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  1. Justafriend95

    What is wrong with me..

    I really don't know what to do anymore.. I just want to go home, but when I come home my real life starts again. Something I can't handle..😢 My anxiety is so high. My feelings so low.. idk what to do with myself.. I feel so useless.. it's not that I don't want to live anymore.. but idk what to...
  2. C

    How to manage life with my girlfriend

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice as to how to manage my life with my girlfriend of 18 months. We moved in together after 16 months of seeing each other and I am struggling a lot. Though I had an abusive and violent childhood, and have suffered bouts of depression in the past, at 32 I've largely...
  3. E

    Travel Anxiety

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone else suffers from travel anxiety? I am normally fine in cars if there’s not many people in them. But as soon as I’m on a bus or train and especially boats I get horrible anxiety, I feel sick and my chest goes tight. No matter how many times I force myself into...
  4. B

    My dilemma

    So I haven't been here in a really long time. I've honestly been spending a majority of my time trying to reinvent myself and my life. Third divorce a year and a half ago. Changed my career. Single and celibate for the entire time. I have been seeing my psych nurse less and less. It has not been...
  5. R

    3 year long anxiety about taboo subjects (some may find disturbing)

    Hi everyone thanks for checking out my board Im 20 years old and for the past 3 years I have felt quite lost due to feelings of anxiety caused through guilt. I feel as through I don't get as much enjoyment from things I should like going out and socialising with my friends due to these...
  6. R

    transference gone wrong

    I have been I therapy for the last 6 years and almost from the beginning felt strong feelings for my therapist (shes female and so am I and no I'm not gay). I recognized it as transference from the beginning but didn't feel safe telling her. Shes noticed it somewhat over the years as shes...
  7. B

    I feel terrible

    Hello everyone-I'm new here and, at the risk of coming out of the gate swinging, I wanted to tell a bit about myself in an effort to seek some advice, as I feel like I might be going through something. In 2006 I was convicted of several misdemeanors, ranging from Entry Into A Locked Building to...
  8. S

    New here, relationship troubles.

    Hi, I hope it's okay if I post here. I suffer with anxiety, and from that stems depression. Partner is awaiting a psychiatrist referral for potential bipolar disorder. We have 3 children between us, none together. Together 3 years. I'm really struggling today. We had a big row because of money...
  9. K

    Kath A

    Hi I am new to this forum.I am suffering awful Anxiety and I cant seem to control my thought process.im worried about everything to do with my kids who are grown up.I go on Facebook and I always come off Anxious because I find something I dont like then I question people about it.I feel sick all...
  10. M

    Rough Day

    I'm having a rough day. The voices are confusing me or the single voice is re-enforcing the idea that I'm dumb. It might call me hypocritical but the things I hear it say are predictable reactions to what I am feeling. I'm feeling dumb today and the voice will say "honestly you are dumb but it's...
  11. qwerty1234

    No email replies makes me feel taken advantage of.

    I have been emailing old and new friends and past lovers and have not been getting replies back. I feel taken advantage of sand taken for granted and devalued. Any tips for managing these feelings? Thank you!
  12. V

    Hi! I'm "back"

    Hello all, I'm a 35 year old girl with bpd. Got diagnosed in 2009, after having been depressed for years. Had therapy which helped a lot and left me thinking that I had conquered it. In a way I think I had indeed, but having been single all the time since I came out of it, I didn't really get...
  13. L

    Experience of CBD for anxiety?

    I have heard a lot about CBD and how it can help manage anxiety. I have recently bought some for my brother (he has PTSD) but we don't talk much about feelings and I don't feel comfortable talking to him about my own experiences. It seems to be helping him a little, but I am wondering if it...
  14. A

    Please help! Anxiety & PND

    Hello, I have been searching for an anxiety forum in the hopes of finding some comfort. I had a baby 6 weeks ago and have been feeling very off since. What started as normal anxious feelings has quickly turned into something debilitating and is quite frankly ruining my life. I started to get...
  15. P

    overstimulated by sounds?

    I honestly don't know if this is the right subforum for this question because I don't know what it is lol but this sounded like the most appropriate I guess. more easily when I'm tired, but not exclusively, I seem to get easily overstimulated by sounds especially. for instance I'm tired and...
  16. C

    triggered by love

    anything to do with it causes an episode, sometimes ones that leads into self harm and other self destructive behaviour listening to love songs, watching tv with love scenes, seeing or hearing about other couples, friends talking about their relationships etc... all because I have intense...
  17. O

    I feel really unstable :/

    I feel really unstable :/ I have never posted on anything like this before. My head is feeling really scary and I don't really know what to do. I am going through so many bad thoughts and feelings so quickly I can't keep up with any of it. I don't know if this is the right place to post this...
  18. A

    Are these feelings a common part of growing up?

    A curious, disturbung sense of a profound loss that triggers rage, deep grief and even suicidal thoughts was a "gift" I first received on my sixth birthday while laying in my bed with tears in my eyes. Ever since that day, every single birthday keeps making those feelings much deeper and much...
  19. A


    SA has been a thing in my life for as long as I can remember. I see it as sort of a parasite that has attached itself to me and controls me. I feel like SA has almost intertwined itself with my personality in that it tells me how to be, what is acceptable, what is right, what you do in certain...
  20. L

    Thoughts and feelings V medication

    Anybody else find poetry, expressing their feelings in written words helpful ?