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  1. K

    I feel like..i'm not strong enough

    Hi who ever stumbles upon this... I'm new to this forum but i've been an active reader. I think it is about time I post myself rather than constantly trying to find someone struggling like me. It all started about two years ago and I attended counselling last year but I didn't open up and I...
  2. P

    Close to relapsing

    A couple of years ago my eating disorder was really bad. Since I met my partner I have been much happier and more stable, and my eating has improved. I got to a weight which I felt okay about. I still had thoughts about being too big but as long as I did not go above this weight I was okay...
  3. S

    BPD and weight obsession

    Hi I've spent the majority of my life significantly overweight. Fat child, fat teenage into a fat adult. I first lost weight successfully about 20 years ago on weightwatchers, kept if off for about a year then piled it back on, plus some. Lost it all again only to repeat the gain process again...
  4. F

    Family anxiety

    How do you know when it’s ok to cut off family? My mother has quietly emotionally abused and tortured me for years. It’s subtle. My two sisters are not included in this. They were never hated like I was. I was the different child. The fat one, the rebel, always going against their wishes. I was...
  5. valleygirl

    I just don't want to deal with life anymore

    None of it. Work, bills, car repairs, trying and failing to lose this God awful weight I've put on since I started taking Seroquel. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and fat, and trying not to be sick and tired and fat.
  6. C

    Unsure how much to exercise

    Hi, It might be a bit unfair to post on this forum as I don't feel I have an eating disorder so much. As I am underweight though, after loosing weight a few years ago, I'm also really trying to gain weight at the moment. I'm just a bit unsure what approach to have towards exercise with the very...
  7. S

    Do I have a fake family I find them evil

    One time, when I was little my dad told me to destory his ciggarettes or else he would punish me. I destroyed the ciggarettes and he got angry and punished me. He was also upset over his loss of the ciggarettes. I personally believe he is a sick disgusting hypocrite. I am feeling extremely angry...
  8. Alex_Nash

    "I'm not sick, I don't need help"

    Studies say that people who suffer from sz, are not capable to understand that they have this disease. Therefore psychotherapy is useless to them. I am very sad I have to take AP, that we all know are very dangerous (chemical castrates, makes ppl fat which result in diabetes and hearth...
  9. valleygirl

    I Hate, Hate, Hate How Fat I Am

    I absolutely disgust myself. I truly am the most fucking ugly, fat, disgusting thing you have ever laid eyes on. Thank you, Seroquel, for taking me such an ugly fatty. I hate looking at photos of myself because I look so horrible. I absolutely have got to lose weight.
  10. A

    help! I wanna stop my ED behaviour

    Hi y'all first of all, I have to apologise for my English, I'm asian. I have a big problem which makes me feel so terrible about myself. I just can't stop my ED behaviour. It's been a year that I have been doing this secretly, noone knows. I used to do this when I was young (because I...
  11. T

    does medication help?

    I'm getting more fat and lonely. I think i might have bipolar, manic, and anxiety. i tried taking medication to ease my mind. i took olanzapine latuda and trazodone, but latuda and trazodone causes nasal blockage. olanzapine doesn't work well. Can someone recommend a medicine for me, please. my...
  12. G

    Anxiety about eating more food than usual

    I'm a 21 year old female. Lost weight when I was 17, got down to X pounds and I was very unwell. However after that Ive slowly put on more weight....im around Y pounds now. I eat the same food everyday. Breakfast - 150g Low fat yoghurt, banana, strawberries and grapes. Lunch - small ham salad...
  13. S

    My mom is 80 and still emotionally abuses me with body-shaming.

    Okay... (big deep breath in)... here it goes... my mental breakdown! I just need some advice... My mom is a bully. I know, harsh words. But it's true. At least, that's how I feel. There has never been any physical abuse, but some emotional. My mom was very proud to be 98 lbs when she got...
  14. I

    Advice needed.

    I'll get straight to the point because there is a lot too this.. I am a 23 year old woman with a baby. I suffer with anxiety and I have severe low self esteem, I won't go on holiday because I can't bare the the thought of seeing a beautiful skinny girl, I am starting to not leave the house now...
  15. I

    Medication support

    Please feel free to discuss your problems with taking medication. This thread is aimed to support those who suffer unwanted side effects of medications. My problems are weight gain and loss of sex drive. I feet very fat, ugly, and undesirable to men. I mean my face is pretty and I have some nice...
  16. C

    Anyone got out of depression? How did you do it?

    Hi, I just found this forum and I am so glad I did. I have noone to talk about this. I have recently acknowledged that I might have a long term depression and I don't know how to deal with it. I tried to get professional help once at an early stage but it didnt help and it was way too expensive...
  17. SoftRain

    YOu know when you are getting old and fat when...

    You can't get out of the freaking bathtub! I decided to shave my legs today and take a moisturizing bath for summer. I usually use our shower but used my kids bathtub cause I thought it would be easier. It took me 5 minutes at least to wiggle around like a wet pig to finally make my way out. It...
  18. H

    Why can't I just end it

    Why am I such a fucking coward? I am nothing. I want to be dead. I only like sleeping. I have no friends. I'm alone. I'm fat and ugly. I'm sure I'll never kill myself but I wish I had the fucking guts to just do it.
  19. R

    What should I do?

    Hi- I'm confused, basically I'm just under weight but feel fat. I know with that weight (I've checked my bmi) I can't be fat fat but u feel skinny fat, with two lumps of lard for legs and a layer of squish all over me. Rationally, I know I shouldn't be thinking this, and I know I'm on a diet...
  20. letmein

    a joke.

    A guy goes in to see a psychologist. He says, "It seems I can't make any friends. Can you help me, you fat slob?"