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  1. Jbb79

    Have Low testosterone from A-P Prolactin x x

    Hi, I've got Small testicles, from Anti-psychotics . . . There-fore, I Have low testosterone, which has killed My Self-confidence, Libido, I Have Border-line E. Dys-function and my beard doesn't grow, much, at all . . . Later, Muscle-wasting and, Brittle bones, May follow . . I Want my life...
  2. F

    New job and ther person training me is snotty!

    I have a new job, been there 2 weeks tomorrow, data input, just to get me back into work for a few months. The person training me is 'snotty' and has told me that it is like the blind leading the blind as she hasn't been there long and has had minimal training. On the first day, she told me...
  3. D

    Scared and Very worried ?

    Hi Last week I had an MRI on my Brain ,I had lots of them before but i got the report and they want to do an another one but on the eyes because sometimes i have an hard time see now, i have lazy eyes and the order glasses but they want to an an another mri which is tomorrow but I am scared i...
  4. N

    unhealthy daydreaming.

    I last got sectioned 8 months ago for severe psychosis, it's the longest I've been out of hospital in 7 years. Apart from some irritability I've been doing well and pretty much symptom free. I have been walking alot to lose weight and daydreaming about all sorts of things, then I got thinking...
  5. F

    Grandmother’s little helper – a new drug problem emerges

    In the early 1960s, a benzodiazepine called Valium became the first drug to enter the mass market to treat anxiety. It took decades of overprescribing “mother’s little helper” before doctors finally acknowledged that the drug was highly addictive. Twenty years later, a group of pain-killing...
  6. N

    2nd leg of Festivals, from Last Night - Finishing Today.

    Hi everyone, Much earlier than I first thought, my father has allowed me back on line, following on from obsevering virtually all of, the current festival this week, from last night, from 6pm, to today, official calendar timing terminating at 7pm, unofficially, in home, father gave me the ok...
  7. S

    How do I?

    How am I going to explain and give these things to my care co ordinator with out her getting angry with me? Can I do it with out actually seeing her? Can I just leave them in an envelope at the office? Don't think so as there potentially dangerous or should I just keep them and use them on me...
  8. McMurphy's Ghost

    Antipsychotics and brain shrinkage: an update

    Evidence that antipsychotics cause brain shrinkage has been accumulating over the last few yearsbut the psychiatric research establishment is finding its own results difficult to swallow. A new paper by a group of American researchers once again tries to ‘blame the disease,’ a time honoured...
  9. I

    mental health nursing

    Hey All, I have excellent news to tell you aIl. I have applied to do mental health nursing training and on the 13th Feb I have an interview for LSBU. Anyway please can you follow my like page ad twitter account if you wanna find out more https://www.facebook.com/mhnursing2014 @mhnursing2014
  10. H

    how it happens

    1. Humanity is both a collective and an individual term; I'm showing examples of what causes people to not want to help others any more. and 2. I am also, and though that was not my intent, proving by isolation, how truly mindless dog-like behaviour exists in people who choose to follow the...
  11. bobshocker

    the sheep

    the sheep follow. I kind of think that the sheep are happy. but we are destined for happiness. maybe that's the price we pay for being who we are. maybe we should just accept that, and the collateral damage that comes with it. i can't ever be normal. and being normal or trying, is just...
  12. C


    you try to 'pull a person up', make them stop and think - and sometimes you get dirt flung back at you because of it. I can't help knowing what I know after all -I know for a FACT on here there are people still grieving the loss of their kids. If anything I say can help one parent come closer...
  13. ABsea

    I cant pull the plug

    On my unhealthy relationship. It was supposed to change once I got a job but it never does. Im so unhappy. There's so much missing here and its clear that we have to end it but its up to me and I cant seem to do it. I don't know how to deal with all the pain that will follow or if I could even...
  14. T

    Re: How does your therapist deal with trauma related panic about intimate exams?

    Re: How does your therapist deal with trauma related panic about intimate exams? i need one for pelvic pain since 03 but i cant follow through with it
  15. S

    New to this - need a change, need a push

    Hi - im new to this and just thought i'd explain my situation. I'm 19 years old, and over the last 10 months have lost three stone through some form of obsession, which i suppose is a form of an eating disorder - i dont really know. It started off as a way of toning up for my easter holiday to...
  16. P

    Does being labled "Depressed" follow you?

    I am in Texas so, I am subject to the laws of the U.S. but, has it been anyone's experience that a medical diagnosis of depression has made you ineligible for a job, a driver's license, or something similar? I guess I had kind of a startling realization that having sought-out counseling for...
  17. C


    How on earth do I deal with it? It is driving me loopy, particularly because it is contrary to ordinary me, how everybody sees me and the fact there is no opportunity to follow through. Driving me round the bend!
  18. tigerfish

    Do people take it seriously......?

    When someone tells somebody what's going on for them, happening to them, whats worrying them, Do people take it seriously or brush it off '.....blah!!.......blah!!' What is it about a person that makes you stop listening to them? Is it that you want them to do something? Is it that you've given...
  19. ABsea

    how do I know if my anger is 'out of control'?

    Tell me where you think this situation belongs on the "normal angry reaction scale" Im driving home. I have some mofo riding my ass during rush hour. He starts impatiently swirving left and right as if that would make the traffic infront of me move faster. He continues to follow way too close...
  20. S

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself

    I am Zonadow, I'm 16 and I am a Schizophrenic. I have no medication or therapist of the sort, so I'm on my own besides my wonderful boyfriend who has kept me afloat all these years. I wanted to meet people like me and he found this forum for me! I'm a strange one alright, I have a voice in my...