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  1. RookieatBest

    For Real Thought Broadcasting Folks

    Go on YouTube and search up Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking.
  2. N

    Hearing Voices - Update

    Hi Folks, I have been very well apart from mum's fall given all of us a shock, that in terms of normal hearing voices, I have been very well for a long time, and presently, I'm fine. I always do listen to music, when I'm not out about shopping, and as a preventative for the voices to flare up...
  3. M

    Coping with anxiety

    My name is Michael and I'm disabled due to anxiety. I've tried therapy, medications and meditation. My psychiatrist told me the other day that there has been no new research into anxiety for decades and got me thinking how to spread the word of this disease. I am launching a podcast to share...
  4. L

    secret message from the office

    Hi all, I'm a depressed 26 year old female on a fairly low dose of meds. Decided to register here because whenever I feel the black dog creeping up on me I go end up reading conversations here and feel a little better know the world isn't actually ending, loads of us go through this... It...
  5. M

    Hi folks, am new here and am glad to meet all of you.

    Good Day folks. By chance, I found this lovely forum and thought I could take a shot a joining it. My name's Ben and I'm 24. I was hoping to receive a warm welcome, share what I've been through and give advice on where I can. Hope to hear from you folks and have a splendid day!:thumbsup:
  6. A

    Hello Folks!

    Just wanted to say hi. I've been doing some lurking on here and figured it would be a good idea to join and talk a bit with other folks dealing with similar issues. A quick bit about me, while trying to avoid the full back-story info-dump. I'm 35, live in Minnesota, US, creative type that...
  7. K

    So angry, so angry, so angry

    Sorry folks so angry!!!!!!! Cant even so angry katss
  8. T

    Hi everybody !

    I sure hope I've come to the right place ! I'm a senior citizen with a son who is M. I. I am an American and find that my outlook on some aspects of my son's illness do not correspond with some folks . I am a humanist and have not been able to find a group of folks of like mind with the same...
  9. W

    Characterisation of a couple of crazy Voices that infect me !!

    I have an interesting Characterisation of a couple of really grandiose Voices that infect me which make for a hilarious reading !! I have come about to assign them by the names of "The Maddest thing in the World" and "The Mad Joker". First about the Mad Joker ... this Voice which is a residue of...
  10. S

    Had enough !!

    Right OK, had enough of feeling like this, I sit here day after day, week after week, year after year....feeling the same, the shear fact I am on this forum at all explains why... I spend hours gazing out of the window and watch Mr and Mrs Average getting on with their lives and seeing their...
  11. S

    Relationships, sadly vacant for the last 30 years......

    Hi all, As a rule I would not post this , but having read other posts I need to just talk about it....for some reason ??....... I am male, a 40 something loner, my last girlfriend was back in my school days and that was just a short summer fling. Given my age and my mental health issues, I...
  12. D

    That's all folks!!!!

    I've asked for my account to be deactivated. Thank you to everyone that I bonded with<3 I know I wasn't here long but feel I made some good friends and had a good laugh. I'll leave all the jokes to blueeyes. Personally i'm a little upset. Take care all-it's been fun. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
  13. C


    I've had enough. What a fucking embarassment - talking to your youngest and telling him you're broken. I just want it to be over. Most folks on here think I am an arse. I can't do my job today. Please - could this be over soon
  14. bobshocker

    i know we said this about normal folks, but about bp folks

    I ain't normal. I know that. thats easy, hell? anyone could see that. But? I really am alone, I know I got guys on this forum, and it's nice. but it ain't the same. I feel so alone, all the time. I ain't saying that for effect. It just fucking hurts. cos I know I'm different. an being...
  15. mrlaurel

    are you angry at the "normal folks" ?

    dumb ass question I know but I am so angry today and feeling very agressive towards " normal folks " those than get on with thier lives, do thier own thing and seem to enjoy stuff, even this hot weather! I wanna scream at them tell them how much pain there is around and ffs stop being so...
  16. C

    Now I AM very sorry

    I am that educated bitch from North of Border ........... This is a great forum but come on .............. You going to assume everything each n every one of you say on here is valid?!!! Every post needs to be evaluated - aye, mine too! There are bound to be folks on here who think they are...
  17. C

    Well fanbloody tastic

    was it a provocative post? possibly depending on your mindset. but I tell you this - on top of family shit, trying to earn my living via a really hard job - I have had it up to a point where it is going over my head. and have very nearly had it with this site. At the end of the day folks -...
  18. P

    Am I loosing it?!

    Yeah, thanks so much for answering my posts folks, appreciate it :mad:. So, I finally called my shrink, and she said that if I get those strong feelings of paranoia/ people are watching me/going to poison my food etc/ or start to hear voices (again) I have to go to the ER. She mentioned having...
  19. jman82383

    Buspar and bipolar

    Can bipolar folks take buspar with out it causing mania?
  20. wendolene26

    having a bad night, anyone there?

    I'm really upset tonight and need some friendly forum folks to talk to. Anyone there?