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  1. A

    Neuropathy or anxiety?

    Hello, maybe someone here can help me. Well, I had a blood test done and it came back with a normal a1c but fasting blood glucose in the prediabetec range. Doctor wasn't worried and thinks it' a fluke. I had multiple tests done before then and it would come back normal. (I have pcos, so I have...
  2. Zardos

    I Can't Take It Anymore

    Just took a OD... not enough to kill me (fingers crossed) but it should mess me up.. And hopefully knock me out :faint:
  3. NicoretteGummed

    Numbness in my left fingers on my left hand

    Specifically its my ring and little fingers that feel like their burning sometimes and I cannot straighten them. One of the carers in my supported Lodgings reckons its arthritis which i'm scared about as i'm an amateur guitarist. Has anybody else experienced this???
  4. T


    :nod2: I hate fingernails and the skin under they are painful to me. I want them off my body, they are so gross and no purpose I want to have my fingers amputated
  5. N

    The sounds of frustration

    i am so bloody frustrated. i just want to yell and twitch about a bit making frustrated sounds. But I can't cause i'm in a stupid mental health setting and if i do what i want they will never let me go so instead i will vent through my fingers... HHNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
  6. L

    Advice on mind control

    Hey, This sounds crazy but my mind is in constant overdrive like i can't slow down. My brain actually feels like it will fry. When i pause for a little while i still can't maintain a normal balance. It's like my head is racing in the F1. My half sister has bipolar is it possible i have the...
  7. calypso

    Feeling better - ish

    I am feeling a bit better, still hearing the 'man', but he is not intimidating me and even called my his little flower (sarcastically, but hey), the other day. The urge to die is still there as is self harm, but not as intensely. Resisting the SH seems to stop it dominating too much. I'm on...
  8. C


    so here goes people...my gp decided to up my mirtazapine from 30 to 45 (the strongest dose i think!) fingers crossed they help. and i'm still on the propranalol. the killer statement was "i should stop drinking" hmm..we'll see about that!!
  9. Poppy12

    Wish me luck - PIP

    I'm trying to get to see my GP in the morning to get her to write a letter in support of my PIP application. It's open surgery however and you're not allowed to see the GP of your choice, just the one they allocate to you. Fingers crossed I get her - she's the best one in the surgery. This is...
  10. L

    Hello, first time on here

    Hello everyone, this is my first time on here. I have been self harming for over a year now. . I've hurt my wrist 3 times, hand twice, 3 fingers, and foot twice. I thought it would be nice to join a supportive community because I have no one to talk to and just feel so alone right now. So that's...
  11. calypso

    No antipsychotics

    Been off them for 2 months or so and feel great! Just stopped taking them. I know most can't do this, but I feel so lucky. I don't advocate it unless you have someone to check you and tell you honestly how you are doing. I had a friend and his wife check me daily. So keep your fingers...
  12. megirl

    feeling good

    Saw my support worker on Wednesday this is my longest timeframe of feeling stable. A few things have 'upset' me or made me a little agitated but very short lived and I am coping so well currently. I looked at my support worker and thought 'shit i love him' but lol its not like i am in love with...
  13. C

    still unwell!

    Hi all. So i'm still no better. Tried to sleep three times. It's not happening! Might get some rest about midnight. Fingers crossed eh!
  14. L

    The Retreat in York

    Has anyone been? I've just been assessed for a place. Should find out soon if I get in or not. Fingers crossed.x
  15. C

    name change

    hi all. just so you know, this is my new username. it was cally74 but changed it cos forgot password. so many passwords to remember & sold my tablet. stuck with this shitty galaxy. how do people with fat fingers cope?! anyways, hope all my good buddies are keeping well??
  16. C

    Can't wait for my nice warm bed!

    Earlyish night for me I think. Give it an hour & I'm done! Gonna have another bash with my meditations cd. Fingers crossed I have a better night than last night! I tossed & turned forever. Hope that feckin mouse is asleep
  17. S

    I'm applying for PIP benefit

    I've started the claim process and have received the forms. I've filled in what I can and now i'm waiting for my CPN to help me complete them. I hope i get it, fingers crossed.
  18. fazza

    I can finally start clozapine

    Well I am super happy today. I got my blood test results back today and after 4 years of having really low white cells they have finally gone back to normal. This means i can now start clozapine. It turns out it was the clopixol depot that was making my white count low so fingers crossed...
  19. D

    I have been feeling really anxious and obsessive about a specific issue please help to put my mind at ease.

    I have been feeling really anxious and obsessive about a specific issue please help to put my mind at ease. I need advice regarding Usb flash drives/memory sticks and external hard drives, has this caused damage? My Usb flash drives/memory sticks and external hard drives are in a little plastic...
  20. D

    Can I get some trusted advice???

    Hi, sorry if this sounds silly but just want some answers...is it possible to become pregnant from touching an object and then touching myself (masturbating)? When I touch myself I really use my fingers and dig deep to masturbate. Other times I use toilet paper and my fingers to reach into my...