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  1. A

    Atos sneaky trap

    hello, i am hoping you can give me some advice. recently ATOS has sent a letter to an ex girlfriend (although we do see each other, but as friends) saying - THIS LETTER IS FOR MR ***** FOR WHOM WE UNDERSTAND YOU ACT AS APPOINTEE. then the letter is the standard, fill in the questionnaire by...
  2. mrlaurel

    is my self hate becoming self harm?

    hi, just got back from being out and I feel shit, the feelings towards myself are horrid, name calling going on inside my head.................... I hate what I see in the mirror, I hate the person I have become, I hate my home, its a shit tip and I have no idea where to start to get it...
  3. L

    alcohol will fill the void

    i just want to cry but i cant i just want to self harm but i cant so alcohol will help me fill the void i cannot do on my own
  4. A

    Changes to WRAG coming in

    I went to the jobcentre the other day and the disability advisor said that they are going to call people for work interviews sooner - people will no longer be left 18/24 months without having to attend meetings. Basically it seems they are going to increase the 'incentive' (pressure) to work...
  5. Weasel

    How does the point system work ?

    i am placed in the WRAG group and I've appealed to go into the support group With the help of a CPN we were sent a form to fill in and had to write a letter But i don't how the points system works
  6. V

    living alone

    hello all, i was wondering how any of you who are living alone cope. i am 36 and have never lived alone. i dont have any friends and because of my mental health issues have always lived with someone. i have recently applied for housing and am pretty frightened. how do you cope living alone...
  7. B

    Insomnia oh why are u back again

    Hi I have been suffering with anxiety, depression and agrophic for at least 2 years. Well thats how long I have been off work. But I thought that I had got over the Insomnia but its back again with a vengence. No matter what I do I feel like a walking zombie. People are saying well if you had...
  8. F

    What's the point ?

    Hard to see one. The usual underlying feeling of aimlessness/emptiness/hopelessness/ is magnified and all pervasive at the moment. Can't see the point being up trying to fill the seconds to fill the minutes to fill the hours etc of each and every day. It's an effort to be up for a couple of...
  9. F

    Taking to bed a lot

    I've been staying in bed a lot to try and escape from thinking too much about different things and just because it's something to do to fill in time/make it pass by rather than staying up feeling empty/bored .
  10. U

    i wanna do it again :(

    i have MAJOR urges to do it again but i know if i do it i will regret in, my mood changes like in a split second one min i will be fine the next i will be searching for an implement or something sharp. I self-harmed today, just enough to dra blood, however then i stopped, i have to fill in a...
  11. F

    having to fill out personality questionnaire for DBT assessment

    i have to fill out a personality questionnaire for my DBT , i think its called a sc-10 or something like that. has anyone else had to do this? i already had a diagnosis of BPD nine years ago but i also have some other behaviours relating to auditory hallucinations and some anti-social things i...
  12. glassheart


    Hey I'm a selfharmer and I'm worried about my paranoid schizo fiancé and I'm a rape victim I just need advice and if you have any questions ask and I'll fill you in my main problem right now is when u get too paranoid which is happening more frequently I self harm
  13. M

    ESA have your say - [email protected]

    Again don't know if anyone else has posted about this - it's a questionnaire you can fill in online or obtain from the CAB. To quote the CAB: 'We want to hear of your experiences of being reassessed so we can campaign for improvements to the system. Simply fill in this diary as you go through...
  14. lulubelle

    psychologist app- very anxious

    Hey guys, Hope you ok today. Just posting because I am so worried about my psychologist app in 45 mins. Sounds strange because I am the one who insisted and have waited over a year for this app- now its here I am bricking it. I hate talking about myself, my feelings, my beliefs- anything...
  15. M

    anyone used benefitandwork.co.uk guides to fill out ESA form and DVLA form?

    anyone used benefitandwork.co.uk guides to fill out ESA form and DVLA form? Hi All, I have just visited benefitandwork.co.uk as Ive got to fill in ESA form and DVLA form within the next 2 weeks. My question is has anyone used this website as a tool to help them claim and been succesful...
  16. I

    SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire for IB (Individual Budget) (Birmingham).

    SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire for IB (Individual Budget) (Birmingham). In Birmingham it is compulsory for anyone with a disability to fill in an SAQ with a view to receiving an IB. Apparently we have no choice in Birmingham whereas I understand elsewhere people can choose not to apply for...
  17. M

    What to expect in a first psychiatrist appt.

    I know some of you have answered this in the update thread but I am really nervous and would like to be as best prepared as poss! What sort of things will they ask me. Are they going to make me fill out forms etc cos I just cant concentrate on things like that and anything else that might help...
  18. M

    should I contact the doctor?

    Hopefully someone can give me some advise. I have not been diagnosed with bipolar but I hope this is the right place. Basically. I was given mirtazapine about a month ago. I am only on a small dose. I spoke to my dr after a few days and said they had given me bundles of energy and have rapidly...
  19. K

    How Do You Get Referred ?

    Can somebody please explain, what could possibly be wrong with me. Doctors won't refer me unless I stab myself in the heart with a HB pencil. I'm a overgrown boy in his late twenties who gets treated like a teenager going through the usual 'phase'. I've been on and off now for over a decade and...
  20. ak.

    ak checking in....

    hi all, glad i found this site, seems very interesting and just what i need to chat to other folk.... not really sure where to start as i seem to fill all the categories at the moment. but hey guess i have to start some where. :flowers: