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  1. D


    I've struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my 20s. Taken anti-depressants for it on and off and stomached the strength to attend a presentation about various group therapy sessions but didn't take it any further. It's really taking a hold on my life at the moment, whether it's work...
  2. L

    Anxiety is affecting ability to work

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Just wanted to share my job experiences and see if anyone has gone through anything similar. My anxiety has turned me into the dreaded "job hopper." I've had three jobs already this year and am out of work again because I can't deal with the daily stress and am...
  3. F

    Treating sons differently, financially. Am I being over-sensitive?

    I am a single man, living alone, with no kids, always had a modest job income. Financially I am very secure, with two properties which are mortgage free and have savings bringing in a second income. I have always been careful with money and have never had expensive taste when buying things. I...
  4. G

    Financial Abuse

    I realize now why my father wanted me to think of $20 as a lot of money. I don't think he ever valued me as a human being. I was always this other, this thing, this object. When I was fourteen I had my first boyfriend Patrick, he seemed sweet. Most of my memory of him has been erased though. I...
  5. Singin'InTheRainClouds

    Clumsiness and bipolar disorder; meds causing? other?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I look forward to participating when I can. I've seen a lot of comments elsewhere in the net from people who have clumsiness with bipolar disorder. Some think it's just part of being bipolar. Anything here want to discuss this? I never used to be clumsy. I was...
  6. K

    UPDATE regarding yesterdays gf problems

    So, still no message or phone call, nothing. I've told her I'd like to speak and sort things out but she won't give me the time of day. I had my induction day at work today as I have a new job and she was excite about it before because it is a good opportunity for me and will help support us...
  7. megirl


    Back to this again. I work as a cleaner doing some offices etc In work in the evening. Which means i only see my hubby in the weekend I am over it. There just arent any jobs that would suit me. I cant work shift work. Due to my meds i find it hard to get going in the morning. I certainly cant...
  8. R


    hello. i have been diagnosed with bipolar 2, borderline personality disorder, and of course depression. i take prescribed medication and a variety of vitamins...im horrible about consistently taking them, so i couldn't really say if they make a difference or not. i have low self esteem and...
  9. dodo777

    My boy and skunk

    Its not only destroying his life but its bring all the family down emotionally and financially. He just caused a huge row because he gets his money today and owes it all out to me his mum and who ever is strapping it to him. He has a personality disorder ptsd he takes mitrazipine and quitripine...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    anyone else poor?

    now mum has died im going to struggle financially i feel like im being singled out and persecuted ,other people on benefits seem to live so well no wonder im suicidal when i have to worry about money on top of everything else x
  11. R

    Illness impact on family.

    I'm 31 and was living in London independently and was on a low level antidepressant and was more or less happy. Then 8 months ago out of no where I got this horrific anxiety and depression and had something of a breakdown and couldn't cope on my own. I had to come up to Yorkshire to live with my...
  12. C

    Advice on supporting adult married child being treated for bipolar-like symptoms

    Advice on supporting adult married child being treated for bipolar-like symptoms Our married son is being treated for bipolar-like/anxiety symptoms for the past year. We offered to help financially as he quit his job to seek treatment. A year later, we are feeling great concern about how to...
  13. F

    New to forum

    Hey all. As the title suggests, I'm a newbie here. Not sure if this is the best place to post but I'm feeling a bit desperate. I feel like I'm at burnout stage and I can't see any solution. I am a solo parent of two, and am self employed, rarely getting a day off and when I do, it's running...
  14. H

    bipolar and pregnant

    Thinking I might be pregnant and I'm bipolar with the manic episodes and don't have a supporting family or am financially stable... help plz x
  15. pentagram

    Can I sue someone?

    I've just heard that the Guantanamo people are going to get compensation off the government for being tortured. Can I sue someone for the torture they inflicted on me? It has had a huge effect on my life both mentally and financially and if I can't sue them is there any way I can shame them into...