how he was diagnosed with Cancer almost...
  9. R

    How to make friends and scare people away

    So as the title suggests how do I make new friends and not scare them away? lol I think the main thing is how do I start a conversation with someone? All the friends I've got is with people I have met through work or school. I've always got on better with woman then I have men. When I talk to...
  10. C


    Herefordshire Herefordshire Mind Recovery and Wellbeing Heffernan House HR4 9HN 01432 278569 [email protected] Services include: Residential Nursing Support Community Support Team Recovery & Wellbeing Community Outreach Safe Space Peer Support Carers in Mind Complementary...
  11. C


    North Wiltshire Doorway Office Station Hill House Station Hill Chippenham SN15 1EQ Doorway drop-in sessions Salvation Army Hall Foghamshire Chippenham SN15 1HB 01249 445385 [email protected] Open access drop-in sessions each week Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Thursday 12.30 – 3.30pm...
  12. Anime-Alchemy

    Made fun of/laughed at

    Has anyone ever been laughed at or made fun of. It used to happen to me in my childhood. This person I would play football with, I would be the center of his jokes and other people would laugh at me. At the time it was uncomfortable but as i've got older, when i look back on those events, it'...
  13. M

    Can you?

    Can you tell anything from the medicine your given? Like I'm not on medication but I went to see a 'in work councellor' And aftr first session she was like "Ohhhh what your saying is concerning - can I write to your GP and talk about medicaiton" and I was like WTF ive just passed a psych...
  14. R

    Do i have severe emotional attactment?

    So i just finished watching a movie that had some deep themes and elements in them. then i thought how messed up i could be. when i was like 4 or 5 i was best friends with this girl but we had a fight or something in a clubv house and never saw eachother again and then i had a rivialry with some...
  15. nonotme

    Being a man / male

    I don't and haven't for many years felt very masculine, I don't do male things as such.. you know go down the pub, watch the football. I don't have any male friends (I don't have any real friends) so I don't get much male input into my life other than what you see on TV etc. But I don't know...
  16. W

    Why that ?!

    I Was always a happy person,i was that person that admire music and listen to it all day... always smiling and laughing i had plans to my future and i started to work for it and i was so exited about future and how happy i will and everything also i was playing football every weekend with...
  17. bongozebedee

    Psychological factors and childhood trauma

    Ok hi just putting this out there looking for some feedback. I was diagnosd with para-schiz a lot of yrs ago and recently I have come off my meds and all kinds of emotions and memories are coming up. When I was young maybe 4 or 5 my mother tried to kill herself violently and unfortunately I...
  18. J

    What am I supposed to do?

    At the moment I am being forced to take medication by injection. I am very upset. My life revolves around sleeping 14 hours a day, being sick about 5 times a day and feeling dizzy. I told the psychiatrist the side effects but they won't take me off injections. I can't do anything I want to...
  19. B


    This is a bit of a belated hello. I am 36 and have bipolar and suspected aspergers. Always seem to be depressed and anxious with pills not working when they should. My social skills are non-existent and I struggle with small talk. My interests are classical music, football and reading and...
  20. C

    Don't know what to do/need advice!

    Right, I'm just going to cut to the chase here............. Part of me wants to play football, but there are a few problems with that:- 1) I'm just not very good at it, I never really played much when I was growing up apart from in PE lessons in which I wasn't very good at it plus the teachers...