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  1. L

    Physical symptoms of anxiety

    Can everyone write their physical symptoms of anxiety. Mine include: chest pain, brain fog, weird feeling, numbness and tingling sensation, headache, itchiness, hot flashes, dizziness
  2. SoftRain


    For those of you that have bi polar do you have this? I have been jumping around in my moods again lately. Not everyday but quite a bit lately. I probably need to see my doctor before the time scheduled next month. Right now writing this I’m weepy, crying. Then I go into anger because I am...
  3. W

    New here, and I am so confused!

    Hi all! I just joined this evening because I have had some things happening lately that lead me to believe there is something going on with me mentally. I am posting in this forum because I was told a few years ago that I was suffering from PTSD. I don't know for sure if that is really the case...
  4. O

    Hot Flashes

    Hi all, Does anyone else experience really bad hot flashes? Sometimes I get them out of nowhere, and sometimes I get them when I'm anxious
  5. N

    Hi new here

    Hi folks , I'm new here and really just needing to express myself to people that hopefully can guide me or help with there ideas , . I have suffered recently with hot flashes on face and back of neck ( anxiety ? ) really just feeling the worse in most things
  6. Mister.B


    I need to go to bed but I have left it too long and now the flashes have started. I am normal but I keep having these flashes where I see ghosts, or the room smells funny, or people are behind me, or I hear her laughing and running in and out of rooms. I am just full of dread, even when I'm...
  7. ABsea

    constant flashes

    I've been experiencing constant flashes of me violently killing those around me. In their sleep or infront of everyone. Is this something I should worry about? Probably not share with others... should I ignore this and sweep it under the problem rug? Or have I just been watching too much Dexter? Lol