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  1. Fawn2019

    New here!

    Hi:) I'm glad to be here. I have been struggling with depression/anxiety all my life, and almost 47 years old. I struggle with negative thoughts all the time and try really hard to stop them at the time that they enter my head, but some days it's one after the other. It's so frustrating. My...
  2. S

    Hey there

    Hey everybody. I came across this forum through a Google search. I don't have a support system at home or the money to go to therapy, so I'm hoping to find a little help here at an overwhelming time in my life. Thank you.
  3. Maya J

    Having a bit of a moment

    Hi everyone, I have BPD traits (emotional dysregulation, fear of abandonment, paranoia at times etc) and the worst thing is I can be fine one day but not ok at all the next, and moods change in one day. I have rang the GP, hopefully I will get an appointment tomorrow. I'm not happy with my...
  4. H

    Hey y'all

    Hey. As my username says, I'm a hot mess. Ive suffered OCD anxiety and depression for at least a decade now and I'm only 25. I've having trouble lately finding reasons to keep living. Reasons to keep fightin. My main ones are God and my babies. Ocd has destroyed me. Changed me into someone I...
  5. TroubleinParadise

    The Burden of Obsession

    Hey everyone, I'd just like to share my experiences with you guys - I'm curious to hear your thoughts. I find myself constantly on edge, in the sense that relaxation is an impossibility. If I am busy I am a lot more 'relaxed' in a sense. I never truly feel calm, and I find it hard to enjoy...
  6. P

    Hi from Daytona Beach

    Hello, everyone, I'm 62. Been with my problems since age 18. Sure would love to find a freind here. Just to discuss things.
  7. A

    New and looking for help

    Im Andy I'm looking to be pointed in the right direction to find help for my anxiety
  8. R

    Social anxiety around family

    I had a very weird experience at my dads house a couple of days ago. I have had pretty severe social anxiety for as long as I can remember, even around my own family. My grandmother asked me how/what I’ve been doing, and I completely froze up and was physically unable to answer her. Even with my...
  9. B

    New here

    Hi, I have been feeling really down lately. So much so that i haven't left the house in a few days. I find myself doing nothin, learning nothing. Like i am just here taking up space. I have 0 interest in anything, which is ashamed because i remember when i used to get excited for certain...
  10. P

    I died

    I know I had made a post yesterday but I did not get to the core of why I feel the way I do. I feel like there is no returning to who I was before because of these thoughts. I am currently in an emotionless state. I feel nothing. And in this state of nothingness I have come to ponder over...
  11. K


    Hi everyone. I am new on this forum... So I have 19 years and three months ago I have moved from my hometown to the much larger city... The thing is that I always have one best friend for like two months and then we just stop talking... They all think that they know me but more that we are...
  12. K


    Hi everyone... Here to find what's wrong with me
  13. K

    How to stop Thought broadcasting ?

    I've lived with this problem for 3 years now, and I really want to find a way to stop it completely.
  14. T

    I'm panicking.

    I don't know what to do, i feel like i'm dead even though i'm alive, couple of days ago i started worrying about never find a love or dating (I'm young) and thatbi might be cursed. I know it sounds stupid, and i know it is stupid, but that simple thought has ruined my life (in less than a...
  15. J

    I overdosed.

    This has been quite awhile ago, but i still to this day have never felt the same. I think I may have caused brain damage, to what extent i do not know. I don't have money to find out, so I was seeing if there's any nice people that have had insight into this situation.
  16. P

    Struggling with Life for 4 years now

    Hi All! Ive been struggling with Life for more than 4 years now! My contract expired at an it company (my first real job im in my twenties right now). And since then im feeling very bad in my guts. Whatever i eat my colon isnt moving. It feels like there is No emotion / excitement in my guts...
  17. M


    Hey everyone. My name is Shannon. I’ve never really been part of a forum or blog or anything so this is very new for me. I’ve battled anxiety and depression for a while..but it was always kind of downplayed. Meaning, it was never really i big deal. I had some issues with self harm when I was in...
  18. FadeToBlack

    Do I cut contact with the NHS?

    I told them this morning I want a new care coordinator after telling them for months. I said you tell me either way by the end of the day, or that's it I am not dealing with them anymore. I got no call... Shall I keep to what I said? I would find it hard not to if I am honest and this has...
  19. D

    Friends and mental health.

    Hi my name is Davinia I'm 41yrs old. I suffer with bpd, voices, depression, hallucinations panick attacks. I moved to Middlesex 2yrs ago and have no friends apart from my partner and his family here in Middlesex. I feel very lonely and lost also can not go out on my own as I find it hard. Been...
  20. L

    The funny side of misery.

    I'd like to know if anyone else finds them self laughing or making jokes about themselves, or the things that depression makes them do. Sure I spend a long time in tears, and desperate, and a mess. I do my best to avoid talking to people, or holding a conversation if I can, but I have started...