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  1. P

    Cant afford therapy

    19 year old engineering student living in Canada. I have a history of trying to kill myself, I am severely depressed. As a last resort, I turned to a therapist, because I thought my insurance covered it. I am 4 sessions deep and my therapist told me my insurance didn't go through. I can't afford...
  2. F

    Mental health and debt problems: 'A marriage made in hell'

    Much has been written about the easy availability of debt at a time of record low interest rates. The latest data showed that consumer credit was growing at the fastest pace in a decade. The consumer boom of recent years, with memories of the financial crash apparently fading, has been well...
  3. B

    who am I what happen to me?

    Idon't know what happen to me. My mood is change severe. I can not control my feelings. I got meds nearly one year. Doc said I have a personality issue. Does anyone know what does he means? I feel happy and feel good during the day but it changed quickly. My perception about people is changed...
  4. neorealism

    Gambling addiction, money problems and other...

    Slowly losing the will to live, more and more suicidal thoughts are creeping up in my mind. I'm trying to block them out but mind is racing at incredible pace, can no longer control the thought process. I've been slowly gambling away £25 a week (the restriction on my account), last week I...
  5. G

    I have no idea what's actually wrong, help guide me?

    The funny thing is I'm not really sure what is wrong with me and I work within mental health. I just know I feel like I've been sucked into a black hole A vastness of emptiness and I have so much to live for a beautiful family and a wonderful parter yet I'm all alone. My partner and I have...
  6. C

    North Somerset/Avon

    North Somerset FRIEND- Community Mental Health Resource Centre FRIEND (North Somerset) Ltd. 39 Oxford Street Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset BS23 1TN Tel: 01934 622292. Drop-in Weston-super-Mare Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00 to 16.00 Please contact W-s-M Centre Worker, Caroline...
  7. E


    Hey. I was in uni back in 2004-07 (in the UK), although I rarely attended due to my problems. In the final year I had a psychotic breakdown. I was wondering if anyone knows if I could get another loan and my fees paid for me. I'm thinking No because I've been once. I do have extenuating...
  8. T

    Secret buying & bullying

    Apologies for the long-winded message, but I am being presented with a family problem that I would really welcome some advice on helping to deal with. Also if there is a better forum for me to post this? I am worried about my parents, specifically how to deal with issues with my father. Back...
  9. P

    Few questions about DSA?

    Hello, I suffer with anxiety and depression but this is not the reason i am claiming DSA. I also have dxslexia and need support however I have stated on the student finance that i am currently in receipt of ESA so do I need to put down that i suffer with depression and anxiety? I just dont see...
  10. diamondshine

    student finance learnt to count!

    Student finance finally accepted my "compelling personal reasons" for leaving my previous course of study (I was depressed as hell and couldn't cope with studying anything, let alone Medicine!) and learnt to count. Previously they sent me letters telling me (in the same letter) that i had 6...
  11. S

    Out of work,.. I can't bear it!

    I can't stand this, it makes me feel so cut off from the world. I've been seeking work, but nothing is around. It's so tough out there! I cannot continue with my studies either, as I need to finance the courses and each course costs around £1,000. This is so depressing.