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  1. B

    Having trouble with food.

    Since the new year, I’ve made it my priority to eat well. I’ve been doing a good job. But eating has become something that makes me very nervous. I spend about 80% of each day thinking about food or preparing meals or worrying about my weight. For three months I did a pretty good job but I did a...
  2. M

    Lump in throat feeling

    Whenever I swallow food, I get a lump-in-the-throat feeling. What could this be? What is the cause?
  3. A


    Hi thank you for taking the time to read my into. I’m a 31yr old female, recently married, I have a 2yr old son whom is my whole world, my reason for breathing and quite frankly the only reason I’m still breathing. I’ve suffered terribly since the age of 10 with a phobia of gagging on certain...
  4. A

    health problems and not able to eat enough!

    i'll try and keep this as short as possible! I've been through disordered eating before so i'm very aware of my thought processes around food, i try to keep a healthy and happy relationship with it but recently that has been a struggle. My diet is pretty restrictive at the moment, i'm vegan...
  5. J

    Cant eat most of the time really need help ! :'(

    So, im going to keep this short and sweet, dont wanna be here all night 🤣 So recently (past 2 months) i have been waking up in the morning and being sick. Not really sure how it started exactly....but....i cant eat....i put the food in my mouth and chew a few times and i have to spit it out as...
  6. J

    Generalized anxiety disorder

    Hi I was wondering if you could use a certain diet to help someone suffering with GAD? food and things to avoid.. Many thanks

    My downtime life is sad.

    So it is Saturday after the working week. I was chilling this morning, had some freshly cooked curry for lunch. I was wondering what to do, so decided to go into town. I thought I would go to the book store to check out the travel books. Well I did do that. I ended up going to the food mall...
  8. Tired Daisy

    Food Banks

    I wanted to start a thread on food banks and free food places in general and after the no deal Brexit that people seem to so desperately want, and to be worse off and food prices rising I might not be able to afford food anymore if its to expensive. So what are the requirements for food banks...
  9. S

    Recovered from Psychosis

    Hi Just thought I would introduce myself on this forum. I had a period of psychotic depression back in 2008. Lots of intrusive thoughts and also other things which I've forgotten the name of! Things like thinking environmental sounds like the refridgerator turning on and off or windows rattling...
  10. sunset547544


    I find myself in a constant battle with my weight. I am not overweight according to my BMI but any weight I gain all tends to be in my stomach and neck areas which I hate. I love being able to fit into my trousers (btw much easier than using scales) and not struggling to exercise, etc etc but...
  11. M

    I'm not sure if this counts..

    I've heard the term selective eating disorder. I'm pretty sure it's something I have, if it's even a thing. I basically can't eat anything unless it appeals to every sense. Like It has to look good, taste good, feel good to chew, smell good, can't make any weird sounds while you eat it (if...
  12. C

    Severe Anxiety about someone drugging my food?

    Hello everyone, I am an 18 year old girl living in Texas. I have had an anxiety disorder since the age of 10. My parents were severe drug/alcohol addicts when I was growing up, which left me when PTSD and a generalized anxiety disorder when I later moved in with my grandparents. I have never...
  13. B

    What should i cook for anxiety?

    Im pretty sure when someone is in anxiety there will always be a solution for them to be happy again. :) Food maybe one of it :D any suggestions?
  14. S

    I always feel like my brother is out to get me

    I always feel like my younger brother is out to get me. He makes fun of me because I believe in the benefits of the raw food diet. I have not been eating a raw food diet, but occasionally I will have a salad or a fruit. Just now, I felt like he was laughing at me. What do I do about this...
  15. M

    When i eat, it happen so quick, is it any problem ?

    :peace:Hi there!! I am from Bangladesh. When I eat something I think I did this so quickly and without chewing any food. Does it occur any problem with ensuring my overall :yuck:health?
  16. embleton

    Terms acceptable in this sub-forum topic

    I only restrict my diet slightly and for short periods, I'm not overweight for taking medication that does increase appetite, and do enjoy some food and especially like watching TV programmes about food preparation. Is this overstepping the mark and should I just talk to a psychologist which...
  17. O

    Worried about developing eating disorder

    Hi there, I'm a 22 year old grad student, and I've had anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I've been having some issues with food lately that are starting to worry me. Recently, my days have been going like this. I'll wake up, drag myself to work way too late, no breakfast (I...
  18. S

    Recently diagnosed with a ED

    Hello, I have been suffering from mental health issues since I was a child. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 14 and ever since then I have not been able to control my mental health, no matter how many different tablets I try. I relapse into depression at least twice per year. Also...
  19. S

    Need help understanding deep depression

    Hello, I am new here. I have someone I am trying to help and I need help understanding it. She lets bugs crawl in her food, and has a terrible mess in her house. How can I help her?? thank you so much
  20. Funnyday

    Binging on junk food

    I've been binging on junk food today. I was wondering if it could be related to the DWP brown envelope that I received today? Thoughts anyone?