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  1. T

    Gym anxiety

    Hi been going to the gym for three months now later I've been having anxiety attacks because I worry about my heart rate going up and not coming down fast enough. I've had anxiety for years and on meds
  2. S

    Need support badly

    My name is Silver Shadow and I haven't been active here for quite a while. I'm still trying to find my way around I guess. I also hide when things go wrong. Right now, everything is wrong. I'm sinking fast and need to try and reach out instead of hide. Not something that comes naturally...
  3. X

    How to sleep well

    I have suffered GAD and other disorders for almost 5 years without noticing it. For over a month now it's getting worse than ever. I kept worrying about something in my ear (cause i had experienced before and i kept hearing noises in my ear) which make my sleeping's even worse. I usually lie in...
  4. A

    Waking up not being able to catch a breath

    Hi all Last night was the first time in ages this has happened I woke up a couple times not being able to catch a breath and then I had one really bad episode where I couldn't catch my breath my heart started beating very fast and I think it was because I started to panic. But then after that I...
  5. S

    Voices come and go all day

    I'm not should if it's ok to post in this Topic but here go. I have heard voices for 2 years and 6 months. I have been on medicines like 5 all at the same time but nothing stop the voices. My voices is acting as if they are learning my triggers to use against me. They talk real fast when I wake...
  6. D

    Advice sought for someone very ill with alcohol addiction

    Hi, has anyone been to rehab on the NHS and can they say how helpful it was? I was a bit taken aback when I rang a rehab advice line and they said that someone would be weaned off alcohol over a week. The person who I am seeking advice for is a very heavy drinker and has become very unwell and...
  7. BorderlineDownunder

    Electric Bills

    So now I am in a cottage my power bills are very low by comparison to when I had my huge house. Regardless, I still struggle because Newstart is a pittance. Imagine my surprise last week when some guy from the Electric knocked on my door and told me they had found every house in the area was...
  8. Sweet angel

    ADHD is ruining my day

    So i notice that today i have a lot of ADHD symptoms that are actually so annoying, the whole day i was like in overwhelming rush, i walk fast, i eat fast, i talk and do anything so fast and i hate it, i found myself walking again in my room or kitchen in circles for a short period of time (3...
  9. M

    On a journey through life

    Hi. A few years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar illness but like so many other things, this is only another label. I am on a daily journey to navigate my moods through different valleys: fast, slow, elevated, sad etc. I am looking to hear how others manage their different challenges. I may also...
  10. cpuusage

    Relationship Stages With A Narcissist Or Borderline And Triangulation

    Relationship Stages With A Narcissist Or Borderline And Triangulation - The Minds Journal "So you thought you’d finally met the woman or man of your dreams. Sure, they came on a little strong at first. The compliments seemed a bit excessive and even premature. Ignoring that nagging voice in...
  11. Mr.NiceGuy

    keeping track of when hear voices and each response with typewriter founnd in attic with ghost from old woman who could never speak as fast as cousi

    keeping track of when hear voices and each response with typewriter founnd in attic with ghost from old woman who could never speak as fast as cousin bett Should I block voices by ignoring them? or listen and responnd with them?
  12. S

    Panic attack please HELP

    I'm in the middle of a random panic atrack here and feel so alone and frightened. No one i can talk to is answering my calls or texts.. and this was the only other place I could think of to turn to. I feel shakey and my heart is beating so fast I can't breath properly does anyone have any...
  13. cpuusage

    The Emotion Code: The Fast Track to Anxiety Relief

    Dr. Bradley Nelson – The Emotion Code: The Fast Track to Anxiety Relief "“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” – Charles H. Spurgeon White knuckles. Sweaty palms. Throat tension. Elevated heart rate. Darkened vision. Inexplicable...
  14. P


  15. K


    Hi I'm having a really bad day I was drinking last nite but today I feel awful my heart is beating really fast an it thuds, does anyone else get this after drinking?
  16. *autumn*

    please help

    Im scared, im breathing fast and shallow please help.
  17. B

    how long does lamotrigine take

    Hi. How long does lamotrigine take to kick in? Is it a fast release tablet like quetiapine is ?
  18. Lincoln1990


    ...family went camping. It's thundering. My thoughts are going really fast. I don't know what to do.
  19. I

    does it not make you feel sad?

    Does it not upset you when you think of old memories? It makes me feel very sad and I miss them and wish time didnt go by so fast ; (
  20. deadchick07

    how to help someone with facticious disorder

    I am worried about someone I know who seems to have developed facticious disorder and I want to know how to broach the subject with them. They get every illness going, yet never anything that can be tested for, and the ones where it affects breathing etc is deliberately created by going into...