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  1. F

    Not sure anymore

    ... Don’t know where to start .. I have had depression for years, have been in recovery for 12 years (alcoholism). I’m so lost , I feel like I have really dipped over December, I’m no longer on meds, had been on them most of my life, came off them 8 months ago. I don’t think I have ever been...
  2. N

    My lover isn't doing very well

    Hello, I'm not accustomed to talk on the internet so sorry if I seem "awkward" or post this thread on the wrong forum, honestly I'm quite anxious to speak about this in such a place haha. So I'm in a relationship with someone a little bit younger than me (I'll be 20 in 2019 and he'll be 17). A...
  3. L

    Intense depression keeps coming on in waves during relapse

    I just need some support and reassurance...2 years ago I suffered a major breakdown and fell into a stubborn agitated depression. I've spent the last 2 years recovering and I did a pretty good job, but a week ago i relapsed triggered after having my wisdom teeth out. It tore apart my routine and...
  4. P

    Struggling with Life for 4 years now

    Hi All! Ive been struggling with Life for more than 4 years now! My contract expired at an it company (my first real job im in my twenties right now). And since then im feeling very bad in my guts. Whatever i eat my colon isnt moving. It feels like there is No emotion / excitement in my guts...
  5. J

    Brain Tingles

    Anyone experienced a feeling on antidepressants in the first few weeks where it feels like there is pressure in the brain that tingles too. It's not painful at all but feels really intense at times. I'm assuming this is due to an excess of Seretonin build up in the synaptic cleft but don't get...
  6. qwerty1234

    So sad

    I can't think straight. Nothing seems to feel ok. Everything bad, awful, miserable. Hate this. No wish to live like this. Want to feel better. Feel lazy, sad, too fat, too old to do what I want. Constantly tired or distracted, brain fog. Someone I loved and invested so much time in got...
  7. J

    Anxiety under the surface

    Hello, does anyone else ever experience ‘anxiety lite’ type symptoms. A sensation or bubbling under the surface of anxiety that feels like it could go full blown at any minute. Feels a bit like raging anxiety but the intensity volume button has been muted would be how I would describe it?
  8. P

    Work and bi polar

    Hi there, I’ve just joined this forum. I was diagnosed with bi polar when I was 27 I’m now 34 but have been in and out of psychiatric wards since I was 17. I have barely worked in my life due to not being able to be consistent. I have been with my partner now for 4 years and I have only worked 9...
  9. G

    NPD mother died

    I am BPD with some NPD traits. It’s been a long struggle to come to that understanding, with the help of a therapist. The person who abused me most has just died after a very long, violent illness. I wouldnt wish that experience on my worst enemy. Towards the end, I just stopped going to...
  10. A

    the feeling of shortness of breath

    hello, just looking for some insight for the last 6/7 years shortness of breath has been a big thing of mine and now its back.. i always feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath even though i am never gasping for air and my asthma peak flow is pretty much normal all the time, my throat...
  11. C

    feels like i have no 'true' personality, everything feels performative

    I never feel like I have any sort of true personality. Whenever others are around, I run on this form of auto-pilot for whatever seems to work best for that situation. I feel like when I am in that auto-pilot, Im not in control of who I am and what I want to truely say or do. I dont get spaced...
  12. A


    Just saying hi to everyone. I'm having a hard time at the moment I've been bipolar and stable for almost a couple of decades now. But recently everything seemed to unravel. I started messing with this stuff called kratom to keep me hypomanic so that I could work without feeling majorly stressed...
  13. E

    Scary new symptoms

    Hello, I'm new to the forums and I'm 21. I've been dealing anxiety for a year now. At first it started with panic attacks. I had no idea what they were and thought I was going to die. My chest would have a sharp pain and so would my left arm. I'd felt nauseous, dizziness, couldnt breath, and...
  14. S

    I think I’m going to kill myself

    How do I make myself believe it will get better? I felt this way once before and felt better before very quickly going into the same rut. It seems like pain follows you no matter where you go. How do people just let it go? Everyday that goes by feels like torture and the worst part is that it...
  15. E

    Does anyone else feel like they can't do anything?

    Does anyone else feel like they've come to a dead end, like there's nothing else to live on/off of. I'm currently on leave from my job because I was hospitalized for the fifth time a month ago. I have intensive outpatient program three days a week which is not nearly as much time that I would...
  16. G

    How to support a loved one who has BD who chooses social isolation?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum because I'm hoping that this community can give me advise on what to do. So this is a short version of the situation : Someone I know and care about has Bipolar Disorder, he is not doing well, he has broken off our contact and to the best of my knowledge...
  17. D

    I Have Recovered From My Mental Illness :)

    Hey All, My Name is Usman. Thought I would share my recovery story here. As some of you might already know, I was suffering from terrible Depression & Anxiety. I felt lost, not in touch with reality. I thought suicide was my only option... I thought I was never going to get better at all. I had...
  18. C

    Feels like I am the only one here...

    Posting yet again. Still wondering if this is all real or if I will eventually get bored of it and move on to obsessing about something else. It sure FEELS real. Had an urge just about 10 minutes ago but was able to squash it. The ONLY reason I don't burn something all day long (that sounds...
  19. M

    Feeling constantly unbalanced?

    I feel mentally unbalanced all the time, like there's no natural stable condition in my mind. It always feels chaotic, as if I'm constantly arguing how to behave mentally. Can anyone relate?
  20. sunset547544


    I find myself in a constant battle with my weight. I am not overweight according to my BMI but any weight I gain all tends to be in my stomach and neck areas which I hate. I love being able to fit into my trousers (btw much easier than using scales) and not struggling to exercise, etc etc but...