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  1. deadchick07

    good day at work for a change

    had a good day in work today despite being exhausted and feeling trippy from pain relief. nice to have a day that reminds me i actually love my job despite all the other crap that goes on. Just wanted to say thanks to folk who use my workplace too who feel like they can trust me with their most...
  2. rasselas.redux

    Falling in Love versus Fickle Infatuations

    how do you tell the difference? just curious for you gentle folk to share your take on it. I'm generally bamboozled.
  3. H

    The Pet Factor

    Apart from my fiancee, who im lucky enough to be able to say has been with me 110% through the toughest times of my condition, one of the things that ive found has helped tremendously is being the proud owner of two cats. As i dont have children, i find that even when im at my lowest and having...
  4. M

    hampshire and dorset folk

    Hi was wondering if anyone is from hampshire/ dorset? and is looking to make possible freinds?
  5. C

    Hello folks

    My username is Calisto (its one of Jupiter's moons) I joined because I'm hoping to find a way of helping a friend who I'm very worried about but also because I am interested in mental health issues in general as it's something that effects far more people than most folk realise. I also do...
  6. deadchick07


    finally! the new meds have really worked and settled my mood to "normal". I stayed away whilst I settled as I didnt want my whole focus to be around mental health, so I apologise for neglecting folk, I just had to do it. hope you are all ok, and thanks for getting me through it xx
  7. T

    mushy,and, mushy and so love you guys....

    Well, so here it is been here a while folk, and what can one say? given me a place to talk, vent, talk, laugh, debate, get upset, laugh, talk, get angry, cry,...:unsure:. Where else can get that in life eh? prob nowere, ok its abit 'outhere', who the f am i talking to? EH, no friggin, idea...
  8. delatext


    Can I ask folk to send support and well being wishes to Unlucky please ?? :grouphug::grouphug:
  9. delatext

    Emotional intelligence

    Please seek link to article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_intelligence What do folk think about this and could it help or not ? :unsure:
  10. delatext


    I think music really helps you when you need a boost, watched Elton John on the BBC, great new album with Leon Russell, I was wanting to ask who folk think is/are the best lyricists i.e Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Rodger Waters ? Who writes the best songs about people ? :tea:
  11. D


    see this link. hope it makes folk laugh !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmzJfZ0BfAs riverdance chimps very funny ! :clap::clap:
  12. D


    Does having a favourite food such as ice cream or chocolate help alleviate the effects of depression, sometimes I cannot eat when I am way down, how does it affect others ?? Do folk have a favourite comfort food ??? :scratch::scratch:
  13. M


    I just wanted to say Hi to everyone since I have been reading through all the posts over the last day or so and have found it so good being able to read about other folk in the same situation as myself, as I have felt very alone the past year or so! A little about myself, I'm 29 and from...
  14. persephone

    Well hello

    Just joined and popping in to say a quick hello. I'm a fairly stable (these days) BP person , been so for quite a few years now, hoping to meet new folk and new ideas. Going to try to find my way around now. Speak to you soon....;)
  15. Banjo Luke

    The zest of a lemon

    Hi everyone Just wanted to say Hi to y'all and to say how good it is to have found this forum. I have had OCD for about 20 years. I was severely disabled by it in the early years but I am now able to cope better and sometimes I even find life satisfying. My main phobia is dirt - I'm not phobic...
  16. Erme

    what do ppl want out of this local forum

    I'm just brain storming for ideas because obviously some folk are going to be rural. Some folk are going to have bus passes/transport, other's not. Some folk currently may live outwith Grampian and may even be down as far as the Lowlands. Possible ideas from my point of view = arrange social...