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  1. Bondek


    Greetings, I figure an intro post is the way to go. I came across the forum when googling things and what with the way things are going presently, figure I should join. Hard to say in a nutshell but one thing I have noticed of late is that whereas I figured I'd had depression, it has become...
  2. F

    Just diagnosed

    Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with BPD after years and years of suffering since I was about 13 (I’m now 20). I’m having an absolute nightmare. I currently take Citalopram for the anxious side of things but NOTHING helps the other aspects other than just riding them out. I’m currently...
  3. Y

    Hi! New member here

    Hello, I found your website through a friend and joined up to it. I have struggled with Anxiety and Depression for over a decade, and I am currently on medication for it. I am at university, I have just finished my second year and trying to figure out what I am doing after my third, hopefully...
  4. 1


    I'm not sure how this works. I haven't been diagnosed with anything and I haven't gone out to look for help nor do I plan to. I'm using this website to try and figure out some things.
  5. W

    Introducing Myself

    Hi everyone, just signed up today. I've been living with depression for some years now. Due to losing a child about a year ago I feel my mental health has deteriorated and I am concerned that things are getting worse. I am not sure why I am here but my mind is clouded and I am trying to...
  6. J

    Existing is uncomfortable

    Existing feels really uncomfortable for me. I have no idea how to properly explain it because I barely understand it but I just feel like something is wrong, something is missing, something is out of place. I'm a deep thinker, it's just who I am, so often my thoughts will drift to how do I...
  7. N


    :) Hello, Im Night Owl and Im new. I decided to join you here has I'm a bit confused. I have a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder since 2008. At my last Pdoc appointment where I saw a different Pdoc. He's now suggested that I may not have BP but Bpd instead. He said he wasnt going to formally...
  8. S

    Is this forum useful to find answers for your mental health issues?

    Is this forum useful to find answers for your mental health issues? I have been struggling with some issues and I'm not able to figure out how to resolve them.
  9. G


    Hey everyone, I'm Nina (giveusavoice). I'm a 20 year old girl from Belgium. I am here to learn more about things, to find some kind of support myself but also to be there for others if needed. I am currently seeing 2 psychiatrists and 1 psychologist weekly. They're basically helping me with...
  10. C

    is this bipolar?

    ok so i often become excited about an idea be it theoreical ect ect,then it slowly starts becomming an obsession until im laying in bed unable to sleep because im trying to figure this thing out,and my obsessions can last for years???is this bipolar or something els?
  11. 6

    wish I could figure me out

    On the outside I am doing pretty good. Not in a fake way but things are ok. Life gets done enough to keep everything in place. BUT when I stop to ask myself "how am I really doing" the deep insides of me don't feel so good. They feel low, empty and I don't want to do life then. Not that I want...
  12. A

    Is Trazodone addictive?

    It is not a sedative to my knowledge(most sedatives aren't addictive to my knowledge). My doctor/NP seems reluctant to put me on it and I can't figure out why.
  13. B

    Don't Care Fashion statement

    :stomp:I grew up in a military house. Had to be presentable at all times. My depression all these years never interfered with my ability to look sharp. But I will admit now, in my 40s... I'm taking a who cares approach. I still bathe... once a day. Wash my hair every 5 days and wash my clothes...
  14. P

    Fiance left me... is it depression? Desperate to understand.

    I am going to apologize in advance but I am a talker. When It comes to information I try and give EVERY piece of information and I am afraid this is probably going to be pretty long that I will try my best to shorten it. Starting a little over 6 months ago I noticed my fiance, of 7 years, was...
  15. C

    Anxiety stops me from living life

    I can't drive, work and I done think I'll ever live alone because my anxiety is to great. I can't figure out how to be an adult. I'm 22 years old my mother is trying to help me but I feel like I'll always be this burden to her. I also fear my mom getting to old and become unable to look after me...
  16. K

    New Girl

    Hello. After years of being treated for depression, i've just been diagnosed with BPD. I don't know how to react to this really... i just hope connecting with ppl who also have that disorder will help me figure some things out.
  17. B

    previously broken13

    Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've changed my username, yet again. I forgot my password again and got a new phone so had to log in again but I cannot figure out what my password is. From now on I will be going by breaking13
  18. W

    Medical question

    I am not sure if there are any rules to this on the forum, but I feel a need to ask people who are or were in the same situation as I am in right now. Let me know if this goes against any rules! I've slowly been increasing my dosage of lamictal, and I am now at 200mg. I have up till now not had...
  19. S


    Hi folks, just registered, still finding my way around. A little embarrassed to be kinda old but still struggling every day to keep it together. Hoping to figure out why I can't do anything.
  20. C

    How long does 3 quid on electricity last?

    Can't figure out how to use those damn cash machines.