1. tiltawhirl

    I won!

    I have just completed my mid-terms in a very hard maths survey class. The instructor is a horrid teacher. I have studied endlessly, figured things out, taught myself. Had this section I couldn't figure out for 3 weeks. Had a meltdown. This last day, this morning, I figured it out at 9:30am I...
  2. S

    Thinking about splitting from my boyfriend.

    We’ve been together about 4 months and we’ve broken up several times already. Yesterday I think I figured out why. I suspect he has Antisocial Personality Disorder and possibly a Psychopath, (his own mother has called him a Sociopath in front of me) but not sure about that because he got...
  3. W

    Anxiety ONLY from thought of anxiety

    Hello everyone. I have anxiety daily only because I have the fear or thought of anxiety. For example if I am watching tv or working on the laptop I am extremely calm and everything is fine. But from habit the thought of anxiety triggers actual anxiety. Its purely habit. I know Its not from diet...
  4. sneaky snek


    Hi, I'm Snek. I'm here to ask questions about some stuff and yeah. Other forums have mental health sections but they're usually really slow so I figured I'd find a forum just for mental health And it's awesome that this one supports the dancing banana :dance:
  5. C


    Hi, another new guy here. Looking for advice and not sure where to go. I don't really have anyone I'm comfortable talking to about how I feel. I haven't been diagnosed with anything but am unsure if I even have anything going on with me. I figured this was a good way to figure out what I should...
  6. J


    I'm aparently bipolar. I want to take my meds but I am afraid they will get in the way of my psychic ability. Crazy right? I dunno. They take it all away. What can I do with that? I'm afraid my doctor will figure out I'm not taking them. He's very empathic even though he doesn't believe. Like...
  7. R

    Hi, people

    How you doing, guys? Been living a fucked up existence for some time now and figured I should look for some additional help. Nice to meet you.
  8. B

    I hurt and I'm tired

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. The internal pain of failing in life is becoming too much. I am what people would call successful. I should be happy and content. I have the most beautiful wife in the history of the universe and the most perfect child that will have his first...
  9. P

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Inner voices?

    hello all, i'm new here and i had no idea where i should post, I don't really know where to start so I'll start with do people with OCD hear voices sometimes? i can't actually hear the audible manifestation of the sound it's an inner voice and it contradicts, if i say yes it says no, if i say no...
  10. D

    Trying To Cope But It Seems Impossible

    I figured the only way to cope is to take your mind off things. So I'm starting to write a book about me and what I've gone through from 14yr old until Christmas this year. It will probably be poorly written and a mess but so what. I want the reader to be able to jump on board the emotional...
  11. R

    Need advice on lack of communication from LDR friend/romantic interest

    I live in the U.S. I've been emailing with a guy from Leeds England since May. We have been flirting but are mostly friends. We decided that when I make a trip to England in April 2016 that we would meet and hang out. If there ended up being more than friendship there then awesome but if we just...
  12. G

    Am I a monster?

    Ever since I was in the fifth grade, I realized something was wrong with me. I never thought anything was happy or sad, nothing ever really made me smile. I know this probably sounds super cliche, but I'm really worried, when I was younger I just figured this is how everyone is, in highschool I...
  13. G

    I Feel Like Victim Is Written On My Forehead :(

    I am going to be brutally honest about myself yet again. I have worked at my current job for 2 years now. I had a breakdown because of work-based bullying in 2007 when I was 23 years old. I never actually made a complaint when I was 23 years old at that job because I was suffering psychosis. It...
  14. pepecat

    Letter to a husband who killed himself 30 days ago.

    Found this today and thought it was worth a read. Posted in the Huffington Post In the End, There Is Only Room for Love | Poorna Bell My dear husband, It has been nearly 30 days since you held the spark of your life between your hands and pressed them shut. Since then, I have been trying...
  15. K

    I think I figured out why I was abused

    The woman who mentally, verbally, and emotionally abused me was always mentally unstable. I honestly believe she is bipolar mainly because of her erratic mood swings. People normally wouldn't go on a screaming fit over burnt popcorn that was only burning for literally ten seconds before the...
  16. C

    missing that part of me

    About a year ago i was diagnosed with schizophrenia at my lowest it was really bad and these last few month i've been getting better. I am glad that I'm better but part of me misses the madness in my head and the voices. when you grow up perceiving that what your experiancing is "normal" and i...
  17. Meeckle

    PTSD and emotional lability

    Hello people, I just though I'd come on and see if anyone can share with me. I've been suffering from these two gems together since my brain injury. I don't really know much about either, having pretty much been told by the post-brain damage physiologists to "deal with it". I figured that I may...
  18. E

    Minocycline and Hearing Voices

    After browsing several articles and talking with a man whose daughter recovered fully from her symptoms after a 10 day dose of minocycline, I have asked my dr if I could try it. The dr was naturaly skeptical as she said it was just given for acne. Reports indicate that antibiotics may have...
  19. Lincoln1990


    I overdosed last night and I need to find a better way to do it. Now I'm seeing stick figured and shadow people. I'm really scared. I want to make the rest of what o have. I think Sue is msg at md. I want ho die
  20. RainbowHeartz

    mums noticed...

    ....that I seem different since last weekend I seem to be here but not here as if in the room but elsewhere. She is right I am zoning out and being very distant. Feels like being in a dream Had no idea where to put this thread so as I have BPD I figured I would stick it here