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feeling hopeless

  1. S

    Feeling absolutely hopeless

    On holiday right now but currently stuck in a hotel room whilst everyone else is out exploring the city-the last two days of our holiday have been absolutely awful. Self esteem, anxiety and body dysmorphia have become so horrendous that I’ve essentially retreated to the hotel room for two whole...
  2. K

    left alone at uni

    hi, I'm 19 and have had depression for a few years now. I'm at uni living with five people I knew from last year. one of them was a very close friend and told me she would help with my depression and never leave me like so many in the past have. recently i had a break down and she has said my...
  3. T

    Feel like given up :(

    Last year my life changed from husband to carer, my wife was diagnosed as having Psychotic Depression and was hospitalised in April 2015 for 6 weeks (still not sure if that is the most accurate diagnosis, but it is the one the "professionals" are labeling it with at the moment. (Although she was...
  4. G


    I have had depression and anxiety for years. I have it bad at the moment and just tried of it never going away. Ive had family problems which drove me to the brink . im still not over what happened as its still going on. it doesn't help that I don't have any friends. and its hard to make...