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  1. Mayflower7

    ESA Income based

    Hi All, Had the dreaded brown envelope this morning, I am on ESA contribution based and PIP. It seems the DWP want to assess if I should have been on ESA income based dating back to 2011. I am so scared, massive form to fill in. Anybody else had this happen? Thanks so much for any support/advice
  2. C

    i can't forgive my dad

    my father passed away 2 years ago, and needless to say with his bipolar, tendencies all thru my life, i dealt with a lot. constant moving almost every year to a different state, affairs, non participation in my life or my childrens, just so much more that make me angry. I inherited his...
  3. N

    living with bpd as a psychologist

    i don't even know where to begin with... i don't know if its because i am very aware of my situation or a very mellow person but i feel like i have tried every little thing to climb up the stairs with all that weight on my shoulders. tried everything to fill that emptiness inside me but no...
  4. L

    Nervous tension around most of the time

    I'm lost. Had anxiety for 3 years then started collecting labels on my road to 'recovery'- yeah right. Now have GAD, PD, PTSD, depression and possible psychosis. I'm struggling with codeine addiction to top it all off. I've taken too many diazepam in the past so now dr will give me 7 per month...
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    if you aren't under cmht

    or your consultant is useless like mine who helps you fill in benefit forms/gives supporting letter? x
  6. Zardos

    WTF ???

    I haven't been doing very well lately... So i needed this like a bag on my hip... I'll try and fill you in when i have more energy :low:
  7. L

    I dont know what I am anymore...

    I have no feelings of emotions anymore, I have no passion or interest I feel like I am dying from inside, I have no engergy. Im seeing a counsellor ho keeps giving me these forms to fill in every session and doubts all my 3s. What is the matter with me, Im giving up things I used to love?
  8. M

    mood diaries

    Social worker asked me to fill out one for her a few weeks back,she wants me to fill out another one this week as well.Each day, how I felt at certain times. In part I like doing it, as it gives me something to do, distracts me a little but in a way I don't has she gets to know various...
  9. E

    my ignorant and very gentle girl or boy, stay with me, don't beat up the big cat but please run around

    my ignorant and very gentle girl or boy, stay with me, don't beat up the big cat but please run around I felt I was incomplete AS a shaman aprenditice, I asked the artist to fill in the blanks, he and she went to town like kittens on constructs
  10. cpuusage

    6 Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

    6 Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy - Forever Conscious
  11. catkin

    Advanced Directive

    Who do you get the forms from, fill these in with please? Thank you

    I think I have only a couple of months left.

    I think I am dying. Not sure why. Is there anything I could do to fill my time? Also I need to get my affairs in order.
  13. retrospect

    This is me.....and my husband.

    When all of your flaws and all of my flaws Are laid out one by one A wonderful part of the mess that we made We pick ourselves undone All of your flaws and all of my flaws They lie there hand in hand Ones we've inherited, ones that we learned They pass from man to man There's a hole in...
  14. E

    So confused and stressed about DLA re-assessment... help?

    I recieved a form to fill in to re-apply for Disability Living Allowance as mine runs out on the 5th of march but I messed up the form because I dont understand it. They've sent me a second one after I phoned but i'm so scared im going to mess it up again and I really have to get it back to them...
  15. lostgirl19

    ESA help?

    Hi I have just got my ESA50 form through, and I am panicking quite a bit. I think I need help with filling in the forms and wondered if anyone on here could help me or if they had any advice on how to fill them in? I was also considering going to CAB next week to get some help with it. Would...
  16. deewock


    Hi everyone new on here and first post. I received the form to fill in from for my assessment. Imagine receiving this form two weeks before Xmas,I suffer from depression....ptsd and anxiety I also have slight tremor in my my right hand. Anyway I decided to fill this form in by myself knowing...
  17. Reach

    It's been a hard day

    A long lonely one again. I got out this morning, had a coffee and muffin, spent time amongst people. All the time i was out i was aware that i'd be going home again soon and had several hours ahead of me to fill, but with nothing much to fill them. Daytime TV has got me through again, and it is...
  18. Kerome

    Teaching your voices to sing

    One thing I wanted to pass on, has anyone tried to teach their voices to sing? I had some success with a Christmas carol called People Look East, and it seemed to have a calming effect and they participated with enthusiasm after a while. While singing I maintained a kind of internal marching...
  19. N

    Feeling less anxious now, but...

    Well I'm glad to say I've felt much less anxious over the last few days, ironically since I first joined the forum. Funny thing is I've now got a sort of "empty" or lost feeling, as if I've gotten so used to feeling nervous and anxious all the time my brain doesn't quite know what to do with...
  20. M

    ESA50 forms

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site. For many years I have sufferd from depression. I had an accident 20yrs ago, which has left me disabled. I claim DLA & IB. Four weeks ago I felt suicidal. I have tried to comit suicide several times. Therfore I was referred to a Crisis Team. I was doing well...