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  1. S

    Is it normal to feel so alone when your partner is struggling wiith..

    Hi, my husband is suffering with anxiety. We have been married for over 6 years. A few months ago he said he wanted to get a divorce. This came as a real shock to me. He is completely a different person. He is withdrawn, we hardly communicate unless it’s about our son. He has pushed all his...
  2. S


    Hey! Ive posted on a couple of different threads on here as my fiance hasnt ever said exactly what he has been diagnised with until last night when i felt the need to ring UK111as he is really starting to struggle with how he is feeling. Bit of back story, he was on Risperdrone for a failry long...
  3. A

    is this considered emotional abuse? also, unwanted/intrusive memories?

    i'm going to try and keep this short. i have anxiety and and eating disorder. i'm in treatment and so we've been digging deep in our pasts and stuff to try and see why we are the way we are, so we can get proper help. i feel like this wouldnt be considered emotional abuse bc it just seems like...
  4. Funnyday

    Filling your time

    Apart from volunteering. What do you do to fill the days? I have loads of entertainment to hand. I just don't feel fullfillment from it.
  5. D

    Just reaching out for support, feel trapped, extreme emotions

    Yes so I have been struggling to survive, I only do so really because there's people I don't want to upset, I don't actually care about myself on any level (can't even bring myself to shower, feel disgusted every time I walk past a mirror, I can barely think or concentrate today and as for my...
  6. H

    Do I need help?

    Hi I'm not quite sure how to word this, I'm a little embarrassed as I haven't admitted it to anyone. I'm a healthy size 12 but I hate my body, I absolutely loathe it. Self hatred is something I am dealing with throughout psychiatry and I also suffer from type 2 biploar. But for the past 2 years...
  7. T

    Im sorry, this is long winded

    Hi, I’ve currently been suffering with many mental illness’ for a long time. I’m sick of people laughing though and saying that I can’t have any because I am too happy, please help me if you can. It started a long time ago with my parents always making sure I didn’t have friends and that I...
  8. R

    Fed up

    I'm sick and tired of feeling depressed, hopeless, suicidal. Nothing seems to be improving. I'm a fat, ugly failure. I have tried so many times to be "positive" but it just doesn't last. My antidepressants clearly aren't working. I don't want to kill myself because I know my mum just wouldn't...
  9. M

    Who is this other me?

    Hello, I've been diagnosed with BPD for quite some time now. I've attended DBT and I've seen a therapist for quite some time. I've developed my tools and have gotten to a point where my therapist suggested a 6 month break from therapy (3 months left). My meds have been stable for years now, as...
  10. N

    After 40 Years, Finally Got Diagnosed. What the Hell Do I Do Now???

    Hi All, My new medicine has made me feel like a new person. My diagnosis has made sense of decades of confusion and therapy that went and didn't help me understand myself very much. Then my doctor makes an observation, I agree to go to yet another psychiatrist, he gives me a questionnaire...
  11. S

    Husband with anxiety has suddenly he wants to leave me

    Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me. My husband has out of the blue come out and said he wants to end our marriage. Until recently we have realised that he needed to talk to someone professionally because he has had issues with anxiety for some time which I felt was affecting our...
  12. C

    How to manage life with my girlfriend

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice as to how to manage my life with my girlfriend of 18 months. We moved in together after 16 months of seeing each other and I am struggling a lot. Though I had an abusive and violent childhood, and have suffered bouts of depression in the past, at 32 I've largely...
  13. M

    Just need someone to know

    I was molested when I was 10 by my stepdad. I can remember everything about it, I told my mum and also my dad and my dad obviously reported this to the police. I went through a number of interviews where I had to explain what happened, describe things such as what a penis felt like and how it...
  14. My_Second_Chance

    New Job - Not Impressed!

    I started a new job around ten days ago. My work experience and knowledge comes from mental health background. This new role includes outreach human trafficking. A subject I have zero experience and knowledge on. I took on this new role as it offered better salary than my last job. No weekend...
  15. 0

    oops I overshared again

    Hello, I just found this forum while googling about eating disorders forums but now that I'm trying to introduce myself I can't decide where to start from (maybe I should blame my food coma for that). To keep it relatively short, I've been dealing with compulsive overeating (is this the right...
  16. C

    New to all this

    Hi there, i’m New to this site but was advised to give it a go to try and help me cope. I take 40mg of Citalopram, 120 mg of Propanalol and i’ve been given an antihistamine to help me sleep at night. I’m still managing to work but I am finding stress hard to deal with. I find it hard to...
  17. S

    Looking for advice

    Hi guys, new to the forum so please be gentle. I'm hoping I can speak to someone who has been in a similar position to myself. I'm a 34 year old single male who lives alone. I have a lot of friends and a good family but I feel really alone and isolated a lot of the time. I've had a look at the...
  18. V


    I have suffered from ptsd manifesting in anxiety depression and hysterical episodes - it’s multiple childhood traumas and has always been present. My problem is that as a result I have always been a massive fantasist I want everything to be perfect to make Up for lost time and also because my...
  19. C

    I feel guilty for getting better

    Hello everyone, So I have/had a pretty severe anxiety disorder that reached its peak just over a year ago, essentially I constantly felt like I was dying and there was nothing I could do about it and I was going to drop dead any second, on top of this I had all the classic health anxiety and...
  20. T

    Is this paranoia or something else?

    Hi, So for many years I've had issues with I guess being concernd with what may be behind me (physically). Along with general paranoia? When home alone, or even if family are there, if I'm the last one going to bed, last one downstairs etc. When walking the dogs, I feel I need to be slightly in...