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  1. K

    ESA support group working part time (volunteering)

    Has anyone here claimed ESA and was in the support group but decided to try and work part time or even just volunteering and had it held against them when being reassessed for ESA? How many hours can you work while in the ESA support group? I really want to do some volunteer work or just work 1...
  2. N

    Weight Management

    Hi all, Just having weighed recently and I'm noticing for my height, I am almost 10 stone, yikes. I am half hoping that when the volunteering picks up much more, in my centre, and I have more vegetarian no meat based lunches, I might have to cut out the chips, I should comfortable loose...
  3. N

    On Antiphyscotic Drug

    Hi, it's Natalie here, I have been on my medication which I don't know if I can name drop on here or not, so as not to take any chances, i won't name drop; I have been on this medication for about 10 years now, my level of doseage I am on is far the best dose for me, and if I drop anywhere...
  4. N

    Figihting Back to Recovery Through Fitness and Mental Health World

    HI, I'm Natalie, and if I may explain the background, before I go into the Recoery phrase which has been the case now oh for about 11 years, or so. I was always very pro active in looking for work. To cut a long story short - back in 2004, I had a nervous breakdown - physcosis. I was...
  5. B

    Sertaline - What physical affects?

    Hi all. so basically Im a Ex party animal turned fitness freak and im training for a body fitness comp but the problem is I have really bad anxiety. My therapist has offered me medication for the last 6 months but i have refused it due to any negative health affects it might have. She wants me...
  6. LaborIntensive

    *Live* - Chat with Dr. Bellonzi- Health and Fitness, Auto-immunity

    Live Chat with Dr. Bellonzi- Health and Fitness, Auto-immunity
  7. Johndevildog67

    My self harm

    My self harm is binge drinking and overdosing with what I can get when I'm rock bottom . Stupid really as I am a body builder and qualified fitness instructor , which as the doctors have informed me if it was not for my fitness level I would be dead lol .. With my overdoses I get no help what...
  8. J

    ESA Fitness for Work test was a Nightmare

    Well I have been for my Fitness For Work interview with ATOS. I am now dreading the brown envelope. I was kept waiting for an hour. Not good. Silent waiting room. I was then asked various questions about my illness(es) and how it affects my life, well how do you explain things to a total...
  9. BillFish

    Started fitness again after several years

    Started getting some exercise again after several years of sitting around,walked down the beach with my pooch yesterday,it was fantastic,with the sun on my back and the sea breeze in my face, good for the soul.Going to do four alternate routes during the week each week.Climbed a sodding great...
  10. W

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends

    HI, everybody, I’m newbie here…I just joined this community to get & share some more info about health and fitness with you all. I hope you will help in my future queries. Thanks to you all!
  11. D

    Male Health & fitness Instructor/fitness model with eating disorder? seeking help

    Male Health & fitness Instructor/fitness model with eating disorder? seeking help Hi, i am looking into finding all kinds of help such as group meetings, forums, doctor, psychologist, rehab clinics, addictions etc for my eating disorder to try and beat it 100% and be 'cured' so that i can...
  12. M

    Ive lost weight again yay

    Ive been very slowly losing weight over the last 5 weeks and I lost a few pounds this week due to sticking to my healthy eating plan and going to the gym 5 times this week and playing squash for an hour...... Im in a good mood :) Have a long way to go but its a start.......... ........if...
  13. Pixie37

    Trying to get my fitness level back to normal now!

    Well after being so ill i am gradually building my fitness back up. I am now doing a 2 hour walk once a week and playing badminton. I am going to add to this tomorrow and get in a 2 hour coastal walk and maybe get back to my swimming on Monday :)
  14. amathus

    Tests deceive not benefit claimants...Article

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/mar/10/tests-deceive-benefits-mental-illness Mental illness fluctuates. A one-off assessment of fitness to work is not only inadequate, it's making people's conditions worse qf.
  15. amathus

    NHS CHOICES: Fitness Suggestions Article.

    A fairly broad introduction to ways of achieving fitness.... as you will see it doesn't always mean expensive gym costs: http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness/Pages/Fitnesshome.aspx qf.
  16. Pixie37


    Fitness dvds are a great way to begin exercising - get you fit and give you confidence to go to a class. I started off with with an asthtanga yoga on a beach that i could do whenever i needed to. I now have a Davina McColl workout. We tried that zumba on dvd on the ward that was hilarious lol...
  17. S

    Anti-Psychotics and becoming a Fitness Instructor ?

    Hiya everyone, I was wondering if somebody here can advise me ? My Anti-Psychotics (Quetiapine) has recently been increased to 800mg, I also take Mood Stabilisers and an Anti-depressant. Today for the first time since being hospitalised, I went to the gym and tried to train. It was a total...
  18. S

    What do you guys do for work ? Or What are you working towards doing ?

    I haven't worked since having my 2nd child nearly 8yrs ago now :unsure:. I'm working towards gaining employment in the Fitness Industry, I have a fair way to go though, but it is my goal. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar, Anxiety/Panic, OCD and I've found that every job i've tried to work in...
  19. yodel

    MIND - Exercise

    Hi Everyone found this useful page on the Mind website regarding health and fitness, their 'Fitness Zone'. www.mind.org.uk/How+you+can+help+us/Fundraising+events+root/Fitness+zone/ :tongue: