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  1. naominash

    Nutrition Plan to Recover from Schizophrenia

    "DIET: Elimination of all processed or prepared foods containing added refined sugars and probably 90% of other additives, as foods that contain added sugars usually contain other additives. Elimination diets to remove all foods to which the patient is allergic or sensitive...
  2. T

    What kind of foods to you eat every day

    I seem tto live off muesli and scrambled eggs and beans at the moment with the odd bit of oven chips what foods do you eat a lot of?
  3. naominash

    Nutrition and Mental Health

    Some foods can also be considered medicine and has properties that might be useful for mental health. Discuss them here.
  4. Nikita

    Foods to Combat Depession

    10 Foods I Eat Every Day to Beat Depression
  5. Gajolene

    36 Foods That Help Detox and Cleanse Your Entire Body

    36 Foods That Help Detox and Cleanse Your Entire Body | The Mind Unleashed
  6. L

    Compulsive eating and how to stop

    Considering I just compulsively devoured some pineapple and at least a 1/4 of a jar of organic peanut butter, I thought I could use some help. First, some background about myself. I was obese as a child, weighing in at around 150lbs when I was ten before maxing out when I was a junior in...
  7. Catastrophe

    Foods to help maintain energy levels

    I have E.D.S. (classical) and a symptom of it is fatigue. I get tired really easily. My energy levels are awful. I read a study online a few weeks ago claiming that eating 85% dark chocolate daily can help increase energy levels: BBC NEWS | Health | Chocolate 'aids fatigue syndrome' I thought...
  8. amathus

    Stress reducing foods:

    Diet for stress management slideshow: Food for stress "Stress management can be a powerful tool for staying healthy. There's evidence that too much pressure doesn't just put you in a bad mood. People who are under continual stress are more vulnerable to everything from colds to high blood...
  9. FallenFireAngel

    Foods that stimulate dopamine production / tyrosine.

    A little while ago I noticed I was really craving certain foods so I done some research and found all had one thing in commom, they was dopamine rich foods. Vegetables High in Tyrosine. Edamame, Broad bean, Bamboo shoot, Green pea, Kanpyo, garlick, sweet corn, Broccoli, Daikon, Japanese...
  10. M

    Need help!!

    Hi Guys I am new to this and my girlfriend has an Eating Disorder and have visited a Hypnotherapy Clinic who said that if they are to work together she needs to start dieting and eat her normal foods. But we are going away in September and does not want to fit into a bikini if she is not...
  11. M


    Since my post was edited to the point where my question can't even be answered because apparently im not allowed to even list foods without calories, it no longer made any sense so nevermind i guess.
  12. T

    Bingeing and vitamins

    Do you think that the urge to binge (not necessarily in the same way as BED or on sugary fatty foods) comes from deficiencies in vitamins, iron etc? Or is it rebelling against the restriction? X
  13. M

    raaaaw angry meercat

    FUCKING BED DISORDER SUCKS ....... it screwed me up along with my sleep pattern made me god dam depressed and all kinds shit. its a barsterd to fight off... update, well i AM FIGHTING IT OFF. people can shove there fatttening foods down there own throut.. i am sick of being fat depressed tired...
  14. wendolene26

    Do you suffer from "emotional eating"

    We got this article at work on our health blog and I thought it was quite interesting and could be useful for others: Eating your emotions. We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, and how many people seem to struggle with it. One of the reasons people gain too much or...
  15. W

    Any sufferers of Selective Eating Disorder?

    Been suffering from it my whole life, all I can eat is junk food and some fruits, my health is terrible and I can't even do normal things like ask a girl out on a date because of this. To explain SED simply, I have a fear of other foods, the thought of eating them just makes me physically sick...
  16. U

    Most foods seem repulsive/Picky eating (S.E.D ?)

    For most of my life, I've had had significant trouble introducing new foods or new types of foods into my diet. Color, smell, texture, all of those sorts of things seem to be an issue for me. The general anxiety that comes along with trying new foods or trying foods prepared by different people...
  17. wendolene26

    Affecting your depression with food.....

    I'm trying to look at new ways of starting to help myself with regards to this darn depression and this has been mentioned to me a few times...There are particular foods which apparently encourage a lift in your mood or to begin to quash depressive thoughts. and I don't mean Sticky Toffee...
  18. T

    Healing foods for depression??

    Anyone know anything about this subject? What about natural cures?
  19. dollylama

    You Are What You Eat?

    I was watching an episode of The Doctors earlier today and it's the 'you are what you eat' episode. Apparently, there are foods out there that can really enhance your mood and integrating them into my daily diet could improve my lifestyle tremendously. Do you believe that you are what you eat...
  20. K


    Has anyone seen any sort of special diets for anxiety? Or has anyone felt any better after cutting out certain foods etc? Kirst x