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  1. M

    From almost completely broken n always tired to energetic and happy

    Life is simply much more enjoyable for myself and I owe it to a lot of things. I will share some things that I have found to seem to have been working the most for me. I wanna help if it’s possible because I’ve been stuck in this shole as well as many have been. My advice for considering...
  2. N

    Helicopters versuses Paranoia - Don't Mix

    Hi Folks, This afternoon, and parents and I were setting out, both parties in different directions, and we were still just on the home drive. Now all off the sudden, after a few weeks; of peace and quiet, a very low helicopter, circuling above, and was t hen nerving me, whilst setting and...
  3. degeh

    The one thing i can recommend everyone

    To try at least once is fitness, weightlifting, running or something, anything with weights. I advice this sport because it is an individual sport and you don't need anyone else to do it. So you can do it anytime. And even if it is not your thing, trying it once is not the end of the world...
  4. J


    Got diagnosed 3 years ago started treatment and stopped. Travelled and worked abroad and have had no problems. But new job wants a medical fitness report. What would be the process to get this so I can get the job?
  5. N

    Maintaining and Improving Weight Loss Programming

    Hi all, As i explained in another thread, I intend to workout on a regular fr equent basis, to help aid support recovery for mental health wellbeing, and also, it's a bonus if i happen to lose weight. I shall get a 12 minute workout done, in the afternoon, tomorrow, now, I am just easing back...
  6. N

    Warmer Weather Conditions - Fitness Classes & Activities

    HI everyone, Owing thanks pleasantly to the pleasant, though a very much a bit too much warmer weather with the sun out full time now for the time being, though there will be some cloudier days, and still warmer, I'll be seriously having to t hink hard, about buses travelling to fitness...
  7. N


    Hi Everyone, For several previous years, I had played Badminton on a regular basis, and then again going back a good few recent years and loved the sport. I am making prelimary enquries, in terms of playing Badminton on a regualr basis, and competively as well, if at all, much down the...
  8. I

    healthy life

    hi i am not a doctor but life is very important for any person so care your body diet and fitness. every morning use food thank u
  9. N

    Lack of Motivation, Regular Working - nearer to being away on holidays

    Hi all, Admittedly in the past few months, I haven't been physically well, or just feeling very low in general, because of the weather making me feel severely irritible, I don't know whether if i have covered on here before, that, aware eventually I'll be going away on holidays, and usually...
  10. M

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi... uhhhh, lord knows what I type in here. :) I'm from Scotland, recently returned from Spain where I worked in Palma (hence the username; no I'm not Spanish, unfortunately) from March to September 2015. Feeling not too good at the moment. Returning to this crappy (can I say crappy?) weather...
  11. N

    cmht referral - from GP ON 13TH August

    Hi all, The cmht referral went very well actually. In actual fact, that it went so well, I just couldn't receive their longer term back up support - rats, I thought. Anyway, overall, he commented that I have done very well, since a previous visit back in 2012, which was a referral then...
  12. N

    Dental Extraction - tooth work/Recovering Well - When safely resume working out?

    Dental Extraction - tooth work/Recovering Well - When safely resume working out? Hi all, Having had a sudden dental extraction job yesterday, in which I'm recovering very well, I was wondering that as I have had only 1 tooth removed, would anybody who is very much into regular fitness, know...
  13. C


    I would like to introduce myself I am Clattnow on here. I reside with my husband in a little cottage in Scotland. We love hill walking, flat walking, growing cornflowers and seeds in our cottage garden. We like reading books by Ian Rankin, also animal stories like a Street Cat Called Bob...
  14. N

    Back from holiday - Returning to normal, and resuming old and new activities

    Back from holiday - Returning to normal, and resuming old and new activities Hi Everyone, Now that I have recovered from my jet lag fog, from early week, and recovered, and very much then healed from my sinuses plus infection, and also dry prolonging coughing sympton cleared up too, I am...
  15. B

    I dont understand this anymore

    I've made massive strides in the last month 1. I came out to my mother about my gender, she seems ok with it so far (though doesnt approve of me crossdressing in front of her 2. Im starting to accept my dog died, and Im starting to feel I am slowly moving forward 3. Im in physio for my back...
  16. C

    North Yorkshire

    Northallerton Mental Health Support 2 The Link Crosby Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 1DG 01609 780758 Drop in Drop In at Centrepoint is open each Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and on alternate Sundays from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Day support services MHS Day Centres...
  17. C

    West London

    North Kensington - Grove Resource Centre 1-9 St Mark's Road LONDON W11 1RG 020 7221 0052 [email protected] Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm (Office) Drop in hours: Monday Tuesday Thursday:9am - 5.30pm Wednesday Friday:9am - 5pm Resource centre for adults with mental health problems...
  18. B

    fitness and exercise

    Desided to get fit,well a bit fitter.I want to be able to ride a push iron fully loaded,panniers and stuff.My fitness level now from 1 to 10 is 2,bad that is.My BMI is 50 plus,blood preasure is fine,breathings fine so done a few very mild streching exercises.No doubt it's gonna be hard,but it's...
  19. D

    Melt down and suicidal thoughts

    Well this is my first ever forum posting and I'm trying to find some new ideas or comments that may help. I have enjoyed 40 years as a self employed professional, a keen sportsman and no history of mental health problems, until 2 years ago, when badly advised, I lost much of my retirement...
  20. N

    Regular Keeping Fit/Holidays

    Hi all, I always do find ,myself, that on the approach to being away on holidays, and in particular aware that I'll be away in October, even thouigh it's the 2nd part of the month, that I always seem to be winding down, my fitness interests, on the basis that, I'd be attempted to get more in...