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  1. R

    Im a jackass

    Its 100% certifide. No capacity to be taken seriously. Being undermined, disrespected, mates put you in a place because of your own stupidity. People ignore and isolate you. My past battles are what im proud of but they mean nothing when i hide behind this stupidity. Its all that seems positive...
  2. M

    Relationship Problems

    Hey, I’m new to the forum and lately I’ve been having relationship issues. I’m in the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. I’m 31 and I’ve almost hit the 19 month mark with this one. Before my longest relationship lasted only 5 months. I just find myself bored all the time. Constant thoughts...
  3. A

    Physical Anxiety Symptoms

    Hi all thank you for taking the time to read my post! I’m interested to know whether other people have this symptom? I fight the urge to gag constantly, my anxiety is based around a long standing phobia I have of gagging/retching vomiting but recently I’d say the last year the gagging sensation...
  4. A

    Why are my fight or flight symptoms lasting longer and longer?

    Im a 32 year old male and I've been battling this for years. Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside. Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and nervous systems. I seem to be having...
  5. A

    When is my soul coming back

    The pain of a million souls The fight of a lonely one Captured and exits don’t seem to exist My body, my mind, i keep trying to resist. A survivor, i call myself to get by To win i always persist Break me free i say to myself But what if myself is the enemy How can we be friends again? If...
  6. B

    Wanting to self harm

    Haven't self harmed for years but a recent operation I had "down below"has caused lots of childhood stuff to resurface. Really don't know how to fight these urges right now. Really worried
  7. I

    I don’t care if I die

    I want to die. if the opportunity came for me to die I wouldn’t fight it. I’d be happy that I would be dead.
  8. Hikikomori1979

    How to fight dirty in life, when you know the fight is unfair?

    this is something that occurred to me with regards to a RL situations, especially when you have a farce of a "legitimate structure" to make it appear appear like 'you do the preparation, you tick all the boxes, you will succeed to get to the next stage' but how does one go about redressing the...
  9. H

    Coping with impulsiveness and risk taking

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Bit of background, if this helps. I'm a 28 y.o. gay male with BPD and GAD and I'm currently finding it very hard to deal with the risk taking aspects of BPD. I just got out of a long period of depression and numbness, which led me towards seeking...
  10. D

    I have accepted my conditions

    I have accepted I am unwell and can't work or have a social life/relationship.Just getting food shopping and not breaking down outside is a achievement at present.i no longer fight against my condition and now work with it.
  11. K

    Coping with friend's betrayal

    My best friend of 1 year and I moved away for college together. We were both unhappy with our current lives, hardly any support from our families and she wanted to go away and start a new life with me. Her situation was tougher than mine so I offered to support her until she was stable. I...
  12. M

    Fatigue making it impossible to fight anxiety?

    From the age of 5 I have been suffering from anxiety and physical symptoms that I still experience, including unexplainable fatigue, complete emotional numbness, rushes in different parts of the body, acid reflux, and dizziness. I have lots of obsessive intrusive thoughts which keep playing...
  13. H

    Fighting Hard

    I’ve been fighting myself for such a long time, 95% of my body has prepared itself for moving to a much calmer, less existing place than the distressing / destroying place I’m in right now. My daughter is the only thing that makes me fight this fight day in and day out, she is only young and the...
  14. Zardos

    Bad Day

    I had a panic attack in my sleep this morning.. I woke up in the middle of it.. While I was coming round I had an overwhelming sense of smothering, its a reoccurring nightmare I have.. I had to fight my way out of it and wake myself up as fast as possible.. When I got to my chair I began...
  15. T

    Confused help

    I need some help the problem is that the thoughts are there but when I try think of them i can't i stop myself but then the thoughts happen after so it confuses me did i think it on purpose of is it that I'm trying not to think of them that I'm thinking of them? Also should I fight these...
  16. R

    Work place bullying caused anxiety?

    I was getting bullied at work to the state i dreaded coming in to work. There was 2 of them what they would do is try to ask what you got upto last night or weekend so they could make snidey comments at you. (They ask then they have a pot shot at you) So i stopped telling them. I only talked...
  17. Seachad

    Bad day, today.

    So I've been stressed and somewhat overwhelmed, lately. Having to fly back Up North to deal with my late father's estate and bury him has brought up a lot of the old abuse memories, and that, along with other things has had the PTSD kicking up and hitting levels that I haven't experienced in...
  18. givethemhell

    how do you get your life back

    if you never had a life to begin with? what am i "getting back" exactly? i feel like i can't fight for something i never had. i really don't know what i'm fighting for. i don't at all want to be the parasitic/no-identity person i was before i started having a breakdown and realized these...
  19. B

    Hello from North Antrim

    Hello everyone, I'm BrokenToy. I decided to join this group to share, and learn, from experiences lots of us have went through. I was born during the early years of the Troubles and I'm sure I will have lots in common with some of you. I'm suffering from very low mood, PTSD and suicidal...
  20. A

    Ambivalent as to whether I live or die

    I've had a fine day. Went out with my support worker for a 'drink'. Watched tv and been on laptop all afternoon. I'm now having extremely strong urges to commit suicide and I don't want to fight them. I'm fed up of fighting them. I don't care whether if I live or die. I think I'm going to...