1. F

    Yet another POCD update (fingers crossed)

    OK. So, yeah. Here I am again and my POCD has been conspiring against me in a number of ways today. I have it nearly sorted out in seems, only once I seemingly do, it pulls yet another fake or distorted memory from when I was 18-19 out of friggin nowhere. Last two ones it gave me nearly made me...
  2. F

    My POCD nightmare.

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I'm in my 20s and...well, basically. I'm scared out of my mind. Now, I don't have a sex life at all, so masturbation has been a big thing for me for a good number of years since pre-13. I also have a foot/tickle fetish. I've always kept either within my own age group or...
  3. I

    What is wrong with me?

    I'm coming up to the end of University - my final deadlines are in about 1 week. Most likely due to stress, I am experiencing the same type of anxiety I have had in the past, where I am constantly expecting something bad to happen - moreso at night. My mind focuses on the small sounds, thinks of...
  4. E

    I feel like I'm dying all day, every day.

    Hi, I'm new here. Actually I'm new to reaching out to strangers in general. But at this point in my life I am getting desperate to find any help or advice or understanding that I can. I hope I'm not violating any rules or anything. This may be long so if you read it all, thank you so much. In...
  5. F

    Public anxiety

    Hi, I’m a 22 year old who likes to get ready whenever I go out to places, like going to work, hanging out with friends and even to just go to the store. I don’t mind going to places with my friends but the thought of me going to the mall, gym or even to the store by myself scares me. Idk if my...
  6. J

    Fear of sleeping

    For a few years now I have problems falling asleep. It doesn't happen every night, It's more like a seasonal thing. When I try to fall asleep i get very anxious, and really scared. Sleeping reminds me of dying - And I feel like if I'll fall asleep my mind will shut, and tomorrow I wouldn't wake...
  7. Hopeful313

    New and looking for help/advise

    Hi, I’ve been dealing with PTSD since 2004. My first anxiety and panic attacks started when my mom and younger brother who lived with me and never separated even during war time. Then the rest of my brothers and sisters were moving away. I felt alone and scared. I don’t have pleasant past. I’ve...
  8. Jbb79

    Anxiety hell

    After War, in Iraq, I was certain the Muslims Would come to Kill me, I Stayed only in my Apartment, Didn't go out, For fear x x I Beat it by Staying close, To God <3 <3
  9. TroubleinParadise

    Fear, the puzzle piece that creates complexity

    I write this as nothing more than food for thought. I also speak as someone who was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. I, as this person, think that early-undealt with fear may be the root cause of anxiety. Wait – hear me out. I am correct in stating that everything starts somewhere...
  10. C

    My biggest fear..

    Hopefully, this is going into the right thread, if not please let me know! And please bare with me at this will probably be a long post. Because I intended on making 2019 about my spiritual journey (since 2018 was my physical, but I'll still be bringing that into '19, just a lot more focus on...
  11. L

    Intense obsessive fears/paranoia about somehow hurting someone

    Hi, I've been dealing with bad OCD recently to do with an intense irrational fear that I will somehow become violent towards someone. It rationally makes no sense, as I have no desire to do this - although I definitely don't express anger/negative emotions in a healthy way and it gets bottled...
  12. M

    Fear I will never get better

    The mental health stigma is currently at its worst ever. My family doesn't understand a single thing about my situation. It doesn't matter how much I talk to them about it. My option is to sign myself into my local mental healthcare center. This could potentially give me a supportive...
  13. Q

    Fear of FAILURE Anyone

    I have an intense fear of failure . . . Does anyone else feel the same way. It's so ironic that what I am so scared of actually defines my life here on earth "A Failure". Whenever my mind falls prey to my failures all I want to do is end the pain. Is there anyone in the forum that can relate? If...
  14. A

    fear of going to the hospital

    "Hi guys, My mother is in her late 50's, and she is a very healthy person for her age. She enjoys a good morning workout, and frankly, I think she is more healthier than me. Lately, it seems, she is suffering from blurred vision. She is finding it difficult to drive the car and even concentrate...
  15. A


    Hi Guys, I am here to know more about the fear of going to hospitals. My mother has it and I am trying to help her.
  16. G

    Horrible fear of vomit sounds

    This is an issue I've tried to bury all my life and deny. I'm a 26 yr old male. It wasn't until my sister got sick last week that these fears resurfaced. I have a fear of seeing/hearing someone throw up. For some weird reason I am not bothered when I'm the one getting sick. This has been an...
  17. Homebound87

    Tired of living in fear

    I'm new here. I'm scared everyday. I hardly leave my house. I've been hiding my fear of leaving my house and my depression for quite some time. I cannot leave my house alone. I'd I have too it's with my husband or my sister in law. There the only ones I've ever talked to but they don't really...
  18. F

    “Exposure Therapy”

    I’m trying to push through and find healing for some anxiety I thought I had overcome. I had seen a psychologist a number of years ago, based on an event that created a type of anxiety/phobia. I’m trying to understand if I should follow a piece of advice he gave me that I’ve been avoiding...
  19. K

    Panic Disorder/Anxiety Issues & Help?

    Okay so pretty much I've been dealing with this issue for a few years now. It isn't till now it's basically stopping me from doing normal everyday things with either myself or my loved ones. The weird part is I've noticed it's when I'm either by myself or at night time, it can last anywhere...
  20. K

    GAD & Low Libido

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and hoping to learn from others while I share my story. I'm a 43 year old male who had anxiety for as long as I can remember. My anxiety goes something like this; I hate talking on the phone, worry about what others will think of me, fear unknown situations, fear...