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  1. soulsearcher

    feeling down, fed up, suicidal

    hey peeps, im feeling down, fed up and suicidal i just want it to end, im sick of BPD, im sick of depression, im sick of anxiety, and im sick of this paranoia :cry:
  2. C

    Fed up of that 'lecture'

    Just needed a little rant I guess, I've suffered with depression for many many years. (I've been diagnosed with bpd and cyclothymia) every now and then the depression comes back quite severely. No matter what medication I'm on what therapy I've been to. It comes around pretty much every year...
  3. M

    I want my life back. Now.

    I'm fed up with being so tired all the time. I'm fed up feeling like I don't belong anywhere. I'm fed up fearing to be judged by everyone around me since I'm not normal. I'm fed up pretending everything is normal when it clearly isn't. I'm fed up being emotionally numb, sweating, itching...
  4. A

    Time to go now

    Ready to commit suicide. Fed up of the battle.
  5. S

    Fed up with everything

    I am totally fed up, I reported my neighbours because of the noise so to cut a story short the housing sent them a letter so yesterday when I returned home I found dog dirt in my garden so I am sure that the woman threw it over the fence, they have no respect for anyone. I also feel very...
  6. C

    Is there really any point?

    People have told me all my life "things will get better" or "you're just going through a hard time, it will be over eventually." Fucking when? I've been suicidal since the age of 8 and 10 years later I still feel the same way. I've just started getting help again, yet all my friends decide...
  7. M

    I hate feeling like this!

    Hi everyone, I’m not sure where I even start with this, but I feel like nothing at all is helping me so I’ll try and write here see if it helps. I’ve always been a worrier all my life, but when my mom died it became a lot worse. She died when I was 16 years old, she did of cancer. Ever since...
  8. little rose


    Distressed with this life upset going to bed cryin like i havent suffered enough today or in life i don t want to go to bed feeling like this i don t want to keep tryin and tryin fed up oe this :'(
  9. S

    it hurts too much , its relentless , why am i being punished in this life ?

    it hurts too much , its relentless , why am i being punished in this life ? it never stops , i am sick of hurting , sick of being in pain , tired of living a lie , tired of having to hurt in this life , fed up of this house i live in , fed up of being isolated , fed up of myself and sister...
  10. Metalbones

    Fed Up Of Pills That Don't Do Anything

    I've been suffering with Bipolar like symptoms now for many, many years. I've explained to countless counsellors, taken the prescribed pills, and now, today, another appointment with another counsellor that says these pills will work. There was one counsellor in particular that listened. Then...
  11. I

    so fed up

    Hi I.so fed up.off people at work taking the mic for example I was roted in garden in morning and left in garden in afternoon whilst other staff disqpeae in afternoon I'm really being taken mic outoff
  12. S

    Fed up

    I'm really feeling fed up with myself. I am even considering leaving the forum because I don't feel like I fit in here. I have tried to be friendly, I have even shared my story with a member here that I deeply regret and I have made a fool of myself I think. What is happening to me? As usual I...
  13. D

    Looking for diagnosis / advice please

    Hi, I'm new on the forum and I can't find anything that relates to my particular problem though I don't consider it to be very serious. The problem is that I don't have an interest in anything and if I do get excited about embarking on something new it only last for a few days or weeks before it...
  14. J

    cant find help anywhere

    Hi, Just wanted to talk to people who might understand, I have been depressed for years, taken so many pills, had so much therapy and am flat out of trying to get help. I am so very tired and want my head to switch off, but the NHS just fails me over and over again that I just can't face going...
  15. L

    Fed up with defending my choice to stay with depressed and anxious boyfriend

    Fed up with defending my choice to stay with depressed and anxious boyfriend Mental Health Forum 1 Fed up with defending my choice to stay with depressed and anxious boyfriend. Fed up with defending my choice to stay with depressed and anxious boyfriend. Fed up with defending my choice...
  16. Jonwal

    Fed up with this

    Iam emotionally numb and shutdown there are good things in my life but I keep fucking up. I have violent thoughts and don't trust anyone. iam fed up with being shut down and feel angry at other people. I have psych appointment Tuesday
  17. megirl

    dont know where to start

    My childhood years I was emotionally and physically abused I am 40 now and having lots of flashbacks. My husband doesnt get it at all. And to be honest hes been a fuckwit. He wont say sorry at all. I tell him to say sorry and he says 'why should I' I hate that so much he makes me feel like i am...
  18. M

    Social isolation

    Feeling fed up
  19. L

    So fed up

    So tired of trying. "You won't open up" I open up after years to then be pushed away I'm so fed up of everything and everyone. I can't do right for doing wrong. All they care about it what I should be doing to look good for everyone else.
  20. M


    Fed up 😭