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  1. S

    Impact of flowers on your mental health!!

    Hi everyone, Did you know that flowers can have an impact on our mental health?? Well, they can. I never knew that flowers could have so much impact on our mental health. Both at home and at work place, try to have flowers around you. It may help to create an air of positivity and increase...
  2. Q


    :flowers: Hello. Just to say Hi. I am 34.
  3. Poopy Doll

    sleep deprivation AGAIN

    To make a long story short, I take walks to create the sleep cycle. I hurt my leg and am afraid to walk. Hence, no sleep. I just went from having a life to having no life. I figure it'll be no worse than three days of this. As long as I don't listen to the depressive thoughts, I'll be okay. I...
  4. Poppy12

    Its my birthday today

    and I'm 49! A friend is coming over for lunch a bit later then I'm going for a pizza with my boyfriend tonight. I love my birthday, I'm like a big kid! Had some flowers, a Jamie Oliver recipe book, some adult colouring books and multi-coloured pens so I've been spoiled rotten already hahaha!
  5. valleygirl


    This is quite long, and I apologize. If you can't read it, that's okay--I just urgently feel the need for confession. So many memories flying at me these days. But the one that haunts me tonight is not something that was done to me; rather, it is something I refused to do for my sister, and...
  6. M

    Valentines Day: is anyone else feeling anxious or depressed by this upcoming commercial event?

    Valentines Day: is anyone else feeling anxious or depressed by this upcoming commercial event? With valentines Day this weekend here in the UK its all roses, cards, chocolates, mini breaks and meals out ...or is it? I have very personal reasons for not celebrating this media fest, but from my...
  7. M

    In the wrong place--sorry!

    Ever since my concussion my balance has been poor. I tripped and fell last Wednesday and cracked my ribs. My god, the pain has been unbearable. I'm going back to hospital tomorrow. Been a rough year for me physically. Thankfully I'm doing well mentally. My husband leaves in a couple days and...
  8. A

    I love you all!

    Just registered to this forum. I've been dealing with mental health problems for best part of a decade, now being 23. I don't even think a brief summary is possible at this point as I'm sure you'll be able to empathise with all too well. I'm hoping that I can be there to help others :flowers:
  9. M

    a lonely grief

    5 days ago my father passed away after a long battle with alzheimers. He was 80 so had a good innings. I am an only child of 34 and he is survived y me and mum. We knew it was coming and how he had suffered In the last few months. He was put into a care home a few months ago as mum could no...
  10. X

    Wife isn't happy, had a breakdown.

    Hey, just signed up to the forums to write this. I've been with my wife for 5 years and we have 3 beautiful boys, aged 3,2 and 1 month. Our relationship was always pretty good. Until recently I thought everything was going good. This week my wife tells me she doesn't love me the same anymore...
  11. Lincoln1990


    He's basically perfect. He's concerned about me. He's sent me flowers ;) he knows I'm very very ill and he thought that would help me feel better. He doesn't smoke!!! Which is the first time someone has had an interest in me that doesn't smoke. Even though I've dabbled in smoking, I'm against...
  12. Reach

    Spring is coming!

    Days are getting longer. It has gone four and the sun is still shining brightly through the window. Days will get warmer, brighter, sun will bring a better mood for us all i hope. Walks in the countryside with friends, lighter clothes, flowers will start to push through the soil, picnics...
  13. mrlaurel


    hi, just found out Lu's not online at the mo has she's not so good..... if anyone is in direct contact with her, how about a whip round for a bunch of flowers and some chocolates? she' helped me with some kind words last week and I'd like to repay the favor..... anyone assit? stan
  14. L

    In search if clarity

    I am not assuming to know anything about being bipolar and the experience never crossed paths with me until three months ago.. I am in recovery for my alcoholism and have been sober for 8 years.... Three months ago I meet a women who right off the bat seem to posses a lot of qualities i found...
  15. lupinerainbow

    What happens at a psychological evaluation?

    Yea, so i am having one of these and i just wondered what it entails, i'm in the uk if that makes a difference. They say its more in depth than the assessments that i have had in the past... If you could tell me more about it i would really appreciate it because i'm petrified. Lupine :flowers: x
  16. lupinerainbow

    Not so happy birthday..

    So today is my 20th birthday, my brother in laws 23rd birthday, and easter. We have all the family around, we had a barbecue and everyone is happy and in a celebrating mood... except me. Seriously if the neices and nephews weren't around i would have harmed myself and possibly even tried to kill...
  17. S

    Awww,.. Thank you so much !

    Thank you Liz and Mischief :flowers:
  18. A

    Thanks for the Leicester Thread

    Any Leicester service users out there? :flowers:
  19. S


    Hi everyone I'm new on here, just popped in to say hello an hope all is well :flowers: xx