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  1. G


    Hello, I’ve joined this forum after reading many threads; basically, I have been suffering with depression & anxiety for some time and hope you don’t mind me sharing my story/issues - I will try to cut a long story short. Around four years ago, I found out that my now ex-wife had a one night...
  2. K

    I don't feel happiness anymore.

    Hello, I'm new here to the forums, sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, but I figured this was the best spot for this. I have been questioning how I have been feeling ever since my grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago. I was 16 when he passed away. When he did pass away, I didn't cry...
  3. M

    Lump in throat feeling

    Whenever I swallow food, I get a lump-in-the-throat feeling. What could this be? What is the cause?
  4. Jbb79

    Feeling crazy - Can you help ! ! <3 <3

    Hi, I'm feeling crazy, Can't calm down :grin: :grin: :eek: I Think . . I need a hug, but, I'm Super-sweaty, And grimey ! ! What-ever you do, Do it Now x xx lol Just kidding x xx
  5. F

    Looking for advice to get rid of tiredness

    Hi, I joined this forum last week ago and want to seek for advice. For the last couple of weeks I was always in this tired, sleepy situation. I had it before but it was manageable. I can sleep a lot, but usually 8 to 9 hours everyday. I have hard time waking up and staying focus in school...
  6. R


    I have never felt so alone in my life as I do right now.My depression is suffocating me and wherever I reach for help I meet a dead end.I am so tired of feeling like this and I feel I will never get better. In my mind I know I should get up go for a walk or some other activity but then I tell...
  7. A

    at my whits end with shortness of breath feeling

    Hi everyone, so for the last few months everyday i have had the feeling of shortness of breath its like i feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath. I try to do this even when i am just sat doing nothing and my throat feels tight and sore. I am known to have bad health anxiety for the...
  8. P

    Struggling with things

    Hello everyone. Not having the best start to the new year. I was in temp employment as a receptionist but the work has dried up and I was supposed to be starting somewhere else but that role got cancelled so I am unemployed now with zero income and no entitlement to benefits. Also my gran...
  9. N


    I'm new to this, I am seeking some help. I'm feeling suicidal but have no where to turn, a&e keep turning me away and community health team is the same. Do I actually have to take an overdose to be taken serious.. Please help m me, I am desperate. Need all the help I can get, please, I don't...
  10. P

    I am not sure what is wrong with me?

    Hi everyone, I have never posted on a forum before but I really just feel overwhelmed right now and would love some support. I am not sure what is wrong with me or what I am feeling. The past two weeks I wake up fine but as the day goes on I feel this really uncomfortable feeling creeping in on...
  11. M

    Feeling a bit too inadequate to even say hello, but i’ll try

    Hi there. I’m really struggling at the moment. I have bipolar type two and I’ve relapsed into a very dark depression. Comments have been made towards me by people I cared about blaming me for it because I don’t go to the gym. Ive been in my bedroom for quite a few months now. They don’t know...
  12. N

    Hearing Delusions

    Hi Evening Folks, Just to recap, both on Thursday and Friday late afternoon/early evening times I had a series and as I am sensitive, of hearing delusions. These filtered through a series of feeling very tired. Today, I'm fine, very well no hearing delusions at all. I think, that for the...
  13. sunset547544

    Reducing Caffeine Intake

    I have set myself a goal of cutting down my caffeine intake to just 1 cup of tea every day in the morning for the next week or so in order to improve my sleep and hopefully mood. I am not finding it easy, I am feeling really lethargic and finding it hard to concentrate or get motivated to do...
  14. E

    At a loss

    I don’t what to do anymore, I don’t even know how I ended up here on this website. Just a few days ago I was happy, laughing. Now I’m here, feeling hopeless and depressed. I want to be the person I once was, but I just
  15. R

    My Diagnosis / Feeling alone.

    Suffered with dissociation on and off for 10 years severely. Diagnosis in October 2018 with BPD recently went through a period of hearing voices / shut off from society feel no emotional connection to friends and family (I want to I just can't.) I feel as though I don't have a soul? I hate...
  16. D

    Just joined

    Hi everyone...omg I actually am having anxiety right now just introducing myself to this forum. I'm in the comfort of my bedroom and nobody's looking at me yet I'm actually feeling nervous.
  17. M

    Feeling insecure. Family underestimating the severity of my condition.

    I was very recently diagnosed with fatigue syndrome (not CFS) by a doctor. My parents now know that my condition is fatigue. Despite this, however, they underestimate the severity of my condition. They say things like "You can certainly play piano and sing at the same time, so learn and play a...
  18. valleygirl

    Feeling Very Fragile

    I don't really know why I am feeling this way. But since Halloween I was counting down the weeks, and then the days until Christmas break. By the time we were down to 1 week I was barely holding on by a thread. At the end of that week, on Friday night, I slept 14 hours. Counting weekends, I...
  19. P

    Why won't doctors give me a specific diagnosis?

    Hi everyone, apologies for the length of this post! I had a lot to fit in and didn't really know how to word it briefly! I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this but for years I have been attempting to get an accurate diagnosis of what conditions I suffer from but to no avail...
  20. E

    Anxiety or mania?

    For the past few days I've been feeling restless. Like my brain hasn't been turned off. I feel like jumping out of my skin. I just don't feel right. I don't know if it's hypomania or anxiety. Please someone help me identify what I'm feeling.