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  1. B

    Peers with BPD

    Hello, I want to connect with people who have BPD. My hope is to better understand my condition and learn ways to manage/cope by talking to other people who may or may not have shared experiences. I have never met anyone else who has been diagnosed with BPD. Hoping that talking to someone...
  2. F

    Hello and happy new year to all!

    I just figured out that I already had an account on here which I must've got distracted from before getting involved at the time. Hope everyones new year is going as well as can be expected for your circumstances so far. I am a female to male transgender person from the UK with multiple mental...
  3. P


    Hi, so I’ve just signed up because I am feeling pretty low at the moment, so I was hoping to just find somewhere to talk about how I feel and stuff. - female - 21 - live in the UK - love birds (and pretty much all animals☺️) - for the sake of anonymity, I’d like to just go by “Para Siempre” 😂
  4. L


    It's been almost 2 years since I split from my ex. Last year, shortly after we split I went psychotic and spent most of last year in hospital, this year has been a good year, it's been about reconnecting with friends (that I stopped seeing when I was dating him) and realising the reality of the...
  5. P

    Wanting attention in strange circumstances

    Hello. So I am very nervous and embarrassed by this and its taken me many years to admit to it. Nevermind contemplate letting it out of my head and writing it down. I will give a little back info which may be relevant. I have suffered with childhood emotional neglect and I always felt my...
  6. F

    I constantly question whether I've been psychotic

    I read posts by people here and think I’ve never been as ill as that . For sure there’s been some funny thoughts like entertaining the possibility of having female sexual parts and thinking if I try hard enough I can have female orgasms, sensing presence in my flat though there is no way anyone...
  7. S

    College, Friends and criminal record

    Right a few months ago I was not in a good frame of mind. I am feeling happier and better about my self but i live in the UK and I got a spent criminal record for being nasty to some people online on forums, I really want to volunteer for camp america though and i am worried that i won't be able...
  8. R

    Female spirit ghost murder

    The female ghost spirit that owns the earth has confessed that she is the only one that crushes human spirit ghost fetuses once they leave the human body after death once they have floated up to the ozone layer. She has hurt my arm which seems to be permanent and has lazored my female private...
  9. S


    Anyone want to chat become friends I'm 29 female ... female or male friends :)
  10. LittleGreenAlien

    I'm in total confusion!

    I wasn't sure where I should post my story. It's a story about bullying, depression, social anxiety, and body and gender dysphoria. I wasn't born with the wrong gender and can therefore not register at a forum for transgender people. I do not see myself as a transgender person. But still have a...
  11. C

    Workplace Issue.. Accused? Betrayed?...Confused and Frustrated for Sure!

    Workplace Issue.. Accused? Betrayed?...Confused and Frustrated for Sure! I am dealing with a very difficult situation at work right now. I share an office with 2 other males. Down the hall is a female coworker from another department who we has to rely on our department for certain tasks and...
  12. P

    Female sociopaths choose me why

    Recently started dating this girl I assume 99% sure she is a sociopaths been doing research for years I keep getting girls with borderline personality ,disorder and sociopaths. my question is she was or could be dating a guy with a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom house me I live in a 12 by 12 Cabin in the...
  13. L

    Help, voices or myself?

    When I was younger I used to hear a voice, one was louder than others, and he was a man. But I always heard it "in my head", I would never mistake it for outside speech. I was wondering if this counts as hearing voices or simply thinking? I also have episodes where a voice tells me to die, but...
  14. M

    My latest stupidity.

    Started off, few weeks back got the flu, was unable to get to the gym, which was enough to set me off. Because all the feelings I can manage through the gym built up . So even when the flu went, I carried on sat at home.Completely isolating myself. I didn't eat during the day, just got a...
  15. Tired Daisy

    I've always liked the color pink & I'm a guy

    Pink has been my favorite color and I'm a guy I'm male but inside I'm female a lot of the time I like gay things but I'm not attractive to men unless their TV or CD lol in fact I like them more than anything. I have 2 personalities :) Sometimes when I'm in my male personalty I hate myself a lot...
  16. M

    Male vs Female therapist

    Which one is more suited for social anxiety problems? i have an appointment with a female therapist from my college tomorrow and i just saw on a website that she's a little young (i think) and attractive, i worry that she might judge me that i have no life and social skills lol lol lol What do...
  17. LoneKnight

    im seriously ALONE no JOKE!!!!!

    My whole life i grew up alone isolated my mom ignored me almost all my life and my father as well they thought to get to my heart was to buy my stuff well its true i did like it at first cause i was a little kid and getting new videos games was the best things i ever gotten but bad cause that's...
  18. K

    whats wrong with me

    theres two sides too me two genders and when i feel like a female i think of bad stuff and become depressed and hate myself i only like men and if i tryed have sex with a girl i could not become erect, i become obsessive yet when im male i become narccasistic if thats how you spell it and i love...
  19. F

    Minor delusions

    Nothing major . Early on in my illness, ie first admission, thinking all my teeth had fallen out. Few years later thinking i had written a minor hit song. Neither were long lasting. Most persistent abnormal thought, not sure you would call it a delusion as such, was that i had female parts and...
  20. S

    Looking For Schizophrenic Female Friend Near Kissimmee, Fl

    Schizophrenic male looking for a schizophrenic female to talk to and go places together. I'm a 26 year old African American