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  1. sunset547544

    Reducing Caffeine Intake

    I have set myself a goal of cutting down my caffeine intake to just 1 cup of tea every day in the morning for the next week or so in order to improve my sleep and hopefully mood. I am not finding it easy, I am feeling really lethargic and finding it hard to concentrate or get motivated to do...
  2. P

    Looking for Cyclothymia Support Group

    Hi All, I am newly diagnosed with cyclothymic personality disorder. While glad to have finally figured out that what I have has a name, I am having a hard time finding others with it to share understandings. Any help out there? Thanks.
  3. soulsearcher

    finding it hard getting over stuff thats happened in the past

    hey peeps im ive been struggling for many years to get over stuff that has happened years ago but im failing and the more i think about it all the more i want to kill myself, its just like a vicious cycle so how do i overcome it and get over it?
  4. H


    Psychosis so bad i can't cope much longer. Voices, visual experiences etc. seeing my CPN again on Monday don't no what else to say. finding it hard to post.
  5. J

    Hearing voices inside my head.

    Baffled. Is probably the most accurate word right now. :unsure: Its just not fun, hearing other voices in my head im finding very distressing right now, any coping techniques or anyone with similar experiences?
  6. S

    Finding right treatment and a good doctor

    Struggled with mood all my life real extremes From long periods of utter hopelessness to periods of positivity , finding it increasingly more difficult to feel any fun or enjoyment out of life ,just not getting anything out things i used to enjoy , im just going through the motions so to...
  7. L

    Finding it difficult to cope and be around people

    Hi, I’m finding it really difficult to be around and talk to people. I find I’ve nothing to say anymore. I’ve gone from a sociable person to someone who wants to escape from everyone.
  8. Deadheading

    Don't ever tell me to look for the silver lining

    I've just been disappointed with yet another fruitless attempt of finding a friend online. And yes, it was a certifiably waste of time because it was brief. It wasn't lasting. Finding friends is very hard, and doing it online is the only way I can do it. I'm not going to approach someone if I...
  9. Z

    Time for a chat anyone??

    I am pretty isolated at the moment and wouldn't mind finding someone to chat with about anything and or everything :) :eek:
  10. A

    hate the way I am

    Do you ever just get so annoyed with yourself for being like this. Honestly, I'm tired of always finding it so hard to do things everyone else seems to find easy. I don't understand what I did that was so bad to be like this.
  11. M

    Looking for another who wants to chat

    Im 26 old from Argentina, ive been joining to other forums since a long while, looking for another who wants to chat, i was very motivated by the idea to meet other people on internet who have or had depression, but not been finding much people who wants to chat. If you are looking for the same...
  12. soulsearcher

    sick of feeling always anxious

    the pregabalin medication is defo helpng but im still finding myself being anxious all the time
  13. T

    Any help please

    Okay so Thursday i went out with a couple we had fun they took me bowling and afterwards went back to the hotel room too have fun but now I'm finding it hard to remember there faces and picture them im s cared i will forget It and then I mean I try but I can't
  14. T

    So excited to join :)

    Hi everyone, I have a few diagnoses... Anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and anorexia. Not fun.... I'm going through a hard time (to put it simply). Looking forward to connecting and finding support. Hope to be able to give it too! Thank you to whoever created this forum and to all the...
  15. F


    Hi,I've joined this forum because of my depression and anxiety don't have others to talk to so I do get quite lonely, I'm unable to think straight most of the time, I sit and constantly cry sometimes I don't even know myself why I wish I could of introduced myself in a more positive way but I'm...
  16. Kiddo

    Hi I'm Kiddo

    Hi everybody. I'm Kiddo, a young adult who has been through several types of abuse throughout my childhood and parts of my teenage years as well. I struggle with BPD, trauma, anxiety, anorexia, dissociation/fragmentation, psychotic tendencies and autism amongst other things. I feel very...
  17. J

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Jay and are finding it hard -- bye xxx
  18. sunset547544

    Self Harming

    I do this when I get stressed out with work, which happens pretty much all day every day. By the end if the day it is really sore. I am finding it almost impossible to stop / it feels like a reflex reaction. Any advice?
  19. S

    Hating myself

    I am a 40s male whom had lived my life undiagnosed . I have been in and out of jails prisons , treatment hospitals. I did not know I was mentally ill I was hiding it with alcohol and drugs which did not work out too well.All this compounded with an brain Injury has made my life very difficult...
  20. crescent_moon82

    Section 8

    Hi everyone it's me again, Does any of you all have housing choice voucher (section 8) in the USA? If so, how did you approach the situation of finding your apartment?