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  1. T

    Another GAD dude

    Hello everyone Im in a bad place literally and mentally but I threw self pity outta the window a long time ago. I hope to help fellow sufferers with coping tips and advises Thanks for reading
  2. C

    hows everyone coping?

    How are fellow carers coping ? I'm still up and down in my relationship with my partner.. I'm trying to fight for what very little relationship we have got just now.. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. This makes me feel so sad as I love him so much but since his diagnosis hes not the...
  3. M

    Any fellow insomnia suffering people from the UK?

    3:25am and can't sleep. Sometimes I'm up until 6am.
  4. A


    I therefore welcome myself to these boards and will endeavour to be benevolent and compassionate to my fellow board users.
  5. Mark_01

    Tired of This

    Late last night a lady from the church came to my apartment and asked me to take photographs of some children's first communion. She was very anxious and then delighted and grateful when I said yes. This morning, I drove the ten miles to the church to take the photographs. When I got there...
  6. C

    Ill Health Retiral

    Has anyone and direct experience of this or of being put out on capability grounds. I have had so much sick leave I am sure both Managers and fellow workers must hate me. Feeling quite worried at the moments as I am back off sick.:low:
  7. C

    I probably

    wont be able to carry this through. I only got out of jail/hospital yesterday afternoon. My time in hospital was a joke - but I would happily travel up there again and check in with my fellow patients
  8. DarkHorse★86

    Hi guys...

    ...I am 27 years old and have been struggling to cope with Social Anxiety most of, if not all, my life. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to control my SA and it's having a negative impact on my working life, leading to my depression deepening over this last year. I'm not sure of what else...
  9. S

    Hello. Have anxiety and depression, would like to chat

    Hi Everybody I am new on this site, have been suffering from depression and anxiety for years and would like to chat to a fellow sufferer.:flower2:
  10. T


    I find it very difficult to make friends and keep them, its said that its a problem with aspergers syndrome and bi polar both diagnosed to me. To others I seem very strange, different or complete freak, the only "friends" I do have are the people that I dont actually see often, my therapist is...
  11. tiger jane

    new member - tiger jane

    anybody out there? im alone in this! need a fellow sufferer to chat with?
  12. M

    Good afternoon fellow sufferers.

    Hello all, I am feeling particularly allover the place at the moment and found this forum whilst looking for something that might help on the web. I have bipolar disorder (well, that's the diagnosis anyway) and I'm hoping that I might find a little bit of help and understanding amongst my...
  13. C

    Publication of Book about Bi-polar Disorder

    Hi all, I'm really pleased to be able to let you all know that a publisher has agreed to publish my book. It's available directly at the following link: http://chipmunkapublishing.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1715 I just hope that my book is of help to a fellow...
  14. Y

    Schizophrenia and ESA

    Hi, I know Employment Support Allowance has been covered quite a few times on these forums, but I'd like to know from fellow members with schizophrenia where we stand with ESA. I'm still currently on Incapacity Benefit but I'm really worried when the changes happen and I have to apply for ESA...
  15. P

    How late is too late to apologise?

    Over thirty years ago, I turned up where the other two people in a triangular relationship were getting together again. I left immediately when I perceived a look of coldness, pained distress, and rejection from her. I was too emotionally numb to make any pretense of apology at the time. I...
  16. M

    Mental Health in Fife

    Just signed up recently and am surprised that nobody in the Fife area seems to suffer from poor mental health, or are they just too embarrassed to admit it? Come on you fellow Fifers be loud and proud, and help to eliminate the stigma that surrounds this condition :clap:
  17. R

    Mental Health in Glasgow

    Hi there Just signed up recently and am surprised that nobody in the Glasgow area seems to suffer from poor mental health, or are they just too embarrassed to admit it? Come on you fellow glaswegians, be loud and proud, and help to eliminate the stigma that surrounds this condition.