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  1. M

    Can it be partial lobe epilepsy?

    Hello everyone! I have been suffering from phobiac anxiety disorder since my childhood, but last three months are extremly horrible for me! Everything has started from panic attack (caused by stressful situation) and since that time my anxiety attacks were very strong! I started to searching on...
  2. A

    Constant irrational fear of death

    Hi guys! I’m new here. So I’ve had this issue with an obsessive fear of death pretty much my entire life, although as a child I was not as self-aware and therefore this problem did not bother me half as much. My whole life I have been very superstitious (believing nearly all of the Friday the...
  3. T

    help please

    okay i am a 19 year old gay male and ive suffered a lot of diffrent typees of intrusive thoughts from murder to sex to and violence but now i have a new one its TOCD i have never once in my life questioned my gender i have always been happy but now im doubting myself and the thoughts are making...
  4. L

    Fighting with People Hurts

    I got into a fight with my boyfriend, and BEFORE anyone says, "God you that bitch", it's not like that. We don't fight. We are so in sync, so connected that we can usually always work through our issues before they become a huge deal. Well not this time. He had been bottling everything up, his...
  5. E

    Abandonment issues

    Hey all.. I am female of 28. I am new to this forum. My abandonment issues are ruining my relationship with my husband. I got married six months ago before that engaged for a year. During all this period i have always this fear that he will leave me and that feeling is getting worse day by day...
  6. InfiniteRectangles

    Fear of Losing Everything I Own

    So, I love to read. And I have A LOT of books. And those books are very important to me. I also have a bunch of sentimental junk (I'm a bit of a hoarder. I have trouble throwing stuff away). Anyway, sometimes I get this intense fear of losing all of that in a fire or a flood or something. When...
  7. C

    Fear of dogs

    I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’m terrified of dogs. I can’t go near one without having some sort of mild panic attack. I’ve been doing a good job of avoiding one at all costs expect this past weekend, I was walking from my apartment to the mechanics to pick my car up, and from out of nowhere...
  8. A

    plz read

    Hi guys, I need help with something So I've been through this incident in the past, I got humiliated verbally by a friend many times that I developed a fear of being humiliated, this left me with anxiety and a fear of being humiliated verbally, I became a weak person who fears confrontations and...
  9. P

    Fear of being attacked

    Sometimes I have a strong fear of being attacked while I’m trying to successfully finish something. I feel like this is an emotional sign that I’ll make a long term goal in the future and I should be willing to sacrifice it if it means possibly ruining a life and making a fatal enemy.
  10. L

    Irrational fear!!!!

    Hey! I’ve got a huge irrational fear of having an anaphylactic shock. I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life but since my anxieties have all started again I’ve been experiencing different symptoms such as tight feeling in the throat and feeling like I’ve got something stuck. It’s taking...
  11. K


    Hi, I don't know where else to go, and i'm sure this is something every single one of you can relate to. I know i'm not alone in life--- I have amazing friends, family, a woman who loves me... I just can't ever stop myself from feeling empty and alone. I've always been the type to make jokes...
  12. I

    fear of dentist please help

    Hi I haven't been to dentist for so long as fear of going and I'm.finally being brave have an appointment for Thursday.however I'm.so.scared of getting terrible feedback
  13. L

    Fear of failure

    Hi This may be a long post as I have just … at the age of 55 ! Discovered what has been causing my life to be miserable and in many ways far too average(I’m obviously a slow learner). I’m not saying I have suffered on all fronts (I have a nice house in the south of France, three great kids, no...
  14. N


    I feel like I'm going to explode. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. For months I've felt like someone is crushing my throat. I was so used to it that I didn't notice how awefull that was until I lost it for a few minutes. Then it was back, and I felt it for real. I couldn't stand it. This...
  15. L

    Worst-case scenario freak

    More or less constantly, worst-case scenarios and intrusive thoughts appear in my head without my permission. It can be everything from fearing social situations, losing control of my mind, fear of becoming fearful, fear of thinking so much negative that i start believing it, fear of being...
  16. I


    I have this intense fear of time! It goes buy way too fast! I wish I could slow it down. I don't have the time to accomplish any dream of mine. Pretty soon I'm gonna be dead! I don't know if I'll like where I ended up!!! :panic::cry2: Does anyone else have fear of time? :scratch:
  17. N

    Introducing myself but afraid to do so...

    I suffer from social anxiety disorder and as a result alcoholism. I live everyday of my life in fear. Afraid to go to work, to speak in front of people in a nutshell afraid to be judged. The SA is so debilitating that I drink so that I can speak in front of people at work, so that I can go out...
  18. U

    ergophoby, I' m fear of work

    Hello, I suffer from ergophoby, I cant work. I'm 31 and I never have a job. In last 6 years I have a treatment for anxiety. When I'm thinking of job, I m panick , I feel fear to have a boss, a work program, responsability, deadlines, people around me to work with them. I really want to meet...
  19. G

    Having major mania

    I was diagnosed with bipolar one into thousand four. I've had a lot of different treatments some work to someone for a time and then some I never should've touched at all. To keep this simple I was prescribed a drug lithium I started having delusions and I've been in another hospital a lot in...
  20. S

    Need help in how to proceed

    Hello, I've just joined because I believe I have developed severe depression again and I need urgent advice. I have no drive to live or energy for the most basic things. Everything is a huge hassle right now. I quit my job which was a dumb impulsive thing to do but in the moment I felt so...