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  1. Funnyday

    Filling your time

    Apart from volunteering. What do you do to fill the days? I have loads of entertainment to hand. I just don't feel fullfillment from it.
  2. S

    what is the web address for "Keran or karan house" not sure of spellng

    what is the web address for "Keran or karan house" not sure of spellng but this came up yesterday when I was filling out my registration and now I cant find the link - does someone have the link please?
  3. D

    What helped me

    My illness began when I was 21 and ‘ended’ a year ago aged 52. During that 30+ year period I tried all kinds of treatments and since 1995 searched the internet looking for tales of cures but it wasn’t until last year I could finally live and breathe in peace. I always looked for people who found...
  4. T

    I don't know whats going on

    Hey I'm not quite sure what's going on right now. My rational mind is shrinking and the more strange thoughts are filling my head. I had a moment where I forgot who I am and where I was today. And the thoughts of the reptilian shadow government is filling my head more and more. My thoghts are...
  5. Tired Daisy

    I'm in pain

    I have a bad tooth thats got a filling it and I was eating pizza and the crust was hard as I was chewing on it I bit down on the hard part right on my bad tooth, the filling has dropped out and the tooth has now a bigger whole in it and split. I found it hard to breath for a while when it...
  6. F

    Pip claim-what's the point?

    Well that was a waste of time. Eventually got through to a rather brusque person with a Northern accent at CAB. He was reluctant to try and help arrange an appointment for form filling as he asked whether I had a learning or physical disability and I said no. He did say just to go down and they...
  7. J

    Been sent a letter about ''severe disability premium'. What is it?!

    i recently got awarded standard rate PIP for mental health, and i have today recieved a letter saying i ''may'' be entitled to 'severe disability premium', as i am on ESA aswell. theres a bunch of forms to fill in and send back, mainly asking who i live with. i cant find out anything about...
  8. E

    PIP benefit.

    Hey, I'm new here so sorry if I make any mistakes. I received my PIP assessment form the other day and I'm struggling filling it in, I'm scared of downplaying it and not being able to receive anything... and saying something which they don't believe when getting physically assessed? :( Is there...
  9. C


    Basingstoke and Deane First Point Orchard Centre White Hart Lane Basingstoke RG21 4AF 01256 423805 [email protected] At First Point we endeavour to work with you to support you to remain in your own home, access the benefits you are entitled to, manage your finances...
  10. T

    Annual mental health review?

    Had a letter from the GP with a kind of care plan to fill in for an annual review. Was going to say why now when it's been 2-3 years? But probably coz they discharged me last Nov although still have open access? Whatever that is. Anyway, so got to go rehash shit with my GP who I don't want to...
  11. P

    looking for activity to keep symptoms at bay

    hi, i was wondering if any of you have suggestions on certain activity that helps keep symptoms from emerging. i feel like if there is something to do, then the probability of having relapses is diminished. i take walks and play the piano, but for the most part am living at home and don't go...
  12. dodo777

    Filling in atos for aaarrrgh

    I am telling them as much as I can bout my physical and mental health issues hope they take is seriously .Not as hard as I thought and filled in all the blank spaces about me esophagus and gullet stopped working my arthritis in my hip and back and my depression and post dramatic stress.I cant...
  13. F

    Ministers plan to punish vulnerable people for making mistakes

    http://wheresthebenefit.blogspot.com/2012/01/ministers-getting-ahead-of-themselves.html These Tory sociopaths are worse than scum. :mad: It was anxiety provoking filling in forms before. if this goes through it will be ten times worse.
  14. E

    snack ideas please.

    Im looking for low callorie filling snack ideas please.
  15. E

    going to make a survey on brain zaps.

    I have made a survey about zaps. IT is compleatly annonamous. Please spread it arround if you know of any other groups that may be interested in filling it in. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H9JF3JN
  16. A

    Depression and Life Insurance

    Hello I have recently bought a house and am trying to get mortgage cover life insurance, I first had depression in 2004 for about a year and then have it again since july 2010 have been turned down by my bank and have put an application into Zurich they first came back with £45 per month but...
  17. I

    SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire for IB (Individual Budget) (Birmingham).

    SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire for IB (Individual Budget) (Birmingham). In Birmingham it is compulsory for anyone with a disability to fill in an SAQ with a view to receiving an IB. Apparently we have no choice in Birmingham whereas I understand elsewhere people can choose not to apply for...
  18. S

    Disability Living Allowance.

    I'm so stupid, I posted on my other user account that I didn't want the name of. Okay, so I'm going to talk about Disability Living Allowance. I'm in the process of my M.E being confirmed, I was diagnosed last year with it, and it needs to be confirmed, unfortunately, I have a shit doctor...
  19. H

    Please help me with my research on depression and mental health support groups

    Please help me with my research on depression and mental health support groups Hello everyone, I am an undergraduate psychology student doing a final project in people's social attachments and depression and how useful people perceive mental health support groups to be. I would really...