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  1. K


    I have been suffering from anxiety since I was about 11 or 12. This started when my parents split up. On and off throughout my life my anxiety has come back and then gone away. I am currently 24; I moved away from home at 20 and got married to the man of my dreams. for the first year everything...
  2. Jbb79

    Guilt from National Crimes x x

    Hi, Five years ago, I Got Very Bad depression + anxiety, Because of Danish involvement, in Guilty wars (Iraq ) x x I Meditated on it, Found these 5 Things, To be worse, After war > > I Also noted People's Eyes, Became smaller, The Black part, in Middle, Of eyes >> Normally, Danish people...
  3. letmein

    my big sad NYE

    already feeling bad and lonely... my daughter leaves soon.. so will spend the next 24hrs on my own, this is choice..... I have been invited out i just don't make good company right now. I have spent my last few quid of some bits to have tonight, I'll worry about the rest tomorrow. never...
  4. Mintea


    I don’t really know anymore. I don’t normally like to talk about my own depression/anxiety experiences, even though I have had a history of both/have been diagnosed with both. Even then, for some reason, I feel like what I’m feeling isn’t real. Maybe it’s fake. Maybe it’s nothing and I’m just...
  5. Z


    so I’ve just cried my eyes out for half an hr I’ve no idea why I’ve ended up with a load of pills I remember getting it out of the draw but not what I was thinking at the time....the crying started after I’d got the tablets out I’ve been going through a tough few months....the doctor said I’ve...
  6. Q

    It's happening Again

    Why do I want to hurt myself every day over simple disgruntled. Sometimes my emotions build up I just have to let them out. Do I want to die - for the last 4 years or so. When I add up all the comments, innuendos, slights, hints, and statements of what a bad person I am just feel an...
  7. T

    I hate myself and my life (not suiccidal, but wish I would not live).

    Feeling really shit right now so felt like typing about it. I know it won't change anything nor have I ever been on a forum before similar to this. But just felt like typing it down regardless. I will most likely not even revisit this post, so don´t waste time writing comments. So this is my...
  8. R

    I feel like she died but she didn't

    My mother's health has gotten really bad and now she has dementia. She was at my place visiting in July and she was not feeling well and had back pains. She just wasn't herself at all. She stayed a few days like she usually did and then said she felt alright and wanted me to take her home so I...
  9. qwerty1234

    Dark sides to my personality

    I find I engage conflict sometimes, enjoy combative or litigious behavior, and while i think that critical thinking is important, i don't want to burn through friends bu picking fights. Anyone who likes deep discussion about philosophical and psychological topics and is ok with aggression and...
  10. B

    Top of the world, back down to earth

    I started seeing my best friend as more than a friend, having left my previous partner who was not good for my mental health, it was the happiest I have been in years, genuinely felt like nothing could stop me, suddenly she has put the breaks on the whole thing, something I can understand as...
  11. qwerty1234

    Social anxiety

    I have an extremely nice friend who I am also scared of. I hate hurting people and I told him something which I felt I needed to say but which I now wonder if I shouldn't have said. I can't concentrate because i keep bungling it up.
  12. T

    Hello folks

    Thought i would post here to see if someone can shed some light The last 2 weeks i have had what feels like an internal tremor When i hold my arms out they dont shake its like an internal buzz and worse when i lie down at nite. The other day i felt weak and actually felt my legs go really weak ...
  13. R

    I need to understand whats going on with my emotions lately

    Hey everybody, So i think im going through something really extreme lately and i need to try understand what it is... googled stuff and found this forum. So if you have a few moments to spare, you are welcome to take part in this discussion and give your opinion on the matter- TL;DR - I think...
  14. P

    In need of advice

    Hi, I need some advice on how to tell my partner about my condition. I have had Dysthymia for number of years, and although mostly under control through medication, it can still be a struggle at times. I am in a fairly new relationship, we are around 4 months in. Typically, a double...
  15. D

    Sinking and no one to turn to

    Hi, I'm brand new here, I've arrived because my depression has hit it's worst depths ever. I've felt myself falling for a while now but had plateau'd at what felt like a manageable level, I was just about keeping my head above the water, fragile but surviving. That is until my partner of 5 years...
  16. M

    Help with chronic loneliness and depression

    Hello all, I'll try to keep this brief cause I'm really at my wit's end with this one and need some advice or healthy coping mechanisms. So I suffer from depression mostly from my chonic loneliness. I've been depressed for as long as I can remember. Probably over 10 years. All my life I've...
  17. B

    Ending treatment with counselor

    Well the other day we had our last session. I feel so lonely and scared. I started seeing her 9 months ago for gender identity issues which i'd been struggling with my whole life. It was hard work and we dove deep once or twice a week for 9 months. I felt like the strongest I've ever been and...
  18. T

    Can someone help me please. ??

    Hello. I was prescribed venaflaxine from a pychiastrist. (Sorry for my spelling) I was given 75mg dose and was told to take it once a day. The first night I took it I was feeling sick and restless, the next day I felt like a zombie. I was tired had no attention span. I rang my GP and he advised...
  19. F

    Relapse as an adult

    Hi, I'm Cherry and this year I turned 21, got promoted, began a degree and had my biggest relapse yet. I self harmed as a teenager, from age 12 onwards and couldn't seem to find any way of recovering. I would momentarily replace one form of self harm with other of self harm and often let...
  20. N

    Assessment experience

    My first time applying for pip ,I got turned down. So August this year I applied again. My assessment ,I thought, was terrible. It was so bad, days later, I complained. The assessor was, well, like a robot. On entering the room, I was told to sit in the "red or green chair"! I might be a little...