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  1. B

    Stuck in a random cycle of foot problems

    I've had this problem with my left foot for probably over 6 months now It's really weird because it comes and goes at what seems to be completely random, some days it is about an 8/10 on the pain scale(also my foot will feel very stiff and I won't be able to relieve the pressure); which is when...
  2. Kerome

    Do you ever feel like wandering the earth?

    This was one of my reactions when I started hearing voices six years ago, I left my home and started wandering by foot and by train, going to different towns and just wandering around while the voices told me things, and sometimes I constructed stories around what they said. Anyway, the...
  3. D

    Need some guidance please.

    I'm new here, don't really know what's up with me so don't know what forum to go to. I've been told I suffer from depression but other than starting on meds a few days ago I haven't looked in to anything else. I think it may be more than that but I'm honestly clueless when it comes to this kind...
  4. C

    Boyfriend has Bi-polar - I need some help understanding it.

    Hi guys! I'm posting here as a concerned girlfriend. I've been with my partner 10 months now and he has Bi-Polar Disorder. He doesn't get any 'help' with it. The first time I found out was about 7 months in to the relationship. We were at a pub with around 10 members of his family. He stood...
  5. M

    hello to all

    hi i new here my name is msfootandankle i am here to discuss about Foot And Ankle care.
  6. C

    getting there with the help of my tropical fish

    hi for 2 years i suffered with quite bad depression. i was on 40mg of prozac for most of that time an recieving counselling but nothing realy help i was low an couldnt find happiness even in my beautiful baby boy. id spend full days crying or go get stoned anything to be outside my own head if...
  7. mygirl1uk

    Does anyone else suffer with clumsiness?

    I have BPD, Depression and GAD. I suffer with insomnia quite regularly. But was wondering does anyone else suffer with clumsiness? 11 weeks ago I broke my big toe on my L foot and yesterday I fell and have broken 2 toes on my R foot. So my question is am I the only one or do others get...
  8. mrlaurel

    just checking up on you..............

    so how you diddling? are you doing OK? I'm a high 6 ish and staying there so am pleased with myself..... have you done anything interesting? I'm keeping up my rethink and also hoping to do some volly work for them, my last shrink check in is next week..... and plans are a foot to carry...
  9. C

    ED - side effects

    For three weeks I've had reduced sensation in my left foot coupled with a weakness to flex my foot, this is probably the result of restricting right? If so, should I tell my GP when she next sees me or will I only get the third degree?
  10. C

    I REALLY wish I was dead

    If this is living - I do not want to. Why the fuck can I not shut my mouth instead of being the bipolar bitch from hell?! In misery land here because I have said things I ought not have done to son/girlfriend. Seriously want to be six foot under - but I cant because I will hurt too many...
  11. unwell

    Psalm 91 - Protection and Justice

    1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, who abides in the shadow of the Almighty, 2 will say to the LORD, "My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust." 3 For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence; 4 he will cover you with his pinions...
  12. L

    My boyfriend drives me CRAZY...is my therapist right, it could really be him???

    My boyfriend drives me CRAZY...is my therapist right, it could really be him??? I went to therapy (only 6 one hour sessions so far but she remarked on my open/honesty in telling how bad my behaviour was so we covered lots (she said)) and my therapist told me I was in a borderline relationship...
  13. tigerfish

    just so tired!

    is it 'normal' to feel so tired, yet still be getting ample sleep? Living seems such hard work at the moment. i have to really concerntrate very hard just to be able to put one foot in front of the other, so much effort! even breathing!! :scared:
  14. Madman

    I see dead people

    Have asked this question before, but didn't really get many answers - What visions do you see? I personally see lots of people, some that look fine and some that look like what you might expect to see in a horror film. Also, just lately, I have started seeing little creatures - about the size...
  15. greebobeebo

    I just love my family (not) small rant on the horizon.

    heres a bit of background. My sister and I haven't really got on since my Mum left my Dad, she lives in Leeds, I live in Norfolk, not far from my Mum. My sister is down for half term with my niece and nephew, I knew they were coming last week, but I forgot. I get a phone call from Mum today...
  16. Prince Buster


    It was a real struggle at first, but I am starting to notice the benefits of going to the gym regularly. I was told it was good for serotonin levels and must admit I do feel better mentally after. The downside though is that sometimes it wipes me out and I am also suffering from various pains...
  17. W

    Does anyone know why this happens?

    Hi Many times I want to go out with friends, for lunch or dinner or just coffee on weekends. Sometimes I am the one who suggests that lets go out. But towards the time to go out, I resist going out and make a lie to my friends, like I sprained my foot, or I've slipped and hurt myself. I dont...