1. mischief

    NBC News Opinion Feature on Hearing Voices Movement

    NBC News has published an opinion feature on the Hearing Voices Movement.
  2. chesterking

    Protecting myself from myself - lack of self control

    I wonder how many other people have this problem, where they have to install internet filters on the computer, to stop themselves looking at pornography or to stop themselves gambling or doing some other vice on the internet? I've had the lack of self-control for all of my life when it comes...
  3. I

    Help! How to deal with my schizophrenic friend.

    Hello My friend has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia for nearly a decade now. I have tried to support him as much as possible but it has been difficult as he has been institutionalised intermittently and housed outside of the area. The MD's have made little to no progress over the years apart...
  4. dubblemonkey

    it's awfull and it's also lonely being alone

    ... the first thing that I must understand... is? exactly the last thing that I want to know! ...some people arrive at their special place with ease! some others arrive at a place that just hurts!.... ..and it's the same person! ..and its' not ok to change the things that we love...
  5. G

    Men's mental health - Research

    Hi all. I am writing a feature on how men are affected by mental health issues and why it is still not talked about. I am looking for case studies to support my feature and I hoped I would possibly find some people willing to talk to me about their experiences with mental health. The feature...