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  1. F

    Here to heal.

    Hi. I found this forum recently and didn't have the courage to join until today. I've set up a thread explaining my problem and the type of OCD I have. I'm essentially here to try and heal and come to terms with myself. Maybe even come to like myself again after so many weeks of stress and fear...
  2. S

    How do I cope?

    Hi, Recently my depression and anxiety have been acting up. I was unable to get out of bed three times last week which resulted in my getting in trouble at my job. On top of that I have not had the energy or motivation to eat for the past three days and I have skipped multiple classes at school...
  3. R

    Getting Anxious

    Does any of you get anxious when you've done well for a few days in a row? I've been happy for a few days, which is supposed to be a good thing but now I'm fearful that when depression hits again, it will hit suddenly and hard. Does this sound familiar or stupid?
  4. cpuusage

    Not a chemical imbalance

    I don’t think humanity is going to continue to agree to what is government approved torturing of people who have already undergone trauma. I don’t think humanity wants to be inhumane. So eventually those people who have altered states of consciousness and unusual sensory experiences won’t be...
  5. A

    Pacing the floors

    im very nervous and fearful right now, any suggestions????
  6. pepecat

    10 things passive people say.

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201511/10-things-passive-people-say?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost How passive you are depends on your personality, your perceptions of the world and your place in it, your feelings of empowerment and...
  7. R

    When you go to the psych do you try to steer it towards a course of medicines that you have researched

    When you go to the psych do you try to steer it towards a course of medicines that you have researched I can't take ssri's so I steer my doctor towards amytripline which I had some of in the past . Now I am asking for an increase from 25mg to 50 -75 mg by phone as the 25 is not putting me to...
  8. G

    Stopping medication

    I am thinking of stopping my medication and going cold turkey. I am hopeful but fearful. Have any of you experiences with stopping ur meds cold turkey? I have 2 friends who done it one ended up in psych ward for 6 weeks and another who has never been better in his life.
  9. F

    Questioning diagnosis

    I don't question I am prone to paranoia but I do question my diagnosis of paranoid PD. This is because I am what I call a "fearful paranoiac " and I do not seem to fit the very negative descriptors for paranoid PD. If an intelligent revision of the criteria occurred to cover two subsets ie (1)...
  10. F

    Living alone

    I think there is living alone and there is living alone. . The difference is in the ability to call on company when needed. With the former you can enjoy your own space when necessary but are only a phone call away from having company when the desire arises. It's when you have no choice or your...
  11. S

    Mother in fear.

    Hello, everyone. I am the mother of a 13 yr old girl, whom, I've just recently found out has tried to take her own life, and is also self-harming. I just really would like to try and understand a bit more. We have started counciling and the docs have put her on meds, but she tells me that she...
  12. L

    I am not able to understand myself / need help…

    Hello I am AJ from India. I am 37 and unmarried. I am in a problem. First of all I would like to discuss my early life briefly. My father was alcoholic and my uncle was mentally unfit (he used to live with us). I never liked my father as he used to beat my mother. My childhood was full of...
  13. porkpie

    Schizoaffective disorder and ESA

    Whats sup homies! Bit of dilemma yeah you get me. Don't know whether to send my section 3 tribunal letter to the people over at the ESA department outlining my difficulties mainly my ''chronic, relapsing and remitting' schizoaffective disorder.... I'm fearful the 'remitting' bit will go against...
  14. M

    Proper diagnosis

    Hi, I'm a 29 years old male. My case started 7 years ago when I was diagnosed with depression. Following that my depression developed other illnesses such as OCD and anxiety. I can say that during this 7 years my life had a lot of ups and downs and some sort of instability, very harmful at some...
  15. C

    Trying too hard to recover may make it less likely

    Trying too hard to recover may make it less likely Recovery from mental health problems can involve some paradoxes, of which the following is one. Stress tends to contribute to mental health problems. If you try hard to accomplish something, your stress level is likely to go up, so it follows...
  16. F

    How it is

    Two feet stuck in the no man's land between neurosis and psychosis-ever fearful of crossing over to the worst side.
  17. F

    I sometimes wonder what's the point

    Of taking meds for my paranoia when the government is intent on making me and others more paranoid. It seems like taking insulin while someone is force feeding you sugar. Anyone that says that mental illness doesn't have a social aspect to it is a fool. I would like just one day when i can...
  18. J


    See my pdoc in 3 weeks and apparently there's gonna be also a nurse sitting in.
  19. F

    It's hard living with the feeling

    That you are going to be punished at any time for getting things wrong/making a mistake. I am constantly fearful of doing things in case they go wrong and i end up being punished or laughed at/mocked.
  20. L


    This is how I feel as I lie here tonight, Why do I feel it? So many reasons inside. I’m lonely because I’m lost, Lost because I’m confused, Confused because I’m scared, Scared because I’m hurting, Hurting because I’m fearful, Fearful because of the pain. But why the pain? Is...