fear of death

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    for the past week i have been having a rough time to say the least

    Hello everyone my names Daniel. I'm 29 years old as of 2 days ago. Since for maybe a month before i have been scared of having a heart attack. I'm not sure why this fear has erupted inside of me. But the last day of last month i called 911 because i thought i was having a heart attack but it was...
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    Hey! I'm new here

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and haven't ever used a forum like this before. I'm a 22 year old, masters student from London. Currently suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks due to a fear of death that affects my sleeping. I barely sleep unless i'm past exhausted and when I...
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    The Fear of the unknown - Specifically regarding death,

    Thanks to anyone taking an interest in this as this conundrum regularly causes trouble on a daily basis. Starting off, this is something I have tried to look into with sources online (though i have not yet sought professional advise) and yet not found anything to help me as the route of my fear...
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    Sleeping problems due to fear of heart failure

    As the title says, I'm unable to fall asleep because I fear that my heart will suddenly stop. I get irregular heartbeats from time to time, and I know that's normal, but I had a very scary episode yesterday where I thought that I was about to die. I had awoken and was about to fall asleep when...