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  1. blacksmoke

    Hey I've Got A Question

    yeah just lately i have had a metallic taste in my mouth and it just wont go away tried looking on the net but nothing that i could really find so has anyone got any idea what it could be? i used to think it was to do with mercury fillings but gradually i have had these replaced with white...
  2. Y

    Removing mercury fillings

    I am thinking a having my mercury fillings replaced, probably by porcelain fillings. Mercury is a neurotoxin and mercury fillings can make all sorts of long term health problems worse. Mercury poisoning can cause tremors, emotional changes (e.g. mood swings), insomnia, headaches, hallucinations...
  3. S

    split from friend now

    Hi, I recently am going through a split with my friend and I feel pretty shit, I also was suppose to have fillings done today but couldn't :( I'm really worried about my teeth
  4. S

    Dental work setting off ocd/tourette's

    I suffer from OCD and a complex form of tourette's syndrome, which seem to be pretty well tied together in my case, among other things. A while back, I got pretty depressed and stopped taking care of myself very well for a few months. I'm now in a better place, maintaining everything and not...