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  1. J

    I'm worthless

    Hi. I've been depressed for a long time, perhaps close to thirty years now, off and on. I had a good run for a few years in my mid-20s in grad school, but most of my memories going back to middle school are of introversion, social awkwardness and zero self-esteem, and things have caught up with...
  2. A

    Introductory rant :)

    Hello, I am pretty new I did make my account a bit back (like maybe two weeks or less ago), but I am so anxious idk what to say. Anyways I finally have the courage to say hello. I am just super depressed and need a friend or place to rant and well... one day I stumbled upon this forum site and...
  3. Q

    It's happening Again

    Why do I want to hurt myself every day over simple disgruntled. Sometimes my emotions build up I just have to let them out. Do I want to die - for the last 4 years or so. When I add up all the comments, innuendos, slights, hints, and statements of what a bad person I am just feel an...
  4. T

    Hey all!

    I should introduce myself, I’m Tina. I’ve been struggling with depression since I was very young, as long as I can remember really. The last few years have been especially hard due to the breakup of a vicious relationship (thank goodness - I have found someone who doesn’t abuse or belittle me)...
  5. S

    Hi everyone

    Hi all. I've come here to find like minded Individuals that may go through the same sorts of things I go through from time to time. Because I'm sure as you're all well aware whether your have constant anxiety or depression when they finally hit you like a hammer to your soul you can feel so...
  6. fazza

    Urgent advice needed

    Went for a drive this evening to try and help clear the voices. It did not work. Voices were Commanding me to harm myself whilst driving at speed down country lanes. Told me that everything would be ok and I would get salvation over and over again. Feel like I am at a crossroad with nothing...
  7. M

    Powerful, painful mental health treatment

    I've had so much therapy from different therapists with different specialties. And tried 7 different meds... Still waiting for the 6-8 weeks on the newest one. My friend recommended a psychologist not covered by my plan. $200/hr. I tried it. 4 sessions in and more to go things are finally...
  8. S

    Finally found the courage to create Mental Health vlog!!!

    I've struggled with social anxiety and mental health for many years. Finally found the courage to do something I've wanted to do for a very long time, but fear has prevented me. I made a video on the topic of perfectionism and how to deal with it. I hope I can connect with some of you.
  9. I

    finally getting ears pierced

    Hi I'm finally getting ears pierced although nervous of it hurting and aftercare
  10. P

    hoping for some direction please

    My therapist says my ex best friend represents something from my past. Does anyone know what this means? Also has anyone experienced this? And finally does anyone know how I can work that out for myself what it represents?
  11. P

    finally I have answers

    So after 6 whole months of soul searching I finally have a reason why my best friend of 7 years walked out of my life so abruptly. Your mental health got too bad. I know I promised to never leave but I didn’t know how bad it could get. Your mental health became something I no longer had any...
  12. B

    I'm ready to die :(

    EVERYONE I care about abandons me. My final two "friends" in the world finally abandoned me and told me to kill myself. So not only am I alone forever, but my ONLY dream in life is finally dead. I'm ready to die. Goodbye forever.
  13. B

    Ready to commit suicide

    EVERYONE I care about abandons me. My final two "friends" in the world finally abandoned me and told me to kill myself. So not only am I alone forever, but my ONLY dream in life is finally dead. I'm ready to die. Goodbye forever.
  14. D

    Im so confused.. Tired.. At this point just want some support

    Hi Im new to the forum.. I was finally diagnosed about a year ago as bipolar 1.. I've battled with depression, psychosis, panic etc etc but was finally diagnosed. I've been on so many meds.. I'm just tired at this point... My behavior has been so erratic over the years. Job to job, city to...
  15. S

    Finally went to the doctors

    So, I’ve finally gone to the doctors. Explained how I was feeling and cried at the end (I was mortified). He’s booked me in for counciling next week and prescribed me 50mg of Setraline. Has anyone else got experience with this antidepressant? I’ve done the wrong thing by googling it and people...
  16. B

    new and confused

    Hi, I suppose I should introduce myself before I rabbit on about myself. My name is Ben I'm 43 and live on the south coast of the UK. I've suffered with depression and anxiety all my life, but have finally?? (After insistence) been diagnosed with BPD, but what now? X
  17. H

    Not sure where to post this.

    So I am 29 when I was 24 I started going through psychosis. I finally seem stable, and I discontinued treatment I really feel much better off. The long list of meds never stopped the psychosis. It wasn't until my therapist finally flat out told me it was a delusion that I was able to stop...
  18. B

    I might have anger issues?

    I'm a teenager, and I'm wondering if my recent feelings are just caused by hormones or something, or if it's the early signs of a mental illness. I get mad for periods of time that can last hours, often because of things which haven't even happened. For example, my friend left my message on read...
  19. Not_Crazy_Yet

    I feel like a F****** idiot

    Here I am a month away from a potential approval on my disability claim. Finally. 2.5 years later. But what is running thru my mind? The things I can do or the places I can finally visit? Going shopping for nicer clothes or buying a better phone? Nope. I cant stop thinking about wanting to...
  20. L

    Downward spiral, feeling hopeless, please help!

    Ok let me start off with a little about myself. I have a severe social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder. I also suffer from codependency disorder all of which has completely destroyed my life. I am 38 yrs old, have never worked or even drove a car. I dropped out of highschool and got...