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  1. Funnyday

    Whats wrong with me

    I keep putting off calling my landlord so that they can send a repairman out. I keep putting it off. I don't know if its the thought that they are spying on me when they come round and reporting back with the news that my flat is a tip. I use to be very house proud. Since being diagnosed that...
  2. D

    What's the solution?

    Apparently my sister has bpd, she's in her mid 30s now and has always caused problems. A couple of years ago she lost her flat because the landlord was selling it, so she ended up sleeping on 'friend's' sofas. She is unemployed and has been for many years, so she emotionally bullies my mum...
  3. D

    Feel lost and tired, and scared

    Don't know how to start this but here I go. In the sense of how I feel lost, recently my ex came to me to apologies for believing other people and the rumours that spread (luckly I had friends who know who I am and tells me to listen to them) I felt love again but she wanted me back in her life...
  4. letmein

    coffee alone...

    I went for a coffee today on my own, trendy little place lots going on.... people on phones and laptops, friends laughing, babies crying...... I was even more alone out of the house with people around me than I am in my flat isolated @ least here its my safe zone.
  5. vanish

    Feeling really flat

    Today I feel extremely flat. It is like I have zero motivation to do much of anything. It has been continuing this way for a while. I have fallen a long way behind in my studies. I cba going to the psychologist for therapy. I cba taking meds. I just want to sleep. The only time when I am...
  6. F

    I constantly question whether I've been psychotic

    I read posts by people here and think I’ve never been as ill as that . For sure there’s been some funny thoughts like entertaining the possibility of having female sexual parts and thinking if I try hard enough I can have female orgasms, sensing presence in my flat though there is no way anyone...
  7. B

    Flat Earthers?

    Curious to know if anyone on here believes in the Flat Earth theory? Also what are people’s thoughts on this?
  8. Artmuzz

    Welfare benefits when sharing flat with friend

    At the moment and for the past 15 years I have been living alone in a one bedroom flat. However, since 2015 after having a severe panic attack and suffering severe anxiety, depression and panic disorder I am scared to live alone now. My friend suggested that I could move into her flat or she...
  9. J

    Unhappy with my flatmates... - Advice Please!

    Hi, I have just started my final year at University and have moved into a new flat with new flatmates. I am very close friends with one of my flatmates however, I am finding it very difficult to get along with the rest of them as they are all so so different to me. Over the summer, I lived with...
  10. Tired Daisy

    Alls I want in life

    I'm an average guy I'm not ugly and I'm not super good looking either I don't care about sex in fact I don't even like it much but alls I want in life is a partner somebody my own age who I could go on adventures with and somebody who'd spend time with me in my flat too and to be happy, I don't...
  11. A

    Please help me

    Please help me. I'm feeling actively suicidal. I had a lot of company with family over the weekend, and now missing them all terribly. I live in a flat on my own. They all have their own lives. I phoned the Personality Disorder yesterday, and support staff where I live. I feel like I can't...
  12. letmein

    post christmas pre new year notgood :O(

    struggling guys, got into a situation yesterday which was stupid of me and its set me off...... very low today and amini panic attack while out... flat is a tip and no energy to do anything. I'm supposed to be going away tomorrow but i'm close to cancelling. how are you doing?
  13. B

    Flat affect

    So I have been suffering from a flat affect ("lack of emotional responses to a situation or event that would typically elicit emotion"),monotone speech and lack of facial expressions.My emotions are totally flat,I seem to can't feel any emotions whatsoever.This makes me frustrated because we all...
  14. Tired Daisy

    The paraniod Thread

    So I'm really worried right now... its to do with my neighbors they moved in last year and since then they have been giving me hell with bass beats and noise. They have bought the flat and seem to think that because they bought there flat that they have more right to live there than a trashy...
  15. A

    Psychiatric hospital

    Hi, I'm just wondering if people who have been in a psychiatric hospital could answer a few questions for me. 1) What happens if you refuse to participate in the group therapy? 2) What happens if you act aloof and ignore all the other patients including those that are in the same ward as you...
  16. A

    Some good news

    I have been so suicidal lately, but today I had some news to give me a glimmer of light in the darkness, something to help keep me focussed on the future. I had my 1:1 appointment with my keyworker today and I've found out that the next supported flat that becomes available is mine. I...
  17. B

    Getting out

    For the past 3 years I have had trouble leaving the flat, anxiety rocks. Helps taking some diazepam. But still I get wobbly. My shopping is done online. I go out only yo go to therapy, the ten min walk is awful. Indoors I'm fine almost well taking my meds hallucinations and delusion are at a...
  18. H

    I claim a severe disability premium, could I get a 2 bed flat for my carer to stay over?

    I claim a severe disability premium, could I get a 2 bed flat for my carer to stay over? Hi I currently live in a ground floor flat that I don't feel safe in and I'm scared to open my blinds/curtains... I'm unable to work at the moment so it would be council or housing association, would I be...
  19. T

    Moving flat stress

    Situation - lived in tower block A, council wanted to refurbish so moved us all into tower block B, work is done so council want to return us. I hated my flat A, no privacy cos house next to it had balcony right by my window, and kids played loudly outside and no escape from their play noise...
  20. S

    feel like there is no hope

    Here it is... I'm surrounded by people and still feel so alone just because I can't talk to them my family and my boyfriend they all won't understand and its not that I haven't tryed iv been on medication and been to counseling but my depression and anxiety have steadly been getting worse and...